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The votes have been tallied and the judges have made their choices, here's the finalists and winners for the Total War Awards.

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Following the success of the first Total War Mod Awards in 2014, they returned to celebrate some of the best mods of 2015 for Total War: ROME II and Total War: ATTILA.

The official Total War Mod Awards were created to highlight the innovative achievements of the vast Total War modding community. This year there were 6 categories plus the CA Legacy Award.

The 2015 Total War Mod Awards winners are:

Best Unit Mod - Agrez All in One

Runner Up - Champloo Unit Pack

Best Overhaul Mod - Tuskmod

Runner Up - Clovis - Origio Europae

Best Graphical Mod - Aztec 2015 Graphics

Runner Up - Enhanced Particles

Most Innovative Mod - Divide et Impera

Runner Up - The Zuma's Gladiators

Best Map - Ancient Babylon

Runner Up - RiverFort

Player's Choice Award - Divide et Impera

Runner Up - Radious Total War

Legacy Award - Stainless Steel

After winning two awards in 2014, Divide et Impera again led the rankings with 2 awards. His 1.1 mod includes new buildings, agents, tech trees, skill trees, unique systems such as army supply and region specific recruitment. DEI aims to be historically accurate, with 100’s of revamped unit models and equipment for over 40 factions.

Alongside the Mod Awards, Creative Assembly also hosted the 4th annual mod summit at the studio. Some of the biggest Modders and YouTubers in the Total War Community were invited to the studio to see exclusive content, discuss key areas of mod support for the future and to take an advance look at some forthcoming content.

Congratulations to all entrants, we loved playing your content and look forward to covering the 2016 awards, Keep changing the game!

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