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Shaders - to be or not to be, that's the question is.

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I got PMed with the proposal about making taiidani shadered (you know this feature - shaders 2.0).

Actually, I think that it's not the first need thing.

First, we need to make models, texture them, and only then to begin thinking of smth like shaders. If they are really needed.

But if smbd would do it - it would be good, but I wouldn't insist on it.

And how do you think?

Dark_Sentinel - - 132 comments

Negative. They cause problems on weak machines - lots of gloss. Lots of work. HW2 looks okau without shaders.

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Raygoza - - 1,639 comments

I agree, better use the Time to finish all the ships, maybe even improve the textures, finishing the mod then fine tuning if you would like.

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