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The second part in a three part series covering the three main aspects of the game. This time we're going over the raiding mechanics and how to get inside the enemy's base.

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Last time's Scrunk 101 covered building up your base. Missed it? Just click here!

Raiding can be approached in two ways. Either outsmart the enemy builders or just... brute force it.

Tools of the trade

There's a variety of tools including weapons and explosives specifically dedicated to blowing everything up.


This explosive is the primary crafted tool for taking down the enemy's defences. Place it near anything you want to destroy and after a few seconds it'll deal massive damage to everything around it (including players!)


Rocket Launcher

We all know what this does. Lots of damage, lots of flexibility! Rocket launchers are rare weapons that can be found in crates and dropped from drones. The launcher isn't very stable though so it'll break after several uses.

Rocket launcher


Another rare weapon that can be used for both area denial and damage. The flamethrower deals damage over time to anything it hits. It's also got a limited amount of fuel so use it wisely! Like the rocket launcher, flamethrowers are rare drops from crates and drones.


If they can use it, so can you

Remember the landmines you littered around your base? Why not use them to catch off-guard enemies? Even turrets can be absolutely devastating against a badly-designed base. There's a lot of ingenious strategies to explore to counteract even the craziest of base designs!


Brute force it

Guns will also damage blocks. The degree to which guns damage blocks is based off the block. For example wood walls are much more susceptible to bullet and fire damage whereas brick walls aren't.

Shooting walls

Stay up to date

Next time we'll be going over player vs player and player vs environment mechanics. Check out the Scrunk website and make sure to wishlist it on Steam to be notified of when it releases!

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