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A List of all implemented features, planed and possible.

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Mod Features:

"Real" Capitalism and Population:

Every city and village has a number of inhabitants. These are in one of 3 classes.
Every class needs different tradegoods to be happy, for example rich people need velvet and poor are happy with woolcloths.
Every city and village produces goods based on it's industries. Curaw for example produces lots of Tools, when it has enough iron from the mines in the surrounding villages.
Prices are moving according to the present stock in a city/village, if there is enough food for more than 30 cycles (1 cycle atm 8hours), then prices will start to drop, else they will rise.
You are able to purchase more than 1 Enterprise per City.
You are able to buy a Kontor in every City and to buy and sell things there automatically, you can also set up an trade caravan to move specific goods from one kontor to another.
NPC expand there city's and villages with there own manufactures, but are also closing enterprises that create no profit.
Your are able to send out caravans into far away lands to obtain spices, from Tulga. In the bigger citys you can find a bank in the marketplace.

Trading NPCs:

Villagers, Caravans and Sea traders exchange items between city's, only if they can make a profit with it.
Cause of that, Fees from Caravans can be altered from Native.

Plundering and Murdering:

You are now able to plunder, burn down or massacre a village. These options won't change the loot gathered from the village, but will influence the economy in the surounding area for different timespans. You have more options after you conquered a city.


You can go on a hunt and kill boars, goats and other animals to collect meat, leather and furs.

City Council:

Every city has a council with the following positions:
Guild Master:
- gives quest and informations regarding the city
Master Builder:
- allows you to construct, buy and sell buildings in the town
- allows you to upgrade the wells, the market, the port and other structures in town
- allows you to convert to his religion (3 differen religions)
- confess your sins and
- recruit special religious troops
- gives quests
Guard Captain:
- allows you to improve the walls and baracks of a city
- you are able to recruit city guard troops
- borrow and lend money, alternativ to the bank
Dungeon Master:
- will buy your prisoners
Spy Master
- will sell you informatons
- maybe more :-)

Community Buildings:

There are 10 types of community buildings at the moment.

  • church
  • hospital
  • bathhouse
  • theater
  • puplic wells
  • city hall
  • baracks
  • city wall
  • market
  • harbor

The first 6 will make the people in the city more happy. The city wall influences the free building slots in the town, the market and harbor the number of traders that can be active in town.

Real Character System and "Game of Thrones" Featureset:

Now NPCs have characters, they like you or not based on your character, your religion and your actions.
It will also influence theyr behavior. They try to kill, harm or charm each other.

Book of Law - WIP Feature

The book of law can be acessed throug the camp menu and only influences the player kingdom, atm only the "free the slaves" and the "law against profiteering" work, but i couldn't test theyr influence for a longer period, the other laws only influence the relation toward your lords.

Minor Features:

  • 120 companions
  • 7 new party skills, some affecting your troops during battles (more life and damage), sailing and cooking
  • enemy older lords and kings also use the new party skills, so they are more dangerous enemys than others
  • your fiefs influence your party size
  • NPC Partys have names
  • culture specific civilians with children in the citys
  • city and lord names have been changed to reflect theyr culture
  • slave rebellions
  • 3 religious minor factions
  • handgrenades and firearms proficiencie
  • and more that can be found in the Credits

Planned Features:

Advanced Trade:

- buying tradeships and caravans
- explore "new lands" behind the see and trade with them

Population grow and movements, so when people don't like a city they go to another.
People becoming City Guards, so if you are low on troops and a big army stands in front of your city, you can force people into the ranks of the defenders.

Plundering and Murdering:

More Options when you raid villages or conquer city's, that have an influence on the population and industries there.

  • burning down the fields
  • killing all cattle/sheep
  • decimate populace
  • and so on

Possible future features i'm thinking about:

These are the things i'm thinking about to implement, but where i'm not sure, mostly cause of balancing problems, time, effort or lack of skill.

  • reinforcements for army's are coming from city's and villages of the lords/faction - so you can weaken an enemy faction by killing it's people
  • integration into diplomacy, so if all villages are burnt, all cows are dead and the population flees in horror, a king will accept peace
  • a new council member that allows you to manage your industries
  • more custom battlefield around ruins or other things (like the bridge battles)
  • redesign of some city's to integrate the bank and other buildings (harbour, kontor...)
  • npc guilds as opponent traders
  • random events like diseases or fires that influence people and land
  • piracy
  • city right, give a city the right to govern itself or other rights
  • ways to sink money - city feasts, gambling, prostitutes and so on
  • assassins, hireable to kill/weaken npcs, poison wells or doing other nasty things

Thanks for the list!

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Please do the ones you are thinking of

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