Create mobile casual games in less time and money for platforms iOS, Android, Symbian, MeeGo and the desktops.

create mobile casual games...

  • in less time & money
  • for platforms iOS, Android, Symbian & more
  • highly productive with an integrated toolchain
  • including monetization & social services

Fast & Reusable

V-Play provides components for handling multiple display resolutions & aspect ratios, animations, particles, physics, multitouch and more to build games within days and therefore save a lot of time and money.

Single Codebase

Same code, all platforms: iOS, Android, Symbian & Meego and also for desktop applications on Windows, Mac OS X & Linux.

Professional Toolchain

V-Play integrates seamlessly with the Qt Creator IDE, featuring a GUI-designer, debugger, profiler, code completion and integrated docs for V-Play components.

One-Click Deployment

Choose your favorite OS for development (Windows, Mac OS X or Linux) and enjoy the one-click deployment to your desired target platform, for instance from a Windows system to an iOS device.

Built-in Level Editor

Use the built-in level editor to create levels quickly during development to further cut development time and costs. Level editing is even possible on mobile devices, so you can integrate the feature in your game and get more engaged users & user-generated content for free!

Rapid Balancing & Testing

Change your game properties at runtime without rebuilding your game and adjust the settings while testing on your device without any re-deployment.

Monetization & Services

With existing plugins for the most important gaming services you can bring the maximum to your game: in-app purchases, game & social network integration (Game Center, OpenFeint, Facebook), ads and analytics are available across platforms.

Native Development Support

Either JavaScript & QML or C++, with V-Play’s native plugin architecture all native APIs are accessible and you are not limited to the existing components. Reuse your existing JS or native code to further speed up development.

QML language features

Boost your productivity and apply highly useful QML features for games like a declarative API, propagating property changes, state machines and more which reduce development time and offer great code readability and flexibility.

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You control a ball that rolls down a hill and has to jump over various obstacles to achieve a new highscore. On his way down you also collect coins which...

Squaby Defense

Squaby Defense

Tower Defense

Remember those dark nights hearing monsters under your bed? It's time to strike back! Help your little self stopping the cute Squabies before reaching...


Nice work, Keep up and Keep upgrading your game engine

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Just found your engine. Looks really promising, i will follow your progress :)

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