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A list of space units that will be in the mod. Now when somone asks "What space units will be in the mod?" they can just read this list.

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V-19 Star Fighter
ARC-170 Star fighter
V-Wing Star fighter
Delta-7 Jedi Star Fighter
Eta-2 Actis Class Jedi Starfighter
Republic Light Assault Cruiser
Republic Corvette
Consular Class Corvette
Dreadnought Class Heavy Cruiser
Acclamator II class Assault Ship
Venator Class Star Destroyer
Cr-20 Clone Carrier
Acclamator I class Assault Ship
Special Ships:
Azure Angel (tech 1-4)
Yoda's Acclamator

Confederacy of Independent Systems:
Nantex Fighter
Vulture Droid
Driod Tri-Fighter
Trireme Class Cruiser (for balance)
Armed Hard-cell Techno Union Transport (for balance)
Munificent Class Frigate
Recusant Class Light Destroyer
Providence Class Cruiser
Lucrehulk Class Battleship (limit: 3 for balance)
C9979 Landing Craft
Special Ships:
Punworcca 116 Class Interstellar Sloop (Dooku)
Novasword Fighter (Durge)
Ginivex Class- Star fighter (Ventress)
Lucrehulk Class Droid Control ship (Gunray)
Muunilinst Gun Platform (Muunilinst only)

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