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The Golden Hind has a large cargohold, and with the Spanish having one. I have become greedy and want her, will i ever catch her with such a big distance between us both, or will the weather deal a devistating blow to my plans.

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I wan't go into details because it was a boring battle but to cut a long and boring story short. As we left Port Of Spain we was attacked by a bounty hunter consisting of 2 ships, a Fleut and the Constititution which we have taken as the flag ship. The Fluet was sunk and we went back to Port Of Spain for repairs. User Posted Image
I made 850,000 pieces of eight from the mahogany and with 38 day's remaining on the trade license i have decided to go to Bermuda and try to purchase a letter of marque for either Holland or England. (because i normally play as England it will most likely be Holland).User Posted Image
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Ah Bermuda, the place i started my pirate career. Fitting that it will be the place i also end that career and take on a new one under the Dutch flag, i also bumped into a old friend called "Atila". User Posted Image
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385,000 pieces of eight, is cheap if you ask me. Think about it, a trading license for 90 day's costs 315,000 and lasts as stated for 90 day's and only allows me access to the nation i hold the license for and when it runs out the selected nation turns hostile to you again. And here is a letter of marque which grants me access to the Dutch colanies for as long as i wish and also grants access to all nations that are friendly or netrual to the Dutch and its only 385,000. If i had known it was that cheap i would have saved myself 245,000. Oh well live and learn i guess, saying that i am not short of money so it wasn't a big problem. At least now i can store ships with the port controller and not have to worry about loosing them. And i don't have to pay another 385,000 at a later date, so its all good for me.User Posted Image
Their we have it, the Dutch flag flying in all its glory. No lets go and look around and see what we can find. You may ask why Holland, why not Spain or France. Well their is strategy involved in this, you see Holland is not at war with France or Spain. In fact the only enemies of Holland are England and the pirates so i can visit the towns of France and Spain without any worries of been seen as enemy to them. This means i can make much more money and if attacked by pirates, English fleets or bounty hunters i don't have to worry about where the nearest friendly port is because i only need to aviod the English ports. So this is one of the reasons for picking Holland, the other is because i have never sailed under their flag before other than trying to get close to a merchant ship to board them that is.User Posted Image
Hard to believe that after all these months this is the first storm we have been courght in. The damage though is enough and will no doubt cost us at least 30,000 in total to fix all the ships. The good news though we are right near Santiago, we would have stopped in at Tortuga but because the French have a bounty on our heads we need to aviod them till i get a chance to seatle that debt which will be very soon.User Posted Image
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Well seeing that i was right near a pirate settlement i decided to drop in and speak with the diplomate their. Now that i have payed 120,000 to reconcile with France i can relax. The problem is it will take 15 day's but as long as i aviod any confrontations with them i should be ok.User Posted Image
After a few weeks of sailing we have made it to Santa Catalina, we wasn't going to head here but because we needed to find somewhere that would purchase livestock we went from port to port. Although Santa Catalina doesn't purchase the goods the smugglers do so thats exactly what we have done. Not as much as we would have liked but it makes up for the 120,000 we spent clearing my name with the French and its only now that i have found out that Holland hold me as hostile so i will have to do the same to clear my name with them.User Posted Image
Some people may say this is a dumb idea but when i pulled into port and saw the Golden Hind sitting their i decided after i had done doing my deals in town i would follow the Golden Hind out of port and wait till for the best moment and strike. I want that ship and although the Dutch are not enemies to Spain i have pirate blood running through my vains so i don't care about who's enemy and who isn't. If i want something i will take it no matter what, as they say once a pirate alway's a pirate. Just ask Henry Morgan if you don't believe me lol.User Posted Image
Its all good having the faster ship but this is the problem that comes with it. You follow a ship out of the harbour, the companions have slower ships. You want to keep up with the ship you followed out but need to stop to make sure all your companions are clear of any enemy ships before engaging the ship you followed out of port. So once these guy's have courght up i then need to catch up with the Golden Hind so i can board her, if i hadn't already got a headache i would be banging my head against the masts by now.User Posted Image
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Now that all my ships have courght up, apart from the Constitution which is about 200 yards behind the main group i can sail on. But just look at how much distance i now need to make up. I know what your thinking, why not use the sail to. Well that deffeats the objective really and i would rather try and catch the Golden Hind than use a sail to option which to me is cheating, even though its not. It is to me though and i rarly use the sail to option.

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Argh, there be much plentiful booty to be had!

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