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A inside look at the development process of doom the tei tenga incident, comparing alpha 0.5 maps to maps from doom the tei tenga incident.

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The doom alphas, which are the closest offical thing id software has done based on the doom bible. You might recognize most of these areas from doom 1 and the most recent alpha of doom the tei tenga incident. That makes them the only real record of how tom hall layed out his levels based on the design document. Most pf these levels only really needed polish to make them feel complete but diffrent from both their alpha versions and their doom 1 versions. Others needed signifigant reworking to make them them playable and still look good.

  • Alpha level Hangar 2
  • Final level E2M7 Spawing Vats.
  • E1M1 Hangar two (the tei tenga incident)

Screenshot Doom 20151002 084253 Screenshot Doom 20151002 084509

The difference is the fact that there is more geometry and the doors actually open. This area is still the same size, but taller and more tastefully textured.

  • Alpha Level Recreation Center
  • Final level E1M4 Command Control
  • Tei tenga incident level e1m5 "rec center

Screenshot Doom 20151002 084138 Screenshot Doom 20151002 084710

The area is now larger, has more detail and looks much much more complete compared to the original alpha level. It has a reception desk with computer that adds a little touch of detail to the area, as well as extruded computers and dynamic lights which add a nice atmospheric look.

  • E1M10 Unknown
  • E2M4 Deimos labs
  • E3M5 Northern Polar Research station

Screenshot Doom 20151002 084350 Screenshot Doom 20151002 084519

This area is based more upon its finial version from doom 1 than its alpha version style wise, with added detail, new areas and more things like hell-slime and marble as well as techbase.

Alot of these alpha areas remained pretty much unchanged from the original alphas in doom 1. That makes it a difficult challenge to make it not a remake of the final levels, which are all very good levels in their own right. Each of these levels are designed to look interesting and unique. It keeps the variety of levels for the most interesting game as possible. The alphas are where where the basis for all these newer levels are from but still stay in their style.


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Nice!! Are you going to do all of those alpha levels? It's funny how I recognize some of the designs in the final DOOM 1 releases. I'd love to see co-op of these!

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