Ballads of Hongye is a unique city builder with survival and roguelike elements. You must face the challenges to expand the land, secure economic prosperity through excellent planning and mitigating disasters with your advisers, build your city from randomly generated plans and unlock new talents.

Hongye has been long ignored by the Emperor and you have been tasked to revive it! Securing profit and stable growth is key to reviving Hongye. Every choice you make will contribute to your destiny as well as the land you rule. A small, split-second decision may result in a completely unanticipated event. You have to tend to council's requests, manage your advisers, lead your people and continuously nurture and utilize your lands to prosper while fight against the natural and urban disasters.

Take advantage of industrial chains, use your advisers, decide on your investments and build your way to victory. Keep your people happy, your treasury full and your cities secure, because evaluation council will surely grade you for everything you do! But as you develop Hongye, you may notice there is a force working against you and everything is not what it seems to be. You may take a deep dive into the conspiracy and find the truth, for yourself and your people.

What will you sacrifice to revive Hongye? Will you be a fearsome leader or respected through love and admiration? The choice and the stage is yours!

To earn the right to rule a land is not an easy accomplishment. You will need investment, resources and money, and sign an agreement with several Review Councils. If you want the land, you have to dedicate your heart and mind to it. As you progress, you will acquire blueprints, gain new abilities and develop new strategies.

Hongye is the challenge itself, so in a limited time you have to reach your goals. While working hard, you may fail hard too. Do not let your failures frustrate you, steel your heart, accept failure and work towards improving your methods. Every failure can be a new beginning in Hongye. If you are not so keen on racing against time, we also have a Casual Mode where you won't be pressured against time but still get to experience the thrill at every turn.

Design your city, devise your plans, and start your adventure.

Your choices will determine the future of the land you rule. Will you put your people first or the development? Once you pick a direction, you have to see it through because there is no turning back from it.

Do not ignore people's demands, or they may come up to your office and start riots, leave your cities or simply cease to exist. Your fate depends on your people, and their fate depends on you. Water can carry the boat or overturn it, make your choice.

Only constants in Hongye are you and the land itself. Production yields are different for each season, so when choosing a randomly generated building plan which determines your agricultural and industrial outputs during the challenges, you should plan ahead. Hone your advisers to provide additional plans for you and, if you can successfully face the challenge, you get to keep some of your blueprints to use them at other sites in Hongye.

Four seasons bring different environmental conditions, changes the landscape and potentially can cause natural disasters. Pests, droughts, famines, fires, floods, anything can wipe out your hard work unless you take precautions. Hone your security infascture and fight back against disasters. Be the shield your people need you to be and avoid and leadership skills.

Managing a big land is not an easy task if you are alone. Recruit advisers, help them hone their skills, and attend to their needs. In return, they will help you with management, planning, and expenses. Be aware though, since other counties are also desperate for good advisers, therefore they may try to poach your advisers from you by offering a higher salary or other promises. Retain your roster by openly negotiating for it, making deals or winning salary-bidding competitions.

Invest in your "Talent" to ensure sustained development of your land. As you tackle the challenges, be a visionary and unlock new talents to help you mitigate disasters, manage advisers, improve your buildings plans and many more. Take advantage of keystone unlocks such as Market, Design Institute or Bank to improve your towns from small villages to industrial or agricultural cities.

As the town grows, so will the story behind it; Why was Hongye chosen? Who created the successive accidents? And who keeps blocking your plans for urban restoration?

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Ballads of Hongye is a unique city builder with survival and roguelike elements. You must face the challenges to expand the land, secure economic prosperity through excellent planning and mitigate disasters with your advisers, build your city from randomly generated plans and unlock new talents. But as you play, you will meet characters with a dark past that will allow you to peek through the secret history of Hongye, and discover a web of lies and schemes that forced these lands to suffer. Can you be victorious against all odds, or will you perish just like others that came before you? Hongye is calling to you, Magistrate, will you answer?

Developing Ballads of Hongye for a year and a half so far and after several alpha tests in April and June as well as a playable demo during the Steam Next-fest, Ballads of Hongye team thrilled to invite you all to the last playtest before their release.

Here are some of the features you can experience in this test:

  • 4 districts/lands you can challenge.
  • Seamless open-world, while you move between each region
  • Disaster system featuring earthquakes, tornadoes, insect swarms, fires, crime and many more.
  • Adviser system. Advisers are here to assist you with your governance, but you have to take care of them.
  • Refugee system, where people swarm to your districts after experiencing as disaster survivors. Will you take care of them or turn a blind eye?
  • Talents, where you unlock and improve existing systems to attach unique attributes to existing buildings/mechanics.
  • New recreational buildings that allows you to design the city of your dreams.

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