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Something big is coming to Calradia... After long hours of work, with plenty of mistakes and mishaps, an announcement is ready to be made: Multiplayer is coming to Calradia Reimagined!

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The Plot:
A century ago, Calradia was dominated by but a few men. The Kingdom of Anglior ruled over the Rymor with an iron fist. The Kingdom of Sudnaw had grown in both size and wealth, and began to quickly increase it's military strength. The Kingdom of the Swizt grew more and more uneasy as the tribes of the steppes became ever more violent. And then it happened. The Uttornam Empire arrived in the eastern deserts and quickly began to spread their influence. The Three Kingdoms united against their newfound foe, and began to push the Uttornam back. At this point, the Rymor siezed their chance and rebelled against the Angliorans, forming their own Republic and massing their own army. Anglior was forced to defend her lands and withdrew from the deserts. This move sparked outrage from the Sudnish, who suffered heavy losses at the hands of the Uttornam without support from the other Kingdom. The Swizt Lords fell into squabbling over who would lead their armies, and who would win what, resulting in a collapse of their system and the formation of states, rather than a united kingdom. The Sudnish and Swizt were now in full retreat from the deserts, but as they tried to flee across the steppes, the local peoples sprung ambushes on them. In the confusion the Swizt thought the Sudnish were attacking them and began to massacre the unprepared Sudnish troops...
War had emerged all over Calradia. Her Kingdoms lay shattered and weakened. Alliances were in tatters and old friends were now bitter enemies. The Hondic Hordes had settled down in the Steppe, waiting for retribution from a joint enemy force that would never come. The Rymor Republic had held fast against Anglior, and had fortified itself, high in the mountains.
This Great War has raged for a 100 years, and though many have already died, more are to follow...

Calradia Reimagined Online takes the player back to the early days of the war, when skirmishes, sieges and great battles were frequent. Where no side held any allegiance to another. Featuring all six factions, players can fight each other to win honor, glory and land for their faction.

As I myself am unable to host servers, I would love it if some of you guys could. Have a dedicated server we can use? PM me on moddb and we can arrange something.

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