is a survival RTS game placed in the ancient times of the Paleolithic era, at the beginning of the history of the mankind. You are the one who has to take care of the tribe through generations, keeping them fed, keeping them warm, keeping them away from danger, keeping them together by choosing a great leader, keeping them alive. Watch you tribesman grow stronger through his age and wiser, as he becomes a tribes elder.

Game stylization:

Game graphic is based on the ancient art of cave paintings. With our game we would like to shift the general view that cave paintings are simple and primitive. Almost every our animal is based on real cave art painting, so it lives in the game as the ancient men used to know it and as they painted it. You can see the examples in the encyclopedia built in the game.

Base mechanics:

At first, we tried to make everything as simple as possible, you won't have to manage thousands type of resources, you won't have to think about relationships or happiness of individual tribesman. We focused on the main problem the ancient man had. Surviving. And how make it entertaining for a player.

Basically, your tribe is divided into three groups.
Tribesmen: Men are strong warriors and their task is to hunt and protect your tribe. They are your main force in fighting predators and
Women: Women are gatherers and praised mothers of all descendants of your tribe. Without them, your tribe will perish. But they are weak in fighting and should be protected from wild beasts and other tribes (they can be stolen by an enemy).
Elders: Everyone in your tribe have his time and after he become an elder. Elders are keepers of wisdom your tribe have. They main task is to deepen a knowledge about the world and developing new techniques. They are also weak and a bit slow, so it's good to keep them in a save place.

There are only two types of resources. Food and material. And material is mainly means the material used to make tools (like flint and bones).

Your tribe has to watch over a fire. You can get the fire from trees struck by a lightning, or make your own if you have the right knowledge. Fire is necessary for your tribe, especially during the winter.

Your tribe need a strong chief to lead them, or they start to argue and your tribe can easily fall apart. As the chief gets stronger, he is able to manage bigger tribe and command more men. It is usually difficult task to find a new young chief, when your previous skilled chief dies or gets too old to lead the tribe.

Current game status:

Game is actually in alpha stage, almost everything is working as it should and we are trying to balance mechanics and working on campaigns. Soon we hope to publish playable beta of the game.

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First of all, we would like to thank you for all the attention around our announcement article. Its impression was much higher than expected. Moreover, the overall positive reaction makes us believe that the game makes sense, which is a great satisfaction for all of the work done so far.

tribe in motion looking for food

So, what are the biggest news since the announcement? In 1864 Edwin Landseer drew a painting which perfectly captures the mood of our last two weeks. The picture displays distressing fate of a lost Arctic expedition affected by a series of strange events and unintentional shifts. It is called: Man Proposes, God Disposes. Luckily for us, God didn't dispose so hard this time. We are not going to disappear as the expedition did.


Dawn is dead, long live the Arisen

After realizing that 'Dawn of men' as we originally called our game is not that original nor grammatically right, we decided to change the title. Sooner the better. Let it be known that from now on, the game is named Arisen. We hope the new name will help us prevent possible conflicts with other similar games and movies and avoid future disputes.

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Now, we speak the language of your tribe

Or at least we will try to. The mess around the game name also prevented us from starting all communication channels according to the plan. Team Twitter channel @PaintedBad is the only one untouched. If you are up for fresh and exclusive news about Arisen, we are looking forward to new followers. Moreover, our Twitter is now connected to IndieDB channel which is still meant as our base.


Feel free to follow us on Facebook @arisentribe where we would like to publish more casual stuff as well as fresh new Youtube and Instagram dedicated for more picture oriented audiences. Anyway, most of the important stuff will be shared across the channels.

We are also setting up a standalone domain which will contain official game pages connecting all the social channels, most important news and easily accessible presskit. Finishing them will take quite some time so don't be angry if anything doesn't work as it should.


What we are working on

Alongside everything mentioned above, we continue with development. In a few weeks, Arisen should change its look dramatically. The game will contain nicer and more detailed animals. You can check most of them on our Twitter. All the structures and old environment assets are undergoing renewal. Regarding graphical changes, we plan a special thematic devlog just about our art principles next week, where we reveal most stuff that inspires us as well as all the juicy background of our creative art process.

cave lion

Tribes are also getting brains! For now, it is just a simple AI, that helps them quietly live and prosper on the background. Still promising for the future, where we need to teach AI to react to player actions properly.

Arisen: Your tribe, your life, your death. [Devlog #2]

Arisen: Your tribe, your life, your death. [Devlog #2]


Are you eager to know how to live long and prosper in your tribe?

Announcing Dawn of Men

Announcing Dawn of Men

News 4 comments

Bad Painted Wolf is announcing their game Dawn of Man. The prehistorical survival RTS made in GameMaker is now looking for a community.

Game mechanics graphics

Game mechanics graphics


Graphic showing main game mechanics in four paintings.


Interesting concept as I've been looking for something set in the stone age, I do wonder however if the art style will just make the learning curve more difficult.
Looking forward to your continued progress.

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Khargarwargonsu Creator

Thank you for your interest, i came with this topic with similar reason. I missed something from that archaic ages.
And in first concept, it really was a bit limiting and confusing. But we try to make basic mechanics clear and simple to be learned easily. But we could use some new testers to check it up :)

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Thank you for the response Khargarwargonsu, as I said I really like the concept and that particular era has gotten almost no attention. If you would like, I can certainly test and provide accurate feedback for you as I have already done this sort of thing for I.S.G.
Feel free to P.M. me when the time is right if you think it would be helpful

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