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This article is meant for new people wanting to know straight away what is in the mod!

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For those new to the mod and want a quick overview, it currently features (as of 0.5.0):

- A brand new, made from scratch galaxy map with a high degree of accuracy;
- 23 new planets ranging from Duro to Roche;
- Lore Accurate trade routes such as the corellian run;
- Over 20 new or unlocked units;
- Over 10 new or unlocked buildings;
- A huge graphical overhaul covering massive amounts of models and textures;
- An overhaul of the space building system;
- An overhaul of the ground building system;
- New projectiles for lasers;
- Balancing Tweaks;
- Remade all vanilla maps.

Coming Soon:
- An overhaul of the Zann Consortium into more realistic Pirates;
- Even more planets;
- Even more units!;
- A huge ground combat overhaul;
- Balancing and Polishing;
- Making the AI better;
Reimplementing the shipyards system.


What about removing infinite resources option from starbase and upgrade them to have many, powerful, but finite ships inside them?

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