You'll battle cultists, gargoyles, zombies, hellhounds, and an unholy host of other terrors in your quest to stop Tchernobog. You must not only defeat the Cabal--you must scour its dread name from human memory. If that means eradicating everyone and everything the Cabal has ever tainted, so be it. Of course, you'll first have to make your way through fortresses, castles, mines, mansions, and estates guarded and kept by Tchernobog's malevolent servants. Fortunately, it is wits that make the hero, and although you're in serious danger of losing yours, you've got enough left to improvise some pretty effective tools of destruction. Aerosol hairspray can be frightening enough on its own, but apply it to a lighter flame and you've got an instant flamethrower (kids, don't try this at home!). Likewise, a flare gun can brighten your prospects considerably against even the grimmest odds, which is to say nothing for shotguns, Tommy guns, and dynamite. Who knows,...

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Blood is a fan remake of the classic FPS from 1997 by the same name published by monolith games.

Blood - Fan Remake

The demo is really unperformant, but I guess it's ok since it's a demo.

- The current state of the project doesn't really represent the well known Blood style and atmosphere in my honest opinion;
- If you change the graphics options it starts to get glitchy, forcing you to restart the game;
- The volume slider controls the music only and not the SFX, forcing me to tone down the volume directly from Windows;
- The environments are too dark and it's hard to see sometimes;
- Some design choices needs to be seriously reworked as they doesn't give the Blood feeling at all;

I'm a level designer since 2005 so I can give some tips on the design. Also, I'm part of the Blood Discord server, and I think many people there would be glad to help you out in the process (since feedback from true Blood fans is vital). If you're interested just tell me and I'll send you the invite in a private message.

Good luck with the project!

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microgt Author

Thank you so much for your feedback, I appreciate it greatly, as a fan of the original blood myself it's very important to me to do the remake justice which means that other fans' feedback is super important to me.

I would love to join the blood discord and welcome any more feedback/design tips you might have for me.

Hopefully I can create something other fans of the source material such as myself who have been craving a remake for years will be feel satisfied with.

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Some points I noticed. (Don't take it negative, any effort to keep Blood alive is well appreciated)
-The motion blur disturbs a bit. (hate that in every game actually)
-Friendly way of assigning keys seems missing
-Inside the mauloseum it is way to dark.
-Zombies seem too fast.
-I had a hard time trying to hit enemies.

I wish you lots of success trying to pull this off.
Will certainly follow.

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microgt Author

Thank you so much Marius I truly appreciate your feedback, at the moment I'm working on an updated version of the demo in which I'm going to be addressing the problems both yourself and my friends over at the blood discord have noticed and they will -hopefully- include (but not limited to):

* A toggle for motion blur.
* A toggle for camera shake.
* Increased brightness.
* Improved player physics and speed.
* Controls customization.
* Improved mouse handling.

Again thank you so much I appreciate every piece of feedback I receive and will do my absolute best to make something the blood community -myself included- will appreciate and enjoy and that feedback is exactly what's going to make this happen.

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