Chernobyl Chaos is a horror game about murder, human mutations and fear. You play the role of Vince, a russian man who has to save his friends from the hands of the mysterious Dr. Vorschevsky which resides in a hospital near the ghost city Pripyat(Chernobyl) and has developed a poison that mutates the persons he captures, and are now the Dr. slaves and a big threat to Vince.

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Currently Unity were throwing a lot of errors in the AI Plugin I am using, these errors are easy to fix, but we have to change a lot of parameters in the game and that may take a while, maybe a month until the creators of this plugin(my friends) are able to fix this, and I'm also doing my best to fix them, once everything is fixed, we'll get back to work in the game. Thanks, I hope to get back developing the game as soon as possible!

While you wait I got a picture from the first level of the game(The picture was taken in the editor, not in a playthrough):


Ehh, doesn't really look like Chernobyl to me. Also the story isn't too good, needs some work.

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cptarugo Creator

The hospital isnt IN chernobyl, but close to it, and thats just a short brief of the story

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