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Information regarding the Paradigm for lore purposes and also game development notes.

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An elusive organisation, information concerning the Paradigm is a confusing mess of observations on the battlefield, conspiracy theories and analysis of Paradigm technology which hasn’t destroyed itself automatically upon capture.

During the 1950’s the African continent was ravaged by nuclear warfare, the result of warlords smuggling in nuclear armaments from a crumbling USSR during the Aftermath crisis. Fighting for natural resources, wealth and power, millions of lives were consumed in nuclear fire, from the Cape of Good Hope to the streets of Cairo.

Nuclear weapon detonating in an African city

The resulting fallout combined with the Dead Zone phenomenon, lead to an information blackout of the continent for over three decades. No clear satellite imagery could be created due to the nuclear winter which quickly followed whilst no human or surveillance drone at the time could survive long enough in the radioactive environment.

However something did survive in the ruins. Emerging from bunkers, buried deep within the earth (built by the former Soviet Union, who had invested an significant amount of resources and manpower into Africa) were cybernetic infantry and war machines with unusual designs and weapon systems.

The Paradigm had announced itself to the world by flooding every known communication channel on the planet with their message of unification and returning to the source.

The overall objective of the Paradigm is unknown to ESDF and PRA and what is the source? However they are hostile to the military of the ESDF and PRA. Some of the civilian populations have disturbingly embraced this message and have joined their cause, their whereabouts unknown.

The language used was prophetic and analysis by researchers have concluded that the Paradigm have adopted symbolism from the Ancient Egyptians. However the technology that the Paradigm possess is far from ancient. They appear to have an advanced understanding of robotics, chemicals and the manipulation of the human genome which has resulted in the development of super soldiers, cyberwarfare, biological and chemical weaponry.

Developer Notes

  • The Paradigm is influenced by the New Paradigm faction from Warzone 2100 who had access to synaptic link technology aka cyborgs and hover technology.
  • The Paradigm logo features an ankh - a symbol of eternal life associated with ancient Egypt. The circuit like wings coming out from the ankh represent the cybernetic unity of the Paradigm.

Sounds good, can't wait to see more.
Good to also see that the Mods active again.

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AlliedG Author

Thanks for the feedback and yeah it is progressing well for an one more project.

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I LOVE Warzone 2100, still love it deeply and its story to this day. So glad to see this faction is based on that classic foe from WZ2100. :D

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AlliedG Author

Glad you enjoyed WZ2100 as well :)

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