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A copy of the read me file for the beta build of Ruiner. It contains instructions on installing, playing and trouble shooting the mod.

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- Doom3 v1.3.1 patch
- Doom3 minimum PC requirements

make sure you have Doom3 installed updated to 1.3.1- make sure there is no custom stuff in "base" folder.
Only default contents should be present.- unzip this zip file in your D3 folder (not base).
A folder named "ruiner" will be created.


Once you have installed it, run Doom 3 and on the main menu select Mods, you should see RUINER listed.
If you have problems to run the mod from the main menu, you can run the ruiner_game.bat included in the mod folder.


We have also provided a default desktop shortcut inside the Ruiner's documents folder. It is setup to start up Ruiner with default D3 installation path.

You can also create your own desktop shortcut. First copy the Default Doom3 short cut. Rename it to RUINER.

Then Change the target path to:
"C:\Program Files\Doom 3\Doom3.exe" +set fs_game ruiner

NOTE: (This is the default Doom3 installation path.)If your having any troubles with the mod, please feel to ask.


Default controls list:
Move forward: w
backpedal: s
strafe right: d
strafe left: a
crouch: c
jump: space bar
Zoom: Z
interact key/pick up weapons/open some doors: e
Next weapon: mouse wheel up or down.
Select Levitation: f
Drop current weapon: Q
Change Weapon Mode: r
Dash & Dodgeon ground & in air: Double tap any of the 4 movement directions twice.

Note: The player can only carry 3 main weapons at a time.
You can replace the current weapon the player is carrying by pressing the interact key over a weapon pick up. Choose your arsenal wisely.


Q: I get the error message "Wrong game DLL API version"
A: Update Doom3 to v1.3.1

Q: I see pure black or missing textures:
A: If your using an ATI card, some textures may appear black on the new content. This is a DDS file issue. I have heard, but been unable to confirm, that updating your ATI graphic card drivers will correct this issue.

Q: How do I turn on or off HDR lighting effects?
A: Check the system settings for adjusting the HDR Lighting.

Q: When will the full version of the mod be released?
A: It is unknown at this time if and when this will happen.

Q: When playing the mod, the entire screen turns almost pitch black and completely white while ingame.
A: This might happen if your running the game in windowed mode. It has been found mostly while playing the game on windows xp. This bug can not be fixed untill id Software releases the source code for Doom 3. Turning off HDR lighting will fix the problem.

Q: Sometimes the game crashes in certain locations without an error message.
A: This might happen if your using an ATI card. Some ATI cards can not properly draw dds textures.
Try removing or deleting the pak668_dds.pk4 inside your ruiner install. Doing so will increase the visual quality.
It will also lower performance.

Q: Why do the two main doors in the first level, Sanctified, teleport the player?
A: This was done as a early in the mod's development. Unfortunetly we never recieved a version of the map with regular doors from the level designer. It is a very large amount of work to move all the rooms and entities in the map to correct the issue. Entities do not rotate the same way brushes do.

Q: The game does not start out in thirdperson. It is first person istead.
A: This a bug that appeared after release. In case you get the first person view please write
pm_thirdperson 1 in the console.

Q: When I start the game up, the screen is upside down.
A: To solve inverted screen, DISABLE the Catalyst AI in the catalyst control panel if you have an ATI card.

Any other problems or issues, please post at our moddb website:


-Killing Poltergiest and Nightmare Imps: These types of enemies can be killed with the Ruin Blade.
-All projectile weapons have 2 firing modes. Pressing alt fire will change this. The default key bind is "r."
-Conserving ammo: The best way to conserve ammo is finish off your enemies with the Ruin Blade.
-Destruction: Some objects in the levels can be destroyed using your weapons.
-Levitation: Use levitation to pick and kill small enemies, projectiles or throw objects at them.
-Levitation: Ammo can be picked up and will automatically pull into the player.
-Interact key tips: Icons will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen when the interact key can be used.
-Dynamic crosshairs: Standing still and crouching will reduce the spread of projectile weapons.
-Weapon Modes: Pressing the weapon mode key, default "r", will change the projectile type of weapons.
-Alt fire attack: When carrying fire arms or the Ruinbow; pressing the alt fire key will do a quick melee attack.
-Pyrokinetics: Pressing the alt fire key while using Pyrokinetics will do a frame thrower attack.
-Exclamation Icon: A "!" symbol will appear on the right side of the HUD when you can use the interact key
or pick up weapons.
-Finishing moves and special moves do very large amounts of damage on enemies.-shooting most zombies in the legs will cause them to fall down.
-You can adjust the thirdperson camera position in the main menu.


On the Steam version of Doom 3 you can use the manual install from the ZIP.
You have to extract the content in your Doom 3/Steam folder:

eg. x:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\"yout_steam_account"\Doom 3
Replace "your_steam_account" with your Steam account.

Once you installed it, run Doom 3 from Steam, and from the main menu select Mods. You should see RUINER listed.
If you want to run the mod directly from Steam, follow these steps:

1- Right-click on Doom 3 icon in your games list
2- Select Properties
3- Select General Tab and then Set Launch Options.
4- add the command line: +set fs_game hardqore2
5- Run Doom 3.

If you want to run Doom 3 normally just delete the command line.
NOTE: Don't try to run the mod from the hq_game.bat file in the mod folder, Steam doesn't support it.


Note: Doom 3 does not have selectable widescreen resolutions available in the game menu.
If you are using a widescreen then you can correct this by right-clicking your Doom 3 shortcut
and under the Shortcut tab entering the following string into the target text field:

"C:\Program Files\Doom 3\DOOM3.exe" +r_fullscreen 1 +r_mode -1 +r_customwidth 1280 +r_customheight 768 +vid_restart +g_fov 100

This will prevent the screen from stretching.
If you did not install Doom 3 into the default program files directory then you
will need to change the above file path accordingly. You can also adjust the 1280 X 768 resolution to a widescreen setting of your choice.

If the following method above does not work; then try the one below:

You can append the following parameters directly in the .bat file (open it with notepad):
+set r_mode -1 +set r_customHeight 768 +set r_customWidth 1366Or you can set them in the game console:
r_mode -1; r_customHeight 768; r_customWidth 1366; vid_restart

Since this is a beta release, there are still a few bugs found in the mod...

-Player clips through walls and enemies sometimes during special or finishing moves.
-Armor bar might appear upside down. This happens allot when a give all, give armor cheat is used.-Sometimes the life bar on Maledict may appear incorrect.
-Life Bars for Barons of Hell overlay each other.
-Cross hairs might be off a bit depending on the camera position, target range, position and type target.
-Cross hairs sometimes autolock slightly onto entities.
-Sometimes doors close too quickly behind the player and may stop them from progressing through the level.
-Sometimes the Barons of Hell will not spawn and move in the proper direction during Wretched Cinematic.
-Water does not put out enemies or player on Fire.
-Visual oddities may happen with some particles and effects over water.
-Enemies might spawn without heads during very hectic times.
-Enemy ragdolls sometimes do not move or fall. They are stuck in place untill they burn away or are hit.
-Trigger entity sizes around levers is too small.
-Two doors inside the Sanctified map teleport the player without warning.


Soon baby... Soon...

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