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Day 2

ChokeOnAPear Blog 1 comment

Day 2.
So, Day 2 of being a modmaker is weird. Waiting for approval of my mod is a strange concept, people have to like it before they can even use it? Meh, I'll get over it. In Clardai Reimagined news: After finishing v0.1.0 yesterday with it's whole new faction I decided I would make another today. V0.1.0's Angliorans now have to compete with v0.2.0's Switz States. The Switz are based on the Late Medieval Swiss army. They have some remarkable armoured pikemen, and even some swordsmen utilising Flambard Zweihanders, which is nice. However, their archers are only average and their cavalry leaves a lot to be desired.
After staging a battle between a Switz army and an Anglioran one, it would seem the factions are pretty balanced. The medium cavalry fielded by the Angliorans to kill the Switz Crossbows was devastated by the Switz Pikemen, who themselves were quickly massacred by the Anglior Champions. The Champions were slowed by the fast Switz cavalry who eventually fell victim to the strength of the Anglioran Yeoman Longbowmen. In a strange turn of events, the Switz Guards managed to flank the Anglioran ranged forces and despatch them in a short but bloody battle. In the end the last troops in the battle converged. The Switz Guards were strong, but the Champions were better. However, the remnants of the Switz Crossbows made the battle more even. The heavy armour of the Champions held up against the light crossbow fire from the Switz, and once the Guards had been finished off, the Champions slowly made their way up the hill where the Crossbows were readying their axes for one final fight.
The Final Result: The Champions did take some losses at the hands of the Switz Crossbowmen, but the ranged units couldn't hold up to the sheer strength of the Angliorans. A win for Anglior, though a very narrow one.

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I know its a little bit late but if you are still looking for assistance on updating or creating a new mod please tell me as I would like to apply as a scener

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please don't take the review i posted on your mod personally, i loved the past work you did on it, but its just a train wreck now. I hope you can get it all fixed in the future, i can wait till then =3

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been playing the mod like crazy and had a few more issues. all the companions chats are completely random. the last one i had talked about the local area i was in then about how i was a good person to fight besides then they left my party. its like there chat pages are on shuffle. then my name got changed from Gemma to "No". so i reloaded the game and my name was immediately changed to "Yes" lol re posting to right area.

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you have steam?(sorry for bad english but i am a italian boy of 12 years old :( )

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ChokeOnAPear Creator

Hey, it's fine. My Steam name is same as it is here; ChokeOnAPear

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I thikn if you make the Switz cavalry (like it really was in Medievil times) a Very expensive but worthwile unit,you might see changes. if you made a spearwall in front of Switz crossbows,it should protect the Crossbowmen. Switz are like france (wiht Crossbows) and Anglor is basically England (professinal longbowmen) so the match is almost completly like they were.

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You turn the native gameplay of Rhodoks vs Swadians and flavor it up (add longbowmen,better pikemen etc)

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