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Ultimate Apocalypse Change logs

Version 1.72.7


- To fix your Kaurava Campaign without crashing to desktop everytime you complete a stronghold mission, you must please export the movies from:



UA Mod Campaign/Movies, simple as that.

- Daemons are restricted in the mod as of 1.72 and 1.72.7! They are getting a major revamp in version 1.73!

- This version fixes the deepstrike hotkey also (E to m). It will allow better access of deepstriking. To have this PROPERLY added ingame, please go to:
- DOW Directory/profiles/*user*/*mod*(ultimate_apocalypse)/keydefaults
- search for "deepstrike", and set the hotkey to "M", or any shortcut you want. Feel free to change up the hotkeys as you like.

- This version fixes the Tyranid multiplayer sync error, many balance changes, AND fixes the bugged Dark Eldar ai that was since broken in version 1.6 of the UA mod.
- Less crash to desktops, better performance, better balance, more bug fixes.
This fixes up some of the bugs found in 1.72.5. It is a small patch, containing:

ART: |

* Some hotkey and ucs descriptions were fixed.
* Chaos Reaver is now balanced compared to standard Reavers.
* All Reaver Titans can now fire on the move, except missile launchers.
* Warhound Titan Turbo Lasers were nerfed. Blasma Blastguns armor piercings were improved.
* All anti titan weapons such as bright lances, rail guns, lascannons, and etc were nerfed, as the titans died just way too quickly when unintentional, hence the cost of the titans were more than what they are worth. = FIXED
* Some textures within the campaign are now fixed all thanks to mojaksywa26 on MOD DB

Chaos Marines:
* Cultist Worship bug causing lag was fixed.
* Chaos Walls were updated.
* Bikes health decreased, cost increased.
* Hell Drake pink icon was fixed.
* Shrine of Khorne can now be repaired.

Dark Eldar:
* Wyches were moved over to the Hall of Blood to fix some AI issues.
* The Talos no longer requires the Wych Cult Arena.
* Soul Cage donation addons are no longer restricted to 1, and now requires the Kabal Citadel or the Corrupted Gate.
* Reaver Jetbike weapons were fixed, the blaster can now be successfully upgraded.
* Reaver Jetbikes are now expensive, and recruitment time increased.
* Mandrake melee damage was nerfed.
* Splinter Cannons for Warriors and Scourgers were buffed.
* Splinter Cannons now cost more to upgrade.
* Dark Foundary structure cost increased.
* Avatar of Khaine morale recovery aura no longer effects titans and super-heavies.
* Autarch morale recovery aura no longer makes squads immune to morale damage. Also does not effect titans or super-heavies.
* Rangers cost increased.
* Dark Reaper weapon accuracy research buff decreased.
* Harlequins and Fire Dragons now requires tier II.
* Striking Scorpions are now available at tier I, maximum squad loadout decreased, cost decreased.
* Striking Scorpions movement speed increased and health slightly decreased. Mandiblasters were very improved in special attacks, able to cause severe damage to vehicles and structures alike.
* Cobra weapon setup time decreased, damage increased.
* Autarch chainsword weapon accuracy increased, weapons reload time decreased, damage decreased.
* Nightspinner cost increased.
* Khaine's Glorious Champion research now only increases the health of the Avatar of Khaine by 1.5x multiplicative health.
Imperial Guard:
* HQs can now garrison 5 squads.
* All garrisonable structure weapon ranges were extended from 25m to 40m, making garrisons more user friendly and frequent to use.
* Listening Post unload delay time was set to zero now.
* Primaris Psyker no longer costs a relic resource.
* Detection Field (HQ scanners) recharge time decreased, to now pinpoint locations faster and reveal the infiltrated units at ease.
* Medusa, Leman Russ Inferno, Annihilator, and Murderer icons were updated.
* Medusa Inferno shells now damages all targets, including friendlies. Area effect radius increased from 5m to 7m.
* AEonic Orb ugly bug where the necrodermic energies refresh itself every 5 seconds was wiped out clean.
* Wraith research disabled icon now displays before the Monolith is built.
* Necron Heavy Thermo generator death explosion no longer destroys buildings immediately.
* Superweapon is now free to fire, after the two Pyramid addons, costing 1000, then 2000 power.

* Ork Boyz grenades now curve like an artillery shell.
* Tank Busta Bombs animation changed for all Orks.
* Tank Bustaz can now use two Tank Busta grenades instead of one.
* Ork population addons were removed. Addon affects are now applied to Waaagh Banners.
* Waaagh Banners now cost 170 requisition, time cost = 45 seconds.
* Betta Stompa Zzzzap guns were reworked, the eye fires now constantly, while the Zzzzap gun on the left arm shoots every five seconds, and deals huge amounts of damage.
* Deff Dreads health increased to 6000.
* Grot Tanks were buffed.
* Grot Zzzap Cart accuracy was heavily increased, from 40% accuracy to 100%. Damage was nerfed.
* Grot Gangs are now free to reinforce.
* Bombsquigs were nerfed.
* New Unit: Saint Virtue
* New unit: Saint Merciless
* Living Saint onspawn faith modifier now applies immediately when any living saint is under production.
* Faith costs of both Living Saints and the Arch Angel increased.
* Arch Angel keen sight radius decreased, sight radius increased.
* Arch Angel Ardent Blade was severly weakened versus structures, commanders, Living Metal units, and heavily armored vehicles.
* Ardent Blade for Living Saints is no longer very effective against titans.
* Arch Angel cost time and upgrades cost increased.
* Ecclesiarchal Servitors' ability is now insta charged after every use, potentially making the Ecclesiarchal Servitors an effective sabotage unit.
* Seraphim squad no longer requires the Sanctuary.
Space Marines:
* Deepstrike Beacon model updated and now Team Colorable, buildable.
* Deepstrike Beacon no build buffer was completely removed as it was unecessary.
* Bikes health decreased, cost increased.
* Shotguns overall damage doubled.
* Razorbacks can now be equipped with a Heavy Flamer.
* Thunder Hammers were severly nerfed, especially versus titans.
* Tau AI can now research to tier III and IV.
* Ethereal no longer requires the Mont'Ka Command Post.
* XV89 Commander can now become upgraded with new weapons (Addons).
* Fire Warriors Rail Blasters upgrade were redone. It now slows down enemy movement speed, and can pierce all armor types in exchange for overall damage.
* Pirahna Skimmer movement speed and health increased.
* Tetra Scout Speeder keen sight range decreased.
* Advanced XV25 Stealth Suits can no longer be upgraded with Sniper Drones, Shield Drones replaces them.
* Hammerhead Gunships were reworked and are now more enjoyable to use.
* Hammerhead Heavy Burst Cannons overall damage increased.
* Hammerhead Ion Cannons overall damage and range increased.
* Hammerhead Rail Gun cost increased.
* Hammerhead Twin Plasma Cannons damage versus Elite Heavy Infantry increased, overall damage decreased.
* Shield Drones' ability is now passive, always on, but the modifiers were nerfed.
* Kroot Carnivores reinforce cost and cost to produce decreased.
* Vespid Stingwings health and movement speed increased.
* Kroot Shapers melee and ranged damage decreased.
* Tau Skyray missiles were once again nerfed, and fire inaccurately in blind fire and within sight radius.
XP2: |
* Reclamation Pools no longer increases in cost.
* Reclamation Pools decrease in cost after tier III and IV.
* Reclamation Pools are initially 250 requistion from 200.
* Lictors damage in general decreased.
* Lictors health decreased.
* Increased requisition researches 1-5 were implemented to the race for unbalanced economy reasons. AI can now properly advance to the later tiers effectively.
* Hive Fleet superweapon cost is now 7500 requisition from 10000.
XP3 Campaign: |
Survival: |
Arena: |
* Restrict Fortress Defenses added ingame!
* Warhound Titan VO was improved.
* Chaos Warhound Titan VO was improved.
* Plague Reaper VO was improved.
* Noise Marine VO was added.
* Kommandoz VO was added.
* Swooping Hawks VO added.

If you like the UA mod so far, version 1.73 is just for you. Keep an eye out for it, as it will contain perhaps a valid fully functional campaign and more!

Version 1.72.5


- To fix your Kaurava Campaign without crashing to desktop everytime you complete a stronghold mission, you must please export the movies from:



UA Mod Campaign/Movies, simple as that.

- Daemons are restricted in the mod as of 1.72 and 1.72.5! They are getting a major revamp in version 1.73!

- This version fixes the deepstrike hotkey also (E to m). It will allow better access of deepstriking. To have this PROPERLY added ingame, please go to:
- DOW Directory/profiles/*user*/*mod*(ultimate_apocalypse)/keydefaults
- search for "deepstrike", and set the hotkey to "M", or any shortcut you want. Feel free to change up the hotkeys as you like.
This fixes up some of the bugs found in 1.72. It is a small patch, containing:

* Some XP3 fixes that fix the Arena, 100% playable now.
* The Tau Manta is now much bigger.
* Tau ai can now tier up to tier IV.
* Tyranids ai can now very easily tech up to tier 4.
* Tyranids economy was slightly reworked.
* Space Marines Scouts Detonation Charge can now be used.
* Assault Cannons were nerfed.
* Necron generators now build faster, heavy thermo cost decreased, Pyramid addons cost time decreased, Pyramid can now shoot Gauss laser weaponry within a range of 100 meters, Necron economy was slightly reworked.
* All Reaver Titan weapon ranges were nerfed by 20 meters.
* All titans besides Necron and Sisters titans health and void shield strength increased as in some points they die too quickly when attacked by anti titan weaponry.
* Satellite Laser Beam now properly displays the "melting ground" affect.
* Ultimate Apocalypse 2 player and 8 player maps while Tau is ingame were fixed.
* Grenades were very much nerfed.
* AEonic Orb self abilites were nerfed, especially the Necrodermic Energies and invulnerability problem.
* Many other balance changes.

Version 1.72

* Faction was temporarily removed from version 1.72 and will be back in version 1.73. Reason is: An ENTIRE revamp of the Daemons race will take place. All ideas for them are unfinished, and the Daemons race as of right now has stiff gameplay, along with being the worst race to play in the UA mod.

1.72 fixes way too many existing bugs that was in version 1.71. For one the campaign now works.


- Skirmish gameplay overhaul is completed and ingame ready.
- Grenades concept added, applies more grenade researches and grenade types to almost all infantry.
- Turret concept added, featuring improved turrets, and more research and upgrades.
- RUN!!! ability added to all infantry. Increases movement speed with some penalties if activated.
- Titans revamped, void shields fixed!
- New units, new structures!
- New maps.
- Tank Traps structure added for all Imperial races, Orks, and Chaos.
- Superweapon concept added ingame. You'll enjoy them now as they also do not immediately spam superweapons when they are first built. 5 minutes to take it out, and you are now given anti apocalypse abilities! Superweapon alternatives and infinite/multiple superweapon casting glitch has been cured.
- Restrict ai winconditions.
- Commanders nerfed.
- Game play breakers were cured.
- Balance changes everywhere to make the game more playable and fair.
- TONS MORE!!!!!!

So play the mod today!

!!- = Must be done! (Most wanted)
* = Fixes.
- = Ideas not taken to effect yet.
ART: |
* Chaos Reaver Titan model updated (Thanks to Warsmith).
* New taskbars were updated for most races.
* Daemons and Inquisition Daemonhunters now have a proper taskbar.
* Reaver Titan model was updated.
* Guidance Beacon model was updated.
* Necron eye and torso FX was updated.
* Soulstone impact fx was changed.
* New Zombies in Zombie Apocalypse: XP3 Arena!!!!
* Voidspinner Super-heavy Tank model updated.
* Tau Defensive Walls were updated.
* Bio Plasma and GUO Puke Spit FX was redone and no longer annoying.
* Hive Fleet FX was again redone.
* Warpstorm FX is now fixed.
* Eldar Shrine of Khaine idle is fixed.
* Kabal Citadel FX was fixed.
* Most art files are put in the attributes section.
* AI can no longer build aircraft.
* New music was globally added to skirmish games.
* All Titan Void Shields were updated to 2D FX looking, but fixes a critical bug compared to the "newer" bubble shield FX.
* AI difficulty has been further made easier.
* Kaurava campaign now works properly!!!!
* Easy AI no longer launches nukes.
* All global nukes were unfortunately removed because of various problems caused within the game, along with overall dislikes from most users.
* The Apocalypse Rules main wincondition is now updated to include a timer for an initial countdown for when the superweapons fire from the superstructure!
* The Apocalypse Rules also includes now a nuke imminent and completed VO!
* A new advanced build icon was added!
* Main Apocalypse music was updated.
* Heroes wincondition XP generates at a slower rate.
* All races were given an extended tech tree of economy research applied to both power and requisition from one to five research types. All researches related are now more expensive.
* All ucs references regarding these new economy researches were updated.
* All faction's generators no longer decreases the cost of super structures on immediate spawn, but now when built.
* The cost of all super structures increased by 500/500 req / power.
* All Reaver Titans are now more expensive.
* All Reaver Titans relic resource cost now = 6.
* All Reaver Titans move slightly slower.
* All Reaver Titans sight radius decreased.
* Reaver Titan missile launcher ability now effects all targets and not just enemies. Overall damage also decreased.
* Mega Melta morale damage and damage effectiveness over time increased.
* Mega Melta cost increased.
* All Warhound Titans move faster.
* All Titans besides Necrons, Sisters, and Eldar are now much smaller in visual size.
* Titan double turbo lasers overall damage increased.
* All Imperium offline Titan structures are now created at the cost of the titan, but, all of the titans spawning from these "offline structures" are built for free, fast, and the offline structure health doubled.
* All Imperium offline structures no longer requires HQs.
* All Warhound offline Titan structures only requires 60 seconds to be built.
* All super structures can only use three superweapons instead of four for balance reasons.
* All Nuclear Missile superweapons were given a fancy projectile launch.
* Kaurava Campaign now officially works, for real, no kidding. No revamp though, it will be worked on in the future.
* All HQ limits were removed.
* All infantry except some machine units and Necrons were given a "RUN!!!" ability like vehicles have that increases movement speed of running squads with some penalties. See more.
* Commanders were nerfed, everything can now kill commanders easier.
* All weapon damage bases were increased from 0.3 to 0.6, which means all weapons ineffective versus armor type will deal this amount of damage at an 0.6 rate.
* All titan creation and heavy production structures were moved to the basic build menu.
* All walls and special support structures were moved to the bottom of the advanced build menu.
* The E hotkey upon deepstriking no longer collides with other units.
* ucs text errors showing up in the warnings.log has been fixed.
* MANY ucs text incorrect statements on multiple units and structures were fixed.
* All turrets now build faster.
* All turrets are more expensive.
* All Missile Launcher effectiveness against all infantry types decreased.
* All ranged weapon that cannot target aircraft, can now target aircraft.
* All aircraft weapons can now target ground units.
* All lascannons, brightlances, darklances, rail guns, plasma cannons, Zzzzap guns, Power Fists, Thunder Hammers, and Gauss Blasters are now 65-90% effective against titan units.
* All Wall upgrade add-ons are now cheaper and faster to build.
* All Assault Cannons are now effective versus all armor types.
* All flamers can no longer attack aircraft.
* All commanders in skirmish no longer have names that fit to the Apocalypse mod campaign.
* All anti infantry weapons can now pierce daemon armor.

* Sensor Probe

* Health research
* Range research
* Damage research

* All turrets no longer return their weapons to "home position". Instead, the weapons remain in the direction they were last firing.
5 ai strategies, Easy - Insane

* Grenade concept.
* Autorepair
* Ceize fire ability
* Tank Traps
* Superweapon infinity (Apply squad, add squad cost, set superweapon fire cost = 0, set recharge time, set nuke_end ability, add to AI)
* *AI superweapon concept update, *build base additional structures update, applied turret/grenade researches and abilities.

Chaos Marines:
* Chaos was given the Apocalypse Inhibitor ability for all aircraft, which will disable super structures from casting their nukes for several minutes.
* Cultists can now worship the Dark Gods! This ability grants various bonuses to nearbye squads depending on the Mark of Chaos chosen.
* Cultists can now explode using the deathblast ability!
* Sorcerors and Psykers are now restricted to produce by the Mark of Khorne because of Khorne's hatred towards Sorcerors, but the Mark of Khorne grants the access to a new structure, the Shrine of Khorne!
* Shrine of Khorne turret weapon was greatly nerfed.
* Desecrated Citadel (Super Structure) requires add-ons to fire its support weapons, but the weapons' maximum range extended.
* Desecrated Citadel (Super Structure) addons now adds tremendous support of variant weaponry, and is no longer a requirement for superweapons.
* Warp Storm turn enemies duration extended from 3.03 seconds to 10 seconds.
* Chaos Attack Bikes are now ingame!
* Evil Chaos Psyker was added ingame!
* New Chaos Reaver Titan ingame (Thanks to Warsmith)!
* Khorne Terminators are ingame!
* New research "Accuracy Enhancement Research".
* New research "Wargear: Battle Armor".
* All Chaos Space Marine squads are now lesser in number (until specific research), and slightly more expensive now with movement speed decreased slightly. However, huge buffs were applied to each, such as health, weapon damage, grenade buffs, knockdown mass, squad morale, and basic overall durability.
* Terminators and Obliterators are now the finest elite tier infantry in the entire game. Very durable and almost unstoppable as a small force. However they are now incredibly expensive, move slower and their squad loadout is further decreased.
* Most if not all infantry were given multiple grenades.
* The Hell Drake was added to the Titan Wars wincondition, hence it can be built for free relic resource entirely like the rest of the titans.
* Heldrake is now Team Colorable (thanks to Whiteshield).
* Hell Drake damage output versus everything increased.
* Hell Drake jump across battlefield ability was reworked.
* Hell Drake flamer weapon can now only attack air units as the model only shoots straight in OE.
* Summon Gate superweapon cost is now more expensive.
* The Bloodthirsters' health in combat now regenerates at a godly rate.
* The Bloodthirster was given a new ability called Blood Lust.
* Keeper of Secrets movement speed now heavily increased.
* Beauty of Slaanesh passive ability no longer affects commanders, and all units caught in the ability will now attack allies.
* Chaos AI no longer spams vindicators which causes game lag and log warnings.
* The Helldrake now has a proper icon, Hell Talon placeholder icon was removed.
* Hell Talon cost increased to 125/240 from 125/200.
* Storm of Change ability recharge time doubled.
* Chaos Rhino cost increased.
* Defiler's health increased.
* Dreadnought health decreased to 3330.
* Bloodletters melee damage versus commanders heavily increased.
* Bloodletters health increased.
* "Khorne Berzerks" was renamed as Khorne Berzerkers.
* Khorne Berzerk Fear ability was fixed and no longer causes the squad to freeze up.
* Chaos Lord's Daemon Fire wargear damage was nerfed.
* Rubric Marines are now given grenades, and their health increased.
* Ranged weapons (accuracy) research now applies bonuses to Tactical Melta Guns and Havoc's Heavy Bolters and Missile Launchers.
* Thunderhawks and Dreadclaws now shows garrisoned units.
* Hellhole icon changed.
* Hellhole cost is now 620/380 req/power.

Dark Eldar:
* New Research: Greater Daemonic Corruption
* New Research: Foot on Fire
* New Research: Warp Beast Morale II.
* New Research: Dais Research.
* New Research: Relocation Matrix Research.
* New Research: Agonizing Poisoned Blades.
* New Research: Range Increase Research I and II.
* New Research: Head Gear Enhancement Research I and II.
* New Research: Transparent Fields Research.
* New Research: Improved Soulshock I, II.
* Incubus Squad size research now effects all infantry squads, increasing their maximum loadout.
* Improved Wraithbone Battlesuits research now affects Warp Beasts.
* Archon Retinue Enhancement was renamed to Increased Squad Size Research.
* Warriors can now be upgraded with Splinter Cannons and Dark Lances.
* Warriors maximum loadout increased from 6 to 8.
* Reaver Jetbikes can now be upgraed with weaponry.
* All Dark Eldar infantry can now use the Foot On Fire (Fleet of Foot) ability.
* All Structures can now relocate.
* All structures can relocate quickly and are more maneuverable than the Eldar, but the required time to relocate again is 2 minutes.
* Portal researches cost doubled.
* Corrupted Gateways now cost 630/180 req/power and were added to the Apocalypse wincondition.
* Kabal Citadel idle and shield glitchy FX was fixed.
* AI should now hopefully cast their Super Structure weaponry and base shields.
* Haemonculus's can no longer Harvest Souls, because of a unit breaking bug which was removed.
* Mandrake squad size maximum increased to 6, minimum loadout is now 3.
* Mandrake squad cap = 2.
* Mandrake cost, melee damage, armor, and health decreased.
* Mandrake Daemonic Touch weapons versus commanders, greater daemons, and heavy armor increased.
* Hellions squad loadout minimum = 4.
* Hellions now cost 50 to reinforce and 200 to recruit.
* Hellions movement pathfinding issue fixed.
* Reaper health changed to 4000 from 2400.
* Scourges and Wyches squad caps = 2.
* Shadow Super-Heavy and Rampage Super-Heavy limit is now TWO PER SOUL CAGE built.
* Shadow Super-Heavy cost is now 500/500 requisition/power.
* Support Caps of Super-Heavies removed.
* Tormentor Titan now has a new VO.
* Tormentor Titans limit is now ONE PER SOUL CAGE built.
* Tormentor Titan cost is now 1000 souls.
* Tormentor Titans movement speed increased.
* Tormentor Titans no longer attack your own troops when its morale is diminished, along with that, the Soul Shield does not lose morale over time.
* Tormentor Titans rekindle rage ability removed because it is no longer needed. Build add-ons from the Soul Cages to increase the power of Tormentor Titans.
* Soulstorm no movement bug was fixed.
* Soulstorms can no longer be attacked, instead, they die every 30 seconds.
* Soulstorms are now equipped with all ability types without the need of donation of souls.
* Citadel Soulstorms receive the same properties as Soulstorms.
* Nothing can garrison in the Soulstorm anymore.
* Soul Cage limit expanded from 1 to 3.
* Soul Cage addons now directly affects the Kabal Citadel and Tormentor Titans. Each addon increases the hull of the structure by 2000 hitpoints, and Tormentors by 500 "morale".
* Soul Cage addon count dropped to three.
* Torture Amps never commit suicide over time.
* All Dark Eldar global ability shortcuts were removed as they interfere with overlapping shortcuts.
* All Dark Lances overall damage and damage against titans increased.
* Slaves and Taloses now gather souls 50% slower.
* Superweapon soul cost heavily decreased.
* Dark Eldar Gonor Guard was added to the list of Apocalypse and hardcore winconditions.
* Tier IV Research was given a new icon.
* New Superweapon added: Eldritch Tempest.
* Avatar of Khaine Shrine model updated, and no longer moves while idle.
* New Harlequins were added ingame!
* Harlequins can now upgrade with Fusion Pistols or Harlequin's Kiss melee weapon.
* Harlequins squad can now reinforce with a leader.
* Harlequins melee damage output heavily increased.
* Harlequins are now affected by infantry health research.
* Harlequins unit cost increased.
* Warp Spiders can now leap at enemies in melee combat.
* AI vehicle tactic was fixed up so vehicles can deepstrike from the Websail.
* Storm Serpent FX was fixed up.
* Revenant Titan is now taller.
* Revenant Titan and Phoenix no longer requires the Support Portal or Soul Shrine.
* Revenant Titan health increased.
* Revenant Titan Eldritch Regeneration ability is no longer an Eldritch Storm like effect that regenerates the Revenant Titan. Instead, it is a toggleable regenerative ability that only disables weapons. Revenant Titan can move during its activation but not shoot its guns.
* Revenant Titan can now regenerate health over time automatically.
* Revenant Titan cost heavily increased.
* Cobra Super-Heavy main weapon was given a projectile.
* Cobra Super-Heavy main weapon accuracy and damage was buffed, especially versus titans and heavily armored vehicles.
* Cobra Super-Heavy now has a proper icon.
* Voidspinner Super-heavy Tank model updated by RT2 (looping FX glitch removed).
* All Super-Heavy health raised by 2000 hitpoints.
* Airborn Phoenix 1.71 unit style was greatly nerfed, cost increased, and the recharge timer for Nightwings to spawn doubled.
* The Airborn Phoenix is now the Eldar's toughest titan unit in version 1.72.
* Phoenix damage output increased, health increased to 30,000, overall cost increased, is now equipped with two more weapon systems (scatter weapons), can now use Void Shields, and lastly the Phoenix armor type changed to titan armor.
* Rangers are automatically infiltrated units, research removed.
* Plasma Grenades were removed in the HQ and were added to the Soul Shrine.
* Fleet of Foot research position was set to position 6 in the HQ.
* Gravitic Booster abilities were set to position 1 on the ability slots.
* Fire Prisms can now change weaponry types, from fast shots (anti vehicle and titan) no area effect, to area effect knockback and infantry favored.
* War Walkers were given wraithbone regeneration like Wraithlords.
* Shrine of Khaine now requires only tier II, which grants new research to the Eldar. However, the Avatar cannot be created until tier III. Shrine limit was removed.
* The Avatar of Khaine no longer requires the Support Portal or Soul Shrine.
* Tier III now requires the Shrine of Khaine.
* Super-Heavy Support Portal now requires tier III.
* Tier IV now reqires the Super-Heavy Support Portal.
* AI Eldritch Spire can now use its superweapon abilities.
* Eldritch Spire icon has been updated.
* Eldritch Spire builds faster and is cheaper than the rest of the faction's super structures.
* Eldritch Spire can now relocate.
* DCannon projectiles speed physics increased heavily.
* Phoenix Brightlance weapons were given a buff.
* Seer Council health increased.
* Corsair units updated.
* Corsairs unit cost to reinforce increased.
* Eldritch Storm and Improved Eldritch Storm recharge time doubled.
* Dark Reapers cost increased, overall damage output decreased slightly.
* Storm Guardian's melee damage slightly increased.
* Guardian Defenders and Dire Avenger Shuriken Catapault damages increased versus low armored structures.
* The Autarch has now a new voice.
* Soulstone ability can now target anything and damage anything, but it is still recommended you target and destroy enemy titans.
* Soulstone projectile was changed.
* Soulstone impact fx was added.
* Autarch Banshee Mask and Mandiblaster helmet tooltips now displays that they are incompatible with each other.
* Autarch Banshee Mask instead of applying a stealth ability, it will increase his movement speed.
* Websail, Super-Heavy Support Portal has been added to the Apocalypse list.

Imperial Guard:
* Special Weapons Team added ingame!
* Standard Bearers for Guardsmen were added ingame!
* Destroyer Siege Tank / Laser Destroyer was added ingame!
* Psyker Primaris added ingame!
* IG Colonel was added ingame!
* New Research: Sniper Training
* New Research: Recruitment research
* New Research: Max Weapons Research
* New Research: Uncommon Valor
* Chaos was given the Apocalypse Inhibitor ability for all aircraft, which will disable super structures from casting their nukes for several minutes.
* Guardsmen can now reinforce with two squad leaders. (Sergeants, AntiTank Team, Mortar Team, Banner Bearers.)
* Guardsmen can now be upgraded with Snipers.
* Guardsmen, Special Weapons Team, Kasrkin, Kasrkin Elites, and Conscripts can now build sand bags to make cover.
* Ogryn Bone 'ead (squad leader) health increased drastically.
* IG General was given global abilities to initiate orders to the Guardsmen from a great distance.
* IG General's cost time increased from 25 to 50 seconds, and cost increased to 320/50.
* IG General now requires tier II.
* Kasrkin weapons now visually appears upon the squad.
* Kasrkin Elites can now upgrade with 8 meltas.
* Vox Operator infiltration event added.
* Listening Post Lasgun shooting from inside the structure's hull bug was cured.
* Antitank, Mortar, and Sniper Teams were removed.
* Stormsword main battlecannon damage decreased.
* Commissar and Commissar Cadet health increased.
* Lieutenant's health increased.
* Guardsmen Sergeants now increases the morale of the squad by 100 instead of 50, while Banner Bearers covers 50 morale but to his surroundings.
* The Vindicare Assassin was given new abilities.
* Vindicare Assassin's Sniper Rifle damage greatly increased.
* Vindicare Assassin's damage versus Daemons and monsters increased.
* Commissar Cadets are now pre-elite infantry and no longer act like commanders. Their limit has been removed, and they can now capture Strategic Points.
* Leman Russ Inferno primary Inferno cannon damage hit FX bug was removed.
* Leman Russ Inferno damage output and damage versus heavy infantry decreased.
* Leman Russ Vanquisher is now a long ranged anti titan unit.
* Leman Russ Demolisher weapon range and damage increased.
* Leman Russ Conqueror weapon damage increased.
* Leman Russ Punisher weapon damage increased, especially against commanders and armored targets.
* Leman Russ Exterminator weapon damage versus infantry and commanders heavily increased.
* Leman Russ Eradicator accuracy slightly increased.
* Leman Russ Executioner health decreased.
* Tactica Control researches were reorganized and reassembled via requirements, with all 12 slots filled with new research.
* Weapons Specialization research no longer adds squad upgrades, and now costs 150/100 req/power.
* Techprist Enginseer can now use grenades.
* AI Sentinels can now upgrade.
* Lieutenant's and Command Tank's tool tip now accurately states what it can do.
* Nuclear Facility tooltip was fixed.
* Leman Russ Annihilator was updated.
* Stormsword was added to the Titan Wars wincondition.
* Valkyrie Transports now shows garrisoned units.
* Listening Posts no longer transports troops from one location to the next too quickly.
* Hydra AA Tank now costs 2 vehicle cap.
* Medusa can now be upgraded with different shell variants.
* Medusa weapon range is now 90m compared to 600m.
* Medusa health extremely increased.
* Medusa was given a proper icon.
* Medusas' now move at the same speed as Basilisks'.
* Basilisk weapon range is now 200m compared to 100m.
* Chimera Assault Tank hull heavy bolter strafe left-right has been fixed.
* Chimera Assault Tank troop transport weapons were fixed and non functional if not garrissoned.
* Chimera Assault Tank was given a proper icon.
* Heavy Weapons Team Autocannon damage was nerfed.
* Heavy Weapons Team Lascannon damage was buffed.
* Vulture Gunships now costs 300/400 req/power.
* Valkyrie Strike ability was nerfed.
* Kasrkin Elites, Commissar Cadets, and Special Weapons Team were added to the Commissar execution table.
* Conscript weapon damage increased.
* Conscripts maximum loadout is now 20 instead of 25 (until specific research = 30).
* Mortar Team weapon range decreased from 70m to 50m.
* Mars Pattern Command tooltip now states you can deepstrike super-heavies into the front lines.
* Mars Pattern Command cost time increased.
* Mars Pattern Command limit was removed.
* The AI can now deep strike Baneblades from the Mars Pattern Command.
* Mars Pattern Command is no longer the central Nuclear facility.
* Nuclear Facility was added to the Imperial Guard.
* The Lieutenant's last wargear "Heroic Leader" now requires level 3 instead of level 5.
* Tier IV icon changed.
* Tier IV now requires the Mars Pattern Command.

* New Research: Scarab Swarm Upgrade.
* Doomsday Monolith now has a new VO.
* Necrons start out with 600 power now.
* Necron Summoning Core no longer requires a Monolith.
* Necron Monoliths no longer increases the maximum squad sizes of Attack Scarabs.
* All Necron armies build time increased, making the Necrons build their army much slower.
* Superweapon overall damage to structures decreased.
* Superweapon aftermath damage versus structures and builders decreased.
* Superweapon no longer destroys an entire base in one blast.
* Chronometron AddOn for energy Beacons; global ability modifier was nerfed.
* Sterilization Obelisks no longer produces Necron Titans.
* Sterilization Obelisks health decreased.
* Heavy Thermo Generator cap removed, adds 500 power per Thermo built.
* Heavy Thermo Generator now produces the Necron Titans.
* All Necron relic units besides Restored Monoliths can now be deepstriked from the Heavy Thermo Generator.
* Necron Pylon, Doomsday Phalanx and AEonic Orb costs extremely increased.
* Necron Pylon weapon damage nerfed against all but titans and super structures.
* Necron Pylon health decreased.
* Necron Pylon short ranged attacks were reworked.
* Necron Pylon now costs 4 relic resource.
* Necron Pylon jump recharge required time increased.
* Necron Pylon main gun rotation speed decreased and no longer returns to home position.
* Doomsday Phalanx Siege Monolith health increased.
* Doomsday Monolith health increased.
* Doomsday Monolith squad costs are now more expensive, but can reinforce faster.
* AEonic Orb crystal weapons now fire correctly from left to right. (Thanks to boychaos)
* AEonic Orb alternative special ability now costs 1000 power from 800 power.
* AEonic Orb now costs 6 relic resource.
* AEonic Orb Necrodermic Energies will not fire constantly over and over anymore, and the ability recharge doubled.
* All Living Metal units health regeneration increased.
* Homeworld Portal armor decreased from 100 to 0, so now it is killable at least.
* Necron Lord and Destroyer Lord artifact researches are now more expensive.
* Wargear now requires the "Improved Artifacts" research.
* Greater Artifacts research cost time increased.
* Necron Warriors, Flayed Ones, Immortals, Deathmarks, and Pariah health decreased.
* Both Death March researches cost increased.
* Restored Monolith now costs 800 power.
* Immortals' Tesla Carbine is now short ranged.
* Shroud of Antigravity recharge timer increased to 600 seconds from 460.
* Shroud of Antigravity cost increased to 600 power from 410.
* Shroud of Antigravity Shroud aura radius decreased.
* Scarab defense against melee and ranged attacks decreased.
* Attack Scarab health increased slightly.
* AI no longer uses global chronometron.
* Veil of Darkness research cost increased.
* Veil of Darkness and Beacon of the Deceiver abilities no longer affects living metal or titan units.
* Veil of Drakness ability now requires at least 75% of health.
* New eye FX for Necrons were created. New green lazer fx for Deathmarks were added.
* Necron Lord jump recharge time increased.
* Necron Lord jump, screaming jets area of effect damage and radius decreased.
* Restored Monolith squad cap removed.
* Sterilization Obelisk limit is now 4.
* Second Listening Post add-on now increases the sight radius of the LP by 15m.
* Listening Post damage increased.
* Advanced turrets health increased.
* Restored Monolith hero ui icon was removed.
* Solar Power research time cost increased.
* Attack Scarab build time decreased.
* C'tan gods health heavily increased.
* Fixed several ai invalid weapons.
* Necron Lord's name changed to just "Necron Lord".
* Air Attack Scarabs ucs description was fixed.
* Monoliths ucs description was fixed.
* Boomy Platforms were added ingame.
* Boomy Platforms were added to turret upgrade researches.
* Grotz Gang added ingame. Grotz can also field with them a grot cannon as a leader unit.
* Grot Tanks were added in game.
* Population increase addon is now instant.
* Honor Guard Slugga Boyz were changed into Spanna Boyz.
* Spanna Boyz are tougher and more in numbers, and can upgrade with maximum flamers.
* Spanna Boyz can be instantly spawned from Stompas.
* Battlefortress is now a hero unit type relic unit.
* Battlefortress support cap removed, limit 1.
* Battlefortress health increased from 10,000 to 15,000.
* Battlefortress visual size increased.
* Great Stompa name was renamed to "Betta' Stompa".
* Betta' Stompa eye zzzap gun overall damage decreased.
* Betta' Stompa cost increased.
* Betta' Stompa rotation speed decreased from 80 to 20.
* Betta' Stompa voice replaced with a new one by Jazz-Sandwhich.
* Orks ai can now use the Global Waaagh!!! superweapon.
* Gretchins now have a "squad leader" unit - the Spanna Boy.
* Fixed several ai invalid weapons.
* All new units were added to researches.
* Some units affected by the heroes wincondition regarding wrong upgrade stats are now fixed.
* Teleporta' cost increased.
* Waagh Banner Rokkit Launcha damage minimum increased by 100.
* All Ork turrets vertical and horizontal traverse speeds decreased, as they are piloted by Grotz.
* Tank Bustaz infiltration research was removed.

* New unit: Pixi
* Living Saints were redone and no longher infuriating as any player or cpu can no longer spam them.
* Living Saints now decreases the maximum faith total. Upgrade more Listening Posts with Holy icons to train more Living Saints.
* Living Saints required build time = 90 seconds from 45 seconds.
* Living Saint Miraculous Intervention required time increased to 180 seconds from 120 seconds.
* Living Saints health decreased.
* Living Saints armor decreased.
* Living Saints health percentage upon intervention decreased from 1.0 to 0.4.
* Arch Angel Divine Slaughter ability recharge time increased from 60 seconds to 180 seconds.
* Arch Angel Miraculous Intervention required time increased from 15 seconds to 90 seconds.
* Arch Angel decreases the maximum faith total 2x the amount of Living Saints.
* Arch Angel research no longer increases the cost of the Arch Angel, instead, it adds a greater time cost.
* Arch Angel standard health increased from 16000 to 20000.
* Exorcist MKII is now renamed to Exorcist Sanctorum in line with the lore.
* Curia was renamed to Hospitaller in line with the lore.
* Nunciate Superior was removed in game and is no longer a produceable unit due to balance issues and a disliked model.
* Sanctorum Exorcist damage versus structures great increased.
* Rhino Transport cost increased.
* Legatine Superiors now have morale.
* Divine Slaughter ability recharge time tripled.
* All generators built will now decrease the cost of their super structure.
* LPs ucs add-on name was fixed.

Space Marines:
* Chapter Master Gladeus and Force Commander Killeus in Terminator armor was drastically nerfed.
* New research "Wargear: Battle Armor".
* Whirlwin Hyperios can now attack aircraft.
* Librarian's Path researches were removed, the Librarian can now contain everything.
* Space Marine Attack Bikes are now ingame!
* Scouts are now updated with the FOK models, and are now equipped with knives, bolters, shotguns, and Snipers for true codex style infantry.
* Deepstrike Beacon structure was added ingame!
* All Space Marine squads are now lesser in number, and slightly more expensive now with movement speed decreased slightly. However, huge buffs were applied to each, such as health, weapon damage, grenade buffs, knockdown mass, squad morale, and basic overall durability.
* Terminators are now the finest elite tier infantry in the entire game. Very durable and almost unstoppable as a small force. However they are now incredibly expensive, and move slower.
* Assault Terminators can now only upgrade with three thunder claws.
* Lightning Claws are now heavily buffed.
* Chain Fists are now heavily buffed.
* Missile Launcher Cyclones cost increased.
* All commanders move now at the same speed as standard Space Marine troops, but are however equiped with an extra 100 health.
* Scout upgradeable bolters now deals slightly more damage.
* Deep Strike overall damage doubled that will severly damage all surrounding units 10m away from the impact.
* Orbital Relay Nodes now requires the Deepstrike Beacon in order to deepstrike multiple squads at once.
* Deepstrikable turrets were moved to the Orbital Relay Node instead.
* Deepstrikable turrets are now unlimited, but now costs one support cap.
* Land Speeder cost increased.
* Rhino Transport cost increased.
* Razorback bolter weapon damage increased.
* Razorback cost increased.
* Whirlwind Hyperios cost increased.
* Whirlwind Hyperios overall damage decreased.
* Whirlwind Hyperios now has a proper icon.
* Whirlwind Hyperios support cap now = 5.
* Thunderhawks can now recruit Land Speeders (idea based off from Space Marines the movie).
* Tier III icon was updated to a new icon.
* Land Raiders were given a heavy stubber gunner on top.
* Land Speeder Tempest cost versus effectiveness was redone.
* Banner Bearers' morale heavily increased.
* Devastators now carry Frag Grenades.
* Predator Tank was renamed to Predator MK I.
* Predator MK II (flamer/plasma cannon) was added ingame.
* Fixed several invalid ai weapons.
* Thunderhawks now shows garrisoned units.
* Sternguard and Vanguard Veterans now receive health bonuses from wargear: bionics researches.
* Tier IV now requires the Heavy Machine Cult.

* New Structure: Burst Cannon Turret.
* New Unit: Kroot Alpha Knarloc Rider.
* New unit: Tetra Scout Speeder.
* New unit: Discreet, play Tau to find out!
* Firewarriors can now upgrade with carbines. Carbines do more morale damage and damage against vehicles/structures, but less damage versus infantry and commanders.
* Devilfish Troop Carriers and Skyray Gunships can now glide over impassable terrain.
* The Ethereal can use the Grand Illusion ability which can spawn an XV202 Mako Titan as a distraction, along with new abilities applied to the Ethereal.
* Tau Defensive Walls were updated.
* Superweapon shockwave damage heavily decreased.
* Superweapon overall damage to structures decreased.
* Superweapon aftermath damage versus structures and builders decreased.
* Superweapon no longer destroys an entire base in one blast.
* New researches were added to the Comms. Array Tower, which effects all Tau titans.
* The Ethereal can now properly apply bonuses to the Arka Cannon when garrisoned.
* Ethereal and Arka Cannon tooltip now accurately states what they can do when the Ethereal is garrisoned.
* Broadside Rail Gun weapons were nerfed.
* All rail guns are very effective against titans.
* The XV202 Mako Titan can no longer garrison in Orca Transports (sorry).
* XV202 Mako Titan cost decreased.
* XV202 Mako Titan health decreased.
* XV202 Mako Titan movement speed increased.
* Skyray main missile damages decreased.
* Skyray missile upgrades now requires tier II and III.
* Skyray upgrade missiles no longer attacks aircraft.
* Hammerhead Fusion Gun range increased from 35m to 50m.
* Orca Transports can now transport the Great Ethereal.
* Orca Transports now shows garrisoned squads.
* Guidance Beacon model was updated.
* Turret weapon damages were buffed.
* Turret weapon accuracies were buffed.
* Turret addons now cost 85 requisition from 75 requisition.
* Turret reload time and damage decreased.
* Fire Warrior damage output heavily decreased.
* Kroot Carnivore and Kroot Shapers melee damage versus low armored structures increased.
* Kroot Hounds health increased, and they now move faster.
* Kroot Hounds damage versus armored vehicles increased.
* XV9 Hazard Suit Fusion Cascades and Ion Cannon weapon damages decreased.
* XV9 Hazard Suit health and armor decreased.
* XV9 Hazard Suit can no longer be knocked back.
* Remora Stealth Fighter cost increased while health slightly decreased.
* Remora Stealth Fighter weapon shooting is fixed.
* Tau base shield radius decreased.
* Arka Cannon standard abilities were nerfed.
* Arka Cannon Ion Blast ability against titans was greatly increased.
* Ion Blast ability against commanders was nerfed.
* Ion Blast and Ion Strike radius, morale damage, and damage in general decreased.
* Tier IV now requires the Coalition Center.

XP2: |
* Tyranid Bio Plasma impact FX was redone and no longer annoying.
* Tyranid reinforce FX was updated to the Tyranid mod's 0.52b FX.
* New Superweapon added: Bio Bomb
* New Superweapon added: Spawn the Hive Fleet
* Tyranids now provide power to allied team members including themselves, which fixes an important bug in team matches. Tyranids still don't use power, ignore they have power.
* Tyranids AI has been entirely improved now.
* All structures that decrease in cost no longer applies this effect, hence the "unbeatable" bug has been removed and structures do not give you extra requisition in the negatives.
* HQ building now replaces the Hive Fleet that was the main HQ "building" in version 1.71.
* Hive Fleet is a structure, that can be spawned via a superweapon by the Capillary Tower.
* Hive Fleet structure decays in health like normal, with fx improvement, and can deepstrike squads into the front lines, including Carnifexes.
* Hive Fleet improvements, consume planet (units), bigger FX, feed to keep alive. No longer HQ.
* Hive Mind (Tyranids Builder unit) attributes were updated and glitched FX was removed.
* Meteor Swarm ability was removed from both the Capillary Towers and Hive Fleet.
* The Hive Fleet ucs description and ability ucs description is now entirely fixed.
* The Hive Fleet no longer produces all of the researches, instead, a new tech system was implemented in game.
* Tier researching removed for tier I and II, HQ addons are back!
* Tier IV research was renamed to "Planetary Assimilation (Tier 4)".
* Reclamation Pools contains all Tyranid research.
* Reclamation Pools increase in cost the more you build.
* Ripper Swarms were moved to the "Gauntii Brood Hive."
* Gaunt researches now increases the maximum number of Gaunts in a squad.
* Genestealer researches were removed from the Broodlord and are now a global research.
* Genestealers are now visually be equipped with Scythes.
* Brood Lord's Acclimatization researches now increases the maximum number of Genestealers in a squad.
* Brood Lord can now reinforce with 19 Genestealers instead of 9.
* Genestealer Retinue reinforce time decreased from 7 seconds to 2 seconds.
* Hive Tyrant research speed increase was heavily reduced.
* Hive Tyrant is no longer affected by the Broodlord's researches.
* Hive Tyrant Catalyst ability recharge time increased, and duration decreased.
* Hive Tyrant melee charge was removed.
* Hive Tyrant melee damage versus commanders decreased.
* Hive Tyrant morale and health decreased.
* Hive Tyrant armor type on hit changed from heavy metal to flesh.
* Hive Tyrant's Venom Cannon weapon reload time versus damage reworked.
* Hive Mind keen sight radius and sight radius was reduced to 1m radius.
* Hive Mind distance above ground is no longer visible.
* Hive Mind cheat removed from game.
* Hierophant Bio Acid artillery weapons were redone, aims faster, and the maximum range is now 50m from 35m.
* Biovore Bioacid requisition cost is now 80.
* Biovore damage output decreased.
* Spinegaunt and Termagaunt costs increased.
* Spinegaunt and Without Number squad Squad Cap = 2.
* Gargoyles squad maximum loadout increased.
* Gargoyles now cost 2 squad cap.
* Gargoyle tooltip was added.
* Gargoyle jump no longer jumps Gargoyles across the map in 3 seconds.
* The cost of the Capillary Tower increased.
* The Capillary Tower increases squad and support cap by 5.
* Every Reclamation Pool built decreases the cost of the Capillary Tower by 50 requisition.
* Tyranids restrict tier wincondition has been fixed.
* Khazi Carnifex Devour weapon damages versus vehicles decreased.
* Raveners health increased.
* Raveners can now burrow underground.
* Raveners "deathspitter" was renamed to "bio plasma", icon and ucs description was changed.
* Raveners burrow (jump) charge cost increased.
* Raveners beep sound when morale is lost was fixed.
* Raveners and Warrior melee claws now pierces vehicle and structure armor.
* Warriors and Carnifex Bio Plasma was changed to a Ravener type Bio Plasma.
* Warriors squad cap now is 2.
* Lictors can now reinforce in squads. Minimum/maximum loadout is 2/4.
* Lictor health and movement speed increased.
* "Accumulation" wargear was renamed to "Acclimatization".
* Acclimatization wargear III no longer requires Hive Tyrant's wargear.
* Bio Acid projectile speed and other bugs was fixed.
* All Bio Acid and Bio Plasma impact radiuses decreased from 10m to 7m.
* Turrets now attacks aircraft.
* Turrets now requires either the Gaunt or Warrior Hive.
* Turrets were extremely nerfed.
* Spore Chimneys now have a voice over.
* Synapse aura abilities squad morale maximum modifier decreased by half.
* All Grey Knights squads are now lesser in number, and slightly more expensive now with movement speed decreased slightly. However, huge buffs were applied to each, such as health, weapon damage, grenade buffs, knockdown mass, squad morale, and basic overall durability.
* Terminators are now the finest elite tier infantry in the entire game. Very durable and almost unstoppable as a small force. However they are now incredibly expensive, and move slower.
* Weapon Servitors were nerfed.
* Valkyrie Transports now show garrisoned units.
* Psycannon Bombard now requires tier II.
* Knight of Flame health increased.
* Inquisitor Lord can now train Honor Guards.

XP3 Campaign: |
* Mission 2 - scar error before warp storm was fixed and is now fully playable!
Survival: |
* IG Stronghold scar error was fixed.
* Orks stronghold scar error was fixed.
* Chaos stronghold scar error was fixed.
* Insanity map stronghold versus Orks and Necrons was fixed.
* Attacking Orks with teleporta structure no longer causes scar errors.
* All new units were updated into survival mode.
Arena: |
* New Zombies!!!!
* Superduperman (Campaign Man) no longer exists (really) in the Arena.
* The Apocalypse Rules main wincondition is now updated to include a timer for an initial countdown for when the superweapons fire from the superstructure!
* All new units and structure blueprints were updated for Hard Core and Apocalypse Rules.
* Super structures were added to the ignore list on any annihilation game.
* Space Marines Assassinate wincondition bug - two commanders recruitable was fixed. Paths research was restricted on Assassination winconditon.
* Orks Assassinate wincondition now spawns the Big Mek instead of the Warboss to make up for balance.
* Starting Army wincondition no longer starts the Space Marines off with a commander, but rather the Chaplain.
* Restrict AI nukes wincondition added.
* Restrict tier I, II, and IV now works with Tyranids.
* Annihilation and Extermination winconditions interval was pinched smaller together to not corrupt gameplay mechanics with global superweapons going off.
* 2p Ultimate Apocalypse titan spawning countdown doubled from ten minutes to twenty minutes.
* 2p Ultimate Apocalypse map now correctly spawns center titans.
* 4p Titanic Warzone titan power guns recharge time increased.
* 8p High Platform map was added!
* Reaver Titan voice updated.
* Tormentor Titan voice added.
* New Warhound Titan Vulcan Mega Bolter sounds was added.
* Drop Pod's land impact sound was changed and made anew.
* Changed rocket launcher impact sound.
* Changed grenade impact sound.
* New Exterminatus per effect sound was added.
* Plague Marine voice added.
* Chaos Terminators voice added.
* Betta' Stompa voice added.
* Chaos Psyker voice added.
* Tau discreet and secret unit VO added.
* Commissar Cadets voice added.
* Necron Lord voice added.
* Doomsday Monolith voice added.
* Chaos Warhound voice added.
* Imperial Warhound voice added.
* Autarch voice added.
* Chaos Land Raider voice added.
* Chaos Plague Reaper voice added.
* Trygon completion volume decreased.
* Revenant Titan flying ability volume decreased.
* All Tyranid voices were updated.

Version 1.71

NB! Campaign does not work!

!!- = Must be done! (Most wanted)
* = Fixes.
- = Ideas not taken to effect yet.

ART: |
* Tyranid Hive Fleet cloud fixed.
* 3 Daemons brown LP FX has been replaced with a new FX.
* Chaos Sorceror Lord model has been replaced (for temporary use).
* Daemons mod version 0.96 is now compatible with Ultimate Apocalypse.
* Ukraine ucs data has been added to the mod.
* All AI is now slightly easier to defeat.
* All hero level researches cost was decreased by half.
* Exterminatus Global superweapon damages and other effects redone, so the animation lasts longer. Kills everything immediately in a 120m radius.
* All Honor Guards with bad and long descriptions were fixed.
* Relic research three for all races no longer requires two relics.
* Honor Guards requires no requirement.
* All wargear ONLY requires level 3 except for greater improved weapons and the final wargear piece.
* All wargear tooltips were fixed to read the correct hero research requirement.
* Bumper mode, less accurate weapons instead, maximum speed increases upon use.
* Many color bleeds especially for Chaos Daemons were fixed.
* Some typos in ucs descriptions have been fixed.

* LP range decreased.
* Sorceror Lord pink box has been fixed with a temporary model (Aspiring Sorceror). We require a new Sorceror Lord model!!!
* Citadel attack range heavily decreased from global range to 70m, 3rd attack remains the same distance, 100m.
* Second weapon wargear now requires level 5 research instead of level 4. All tooltips of wargear are now correct.
* All enemy units that enters the ring aura of the Keeper of Secrets will lose control and attack allies, being manipulated into defending their beauty queen.
* The Ritual of Sacrifice now deals more damage.
* Chaos Sorceror screaming jets radius increased and now has an applied FX upon jumping.
* Tier 4 description changed to read only the produceable titans and super structure.
* Hell Drake was added ingame (cheers to the maker, boychaos!)
* Chaos titans no longer requires a relic.

Dark Eldar:
* Tormentor Soul Shield "morale" decreased from 2000 to 1000.
* Tormentor Titan melee damage decreased from 547-1083 to 447-893.
* Cataclysm damage versus infantry and commanders heavily increased.
* "Shaodow Super heavy" was renamed to "Shadow Super Heavy."
* Soulstorms (ability) has been buffed.
* Cost of Soulstorms (Citadel) has been decreased.
* Army Painter units order of appearance has been changed.
* Soul Annihilator superweapon now disables all production capabilities of structures on impact along with a huge health decrease for a limited time.
* Tier 4 description is now fixed to read it can unlock titans and the Dais.
* Soulstorm ability hotkey is now changed to hotkey "o" so units do not stop upon use.

* LP range decreased.
* Rune Aura wargear now requires Hero: Level 5 and all other wargear.
* Rune of Khaine wargear now requires Hero: Level 5 and all other wargear.
* Corsairs can now only upgrade with Brightlances to avoid reports of absent weapons.
* Corsairs jump ability was removed.
* Storm Serpent left gun should fire now, at least invisible Starcannons.
* Wraithguard weaponry now has an "inbetween" visual projectile, temporary.
* Wraithguard now moves slower, but their health and damage increased.
* Cobra Super-heavy health decreased, while its cost decreased.
* Avatar no longer requires the "Heart of Khaine" research.
* Avatar of Khaine now moves slower, but is slightly bigger in scale, deals more damage, and his health is increased after the research.
* Avatar of Khaine is now free to produce after the "Khaine's Ultimate Champion" research.
* Avatar's aura of burning victims is fixed.
* Vibro Cannon's damage increased.
* Dire Avenger Exarch name changed to Dire Avenger Exarch from "add void shield toggleable ability".
* Tier 4 description has been fixed.
* HQ description has been fixed.

* LP range decreased.
* Ibram's Vestment now requires Hero: Level 5 and all other wargear.
* Medusa cap = 4.
* Basilisks cap = 2.
* Mars Pattern infinite superweapon glitch has been fixed.
* Vulture Gunship missile damages decreased.
* Stormsword is now ingame.
* Reaver Titan Power Fist weapon removed for the sake of it containing lots of glitches.
* Reaver Titan Megamelta damage decreased.
* Doctrines descriptions are fixed.
* Mars Pattern Command description is fixed.
* Communication tower icons of underground tunnels no longer turns pink.
* Vox Operator within the Kasrkin Veterans squad infiltration event is fixed.
* Chemical Cannon on the Hellhound has now improved damage.
* Leman Russ Conqueror was added to the Apocalypse wincondition.
* Leman Russ Eradicator cannon has been buffed.

* Starting resources were increased to 350 power.
* Attack Scarabs are now free to produce but are time consuming to recruit.
* Builder Scarabs cost time was decreased.
* AI is now more of a challenge.
* Necron HQ has been given the homeworld portal ability.
* Homeworld Portal now requires only the tier 4 research.
* Necron Heavy Destroyer's weapon sound decreased in volume and was remade.
* Sterilization Beacons now only requires tier 4. Every structure build increases its cost by 100 power.
* Void Dragon global ability no longer effects relic unit vehicles.
* All tooltips mentioning the Triolith are cured.
* Monoliths can now be built outside of control radiuses.
* The control radius of the Necron HQ increased.
* Annihilator radiation cloud aftermath effect has now reduced damage against builder units.

* LP range decreased.
* Great Stompa Zzzap guns damage output increased with more damage to morale.
* Great Stompas are a lot more effective against titans.
* Great Stompa power and requisition cost increased slightly.
* Warboss's wargear now displays hero requirements.
* Warboss is now immune to knockdown after researching the Boosters wargear.
* Armored Nobs hp increased from 700 to 1200 and morale increased from 700 to 1000.
* Deff Dread upgrades are redone. It now uses scorchas as default, and Rocket Launchas/Shoota as its upgrades.
* Squiggoth's special attacks are now a lot more deadly.

* LP range decreased and damage was heavily nerfed.
* Health of Living Saints decreased by 4000 health.
* Canoness noe produces more faith over time.
* Nunciate Superior time cost and cost in general increased, health increased, but her armor decreased.
* Arch Angel now has a new voice.
* Arch Angel second research now doubles the melee damage of the Arch Angel's blade.
* Arch Angel Miraculous Intervention time increased from 30 seconds to 75 seconds.
* Seraphims can now upgrade with ten flamers.
* Dolan Phail visual effect was added.
* Living Saints now decreases the rate of gathering faith, until eventually they become limited.

* LP range decreased.
* Hellfire Dreadnought Plasma Cannon was removed to cease issues with a missing arm.
* Mastermind spell for the Librarian now states what it does (which decreases ability recharge time).
* Damocles sight radius ability has been improved.
* Land Speeder Tempest cost to produce decreased.
* Vindicator weapons now deal more damage to structures.
* Reaver Titan Power Fist weapon removed for the sake of it containing lots of glitches.
* Reaver Titan Megamelta damage decreased.
* Army Painter units order of appearance has been changed.
* Whirlwind Hyperios cap now = 5.

* LP range decreased.
* Honor Guard general cost to produce and health has been increased.
* Crisis Battlesuits and Honor Guard flamer damage decreased.
* Malo Gunships move at the same speed as Swordfish Gunships.
* XV202 Mako Titan damages decreased.
* Army Painter units order of appearance has been changed.
* Teachings of Kauyon and Montka descriptions were fixed.
* Listening Post and Turret railguns deal more damage.
* The Ethereal can now recruit elite bodyguards.
* Ion Nuke radiation cloud aftermath effect has now reduced damage against builder units.

XP2: |
* The Hive Fleet's armor has been set to zero, and if ever attacked it will be dealt heavy damage.
* The first Hive Fleet is free to produce. The second Hive Fleet however costs 1000 requistion.
* The Hive Fleet's time to produce has increased.
* Spore Chimneys when destroyed deals more damage to the Hive Fleet, as Spore Chimneys are the primary source of Hive Fleet feeding.
* Spore Clusters are now heavily nerfed.
* Hive Tyrant Devourer ranged weapon damage increased.
* Reclamation Pools no longer decrease the cost of structures but is much cheaper to produce at first.
* Hive Tyrant's bio shields when near structures with synapse auras no longer make them invulnerable to damage.
* Carnifexes upon spawning no longer beep sounds.
* Tiering researches cost time decreased.

* LP range decreased.
* Naval Mega melta range increased to a global range.
* Tier 4 upgrade description was reworked.
* Grenades are available for IDH Grey Knights.
* Recruitment time of the Knight of Flame decreased.
* The cost of Psycannons increased.
* Reaver Titan Power Fist weapon removed for the sake of it containing lots of glitches.
* Reaver Titan Megamelta damage decreased.

* Turrets now cost 120 requisition.
* Turret Doombolt damage increased, secondary flame weapon damage decreased.
* Hellspawn was removed from army painter because it has a green box.
* Doomed Ones were removed from the game.
* Mutilators icon has been added.
* Mutilators and Obliterators now only requires tier II.
* HQ blueprint radius increased.
* All Daemons no longer require Marks. Marks were removed completely.
* Warp Signatures Flame FX upon researching Warp Fires Daemonic Gift has been removed.
* Daemon Harald now glides over terrain after the Daemonic Flight research.
* The Hellspawn is now a lot more powerful, and has been given a lot more dakka.

XP3 Campaign: |
* UA Campaign mission 1 should now be working.
* Mission 2 is now available for play.
* Kaurava campaign after mission scar errors have been fixed, campaign is now playable.
* XP3 generic difficulty for insane is made much easier. All wave spawning times and few tweaks were remade.

Survival: |
* Chaos Stronghold fatal scar error after killing the Daemon Prince has been fixed.
* Lorn V - Titan Fall with Doomsday Monolith jumping in, scar error is fixed.
* Insanity map, scar errors cured.
Arena: |
* Wave 50 is now playable.
* Space Marines "Campaign Man" was removed from game, and Force Commander Killeus is now the head commander within the Arena.
* Apocalypse Rules description reworked to notify players to not manually turn it off, and adds what it really does.
* wincondition - Apocalypse is now applied to structures building instantly.
* Extermination wincondition has been updated so you can destroy the Tyranids.
* Annihilation wincondition updated so you can destroy the Tyranids.
* Restrict Relic units wincondition now works.
* Restrict tier 1 and 2 wincondition now works.
* Restrict Game Enders no longer effects Necrons or Daemons from producing their titans.
* Destroy HQ wincondition now works when playing with/against Necrons.
* Tarsis Ultra was removed from the mod.
* Apocalypse Into the Breach map no longer contains a pink texture.
* Test map has been removed from the mod that caused scar errors.
* New map - Fires of Obalon.
* The Ultimate Apocalypse 2p map is now fixed. Upon capturing the center location, you will spawn two titans, and one greater titan at your disposil.
* New Arch Angel voice added.
* Heavy Destroyers blast sound volume decreased and was tweaked with different sound.


Wtf is "New Zombies in Zombie Apocalypse: XP3 Arena!!!!" and how to play it?

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Lord_Cylarne Author

Activate the Campaign mod. There is a Zombie Apocalypse scenario fully playable (yet entirely in the works for 1.73 along with everything in the campaign expansion).

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Lord_Cylarne Author

Changelog updated to now involve version 1.72.5!

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Kind of sad the Fire Dragons got moved to Tier II, but it makes sense since we got those weapons platforms early

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