The game (no name yet, "Babylon Project" is provisional) is a RPG ambiented in the ancient mesopotamian cultures. It is a fantasy, not historical, game. Is inspired by the stories of the Anunnakis in the ancient Sumer. The scenery is a map of 100 square kilometers including water. It's a multimision single player game, made with the Epic Games engine, UDK (Unreal Development Kit). And it's being developed in Spain. More info soon.

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This is an indoor navigation system using pathnodes and an algorithm similar to Dijkstra's, but detecting walls and obstacles and limiting the number of nodes to 6 on each call.

I've never been able to use the UDK navigation system indoors, I can't use it (or I don't know how to use it) with doors, stairs, narrow corridors, etc., so I ended up making my own.

The residents of the house make use of this navigation system and also have different tasks to do depending on the type of character and the time of day. They can use objects (chairs, beds, etc.) and go to specific places and play animations.
In each task they can change their dialogs and their clothes (not shown in the video).

Still there are many bugs, bots get stuck frequently and sometimes transitions are not as smooth as they should be. It is quite difficult to mix movements with rotations and animations and that is why sometimes they have this robotic behavior, because they do one thing after another, without mixing properly.

For the rest, this is WIP, the mesh of the clothes are not adjusted to the new bodies yet (must fit, and the bodies were modified after), some animations are temporary, like the sounds of footsteps and environment, the dialogues are also temporary and have no voices yet, horses say hello, etc..

Furniture models by J. Martinez.

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