Against All Odds is a love letter to the early days of true 3D first person shooters and classic zombie horror. The game takes inspiration from movies such as The Evil Dead and Dawn of the Dead, combining the action and graphics of classic games such as Half-Life and Resident Evil. Against All Odds is an immersive sim, in which you will navigate through hordes of enemies, completing tasks while managing scarce resources.

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We Are Live on Kickstarter!


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The gameplay will feature:

  • 3 chapters of various objective survival maps
  • 2 horde survival maps
  • Randomised enemy/loot spawn for replayability of maps
  • Different unique enemies
  • Friendly NPC's to recruit and fight alongside with
  • Unique environments from fortified supermarkets to a haunted cabin in the woods
  • Throwback split screen co-op multiplayer
  • Vast range of both melee and ranged weaponry to choose from
  • Retro 3D aesthetics
  • Two game modes to choose from

Objective based maps

Fight your way through the level encountering enemies, survivor outposts and obstacles. It will be up to you to escape the evil ahead and reach safety.

The maps will each feature a semi open world for you to complete main and side objectives.

The objectives will range from finding equipment and supplies to rescuing survivors.

In Chapter one the overall goal is to find survivors and escape the city. You will eventually find plans to fix an abandoned train.

In Chapter two you will go from station to station, unblocking obstacles and finding more survivors and supplies. You will have multiple choices on the journey/stops you take.

In Chapter three it's the end of the line, however evil doesn't stop there. Your survivor group gets ambushed and it's up to you to regroup and fight back.

Horde survival

To survive the onslaught, you will need to manage your outpost while being attacked wave after wave. Can you make it until daylight?

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Throughout Against All Odds you will come across NPC's trying to survive. You will be able to recruit them and use them as backup or keep them back to defend your stronghold. Each NPC has randomly generated stats/weapons so each encounter will be different.

Customizable options

With these customisable difficulty options you can tailor:

  • Strength and volume of enemies
  • Resource availability
  • Efficiency of friendly non-player characters

Backer rewards include

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I'm hoping that it'll be good

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I miss games like this

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