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A new event in the regularly updated Killing Floor 2 is live, so here's five mods and maps to get your knuckles bloody!

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Killing Floor 2 is getting yet another event to keep players in the meatgrinder - Tidal Terror, taking you to an oil rig on the ocean. With new weapons to exploit, it's going to be another great showing from Tripwire's staple arcade shooter - so here's five Killing Floor mods and maps ready for cracking skulls!

Bikini Atoll

By Modestyiswimpy

KF Bikini Bottom

After countless nuclear bomb tests, Bikini Atoll has taken on an eerie aura. The ocean runs green, Mutated fish-monsters have demolished all but a few pockets of city, and even the Flying Dutchman himself has fallen victim to the inhumane radioactivity devouring the area. Killing Floor 2's general tone and atmosphere is in an interesting mix between campy and creepy, and so, dishing out some mayhem in Spongebob's own Bikini Bottom is a surprisingly good fit for some more light-hearted killing.

KF Dead Space V2

By Hemi

Killing Floor Dead Space mod

This modification for killing floor will turn your game into a first person Dead Space experience. Featuring the iconic plasma cutter and pulse rifle as new weapons for you to use in fighting back the necromorph hordes, which replace the standard Zeds, this feeds the original Killing Floor's darker tone compared to the sequel with a visit by one of the darkest names in sci-fi horror gaming.

The Invictus Files: Ridgewood

By Bad Gecko Games

Image 2

A Survival Horror video game for PC, the current version of Ridgewood is a total conversion modification of Killing Floor. Ridgewood has sat as a restricted site, owned by a private organisation for some 20 years. Even local law enforcement are forbidden to step foot in the area. However in recent weeks, reports concerning the zone have flooded into the Special Task Force about missing persons, blood curdling sounds, and some witnesses claim they've encountered strange creatures lurking behind the perimeter fences. Your objective is to investigate the reports from the area.

Aliens : Killing Floor

By WhiskyGartley


Another total conversion - and there's a surprising number of these for the first Killing Floor - Aliens: Killing Floor puts you in the shoes of a Marine surviving a Xenomorph invasion. Much like the movies, Xenomorphs are tough to kill, and they fit in handily into Killing Floor's horde-based gameplay. Most impressively, new enemies and bossfights are also available - testing players against the most iconic critters of the series.

Hostile Grounds

By Swift-Brutal-Death

Although the citizens of this zone have evacuated or perished, it is far from empty. New inhabitants have moved in, now you must fight to take it back! Adapting assets from the first Killing Floor game for use in the sequel in a clever manner, this map produces an incredibly detailed continuation of another map from the game, Paris, and provides ample opportunity to battle back the Zeds or be caught off-guard.

Wiping The Floor

Killing Floor 2 is the sequel to Killing Floor, which, itself, is the commercial standalone release of a popular Unreal Tournament 2004 mod. Turning up everything from the iconic arcade horror shooter up to eleven with new weapons, enemies, bosses, and maps, as well as regular support in the form of challenges, content drops, and new cosmetics to earn, it's an alive-and-kicking platform for new players to gear up with mates and do some Zed smashing action.

KF2: Tidal Terror Event

Killing Floor 2 enjoys regular support in the form of content drops and map updates

Dead Serious

Events are a regular part of the Killing Floor 2 fare, and the newest has just launched, named Tidal Terror. Taking players into an underwater base filled with freakish Zeds and tight spaces, it's another event that worked directly with community collaboration in bringing new content and a new map to the fray. New weapons are also up for use, such as the Reducto Ray, which shrinks Zeds down to a diminutive but still dangerous size. Ankle-biters even as small fries, all they need is a good kick to settle down.

KF2: Tidal Terror Event

Tidal Terror sees players fighting deep under the ocean in an abandoned research base

Bloody Awesome

The event is running from the 14th of June to the 12th of July, free for all current players of the game. Moreover, Killing Floor 2 is now on a chunky 75% discount - meaning players yet to take a dive into the bloody halls of the game can do so now more cheaply than ever.

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