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ACTV News Article on India for lore purposes and also game development notes

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Posted 16 December, 1985

Map of India


  • Full name: Republic of India
  • Population: 765,147,000 (PRA, 1985)
  • Capital: New Delhi
  • Area: 3.1 million sq km (1.2 million sq miles)
  • Major languages: Hindi, Mandarin Chinese and more than 20 other official languages
  • Life expectancy: 64 years (men), 68 years (women)
  • Main exports: Software services and technology, engineering goods

The second largest communist nation after China, India was liberated from British imperial rule and has become one of its biggest allies ever since.

Its economy rapidly grows and it is know as the bread and bullets state of the PRA. Much of the alliances ammunition and supplies are mass produced in India because being exported nationwide.

The region near Bangalore was once prone to flooding but after the events of the dead zone it is now a barren test where frequent disturbances such as bursts of radiation or time quakes are common. Although much of the land is uninhabitable it has also proven to a effect barrier against naval invasion.

Developers Notes

  • In AGSA universe instead of everything being made in China, everything is made in India.
  • India is communist following widespread expansion of the PRA during the early 50's

Good stuff.

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