Bunker (Nightmare Begins) is an indie horror game, focused on the psychological horror wherein should survive and complete the quests to escape you.

Gameplay :

Wander in the corridors where the darkness will not be your only enemy.

Take everything you can find to survive, don't let yourself be trapped, do not get lost.

Hide yourself, make no noise, follow all the quests to the letter to escape.

Each new game will offer you a different experience from the previous one with a behavior of the AI different.

Choose your creature to which you want to confront before each new game and unlock of new difficulty modes.

Settings menu will be available to adjust certain parameters such as controls or the graphic exhibition, however it is strongly recommended to play with the defaults parameters to enjoy a better gaming experience.

We also recommend playing with a headphones and to turn off the light of the room in which you are.

/!\ The game is still in the early stages of development /!\

If you encounter problems that may troubles the game experience please let us know.

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New update that puts an end to the Early Access.
The game is still in the early stages of development, all problems will be corrected !

This update contains a lot of change, starting by UI that has been modernized is purified to make you enjoy a better immersion.

New creatures selection system has been set up, so you can now, before each game, the difficulty system does not change, all creatures are not yet available.

We present your new friend.


Notes :
- New quest in preparation time.
- Fix the door opening problems during the interaction.
- The settings menu is now correctly saved.
- Fix the scraps will not spawn in the toolbox.
- Fix some translate errors.
- AI flee now correctly after the death.

We also thank the beta testers, as well as the youtubers/streamers have try the game!

Thanks for your support!

Twenty Dolz Production,

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