Novashell is a high-level 2D game maker that tries to handle all the hard work behind the scenes allowing you to whip up sweet games using path finding, dialog, persistent dynamically sized maps with construction/deconstruction, save anywhere, and especially features that adventure and RPG type games would use. It's also built to allow easy sharing of games you make and modding of them. The underlying concept is everything is cut and pastable and can be added and removed even during play.
The worlds/games/mods it makes can be played under Windows, OS X, and Linux without changes.
Free to use and distribute stand-alone games.
Open source under a zlib/libpng license.


  • Multi-platform support using the Clanlib library (Windows, OS X , Linux)
  • Open source under a zlib/libpng license
  • Hierarchal goal based AI system enables entities to think and act on events and changing situations in a flexible manner
  • Advanced physics using Erin Catto's Box2D
  • A*Star freeform node based pathfinding capable of navigating an unlimited number of connected maps, warps and doors
  • Lua scripting (used in games like Baldur's Gate, FarCry, and Warcraft 3)
  • Free form pixel accurate sprite patch editing as well as emulated conventional tile editing
  • Unlimited zooming in and out, can show entire worlds on the screen in real time
  • Support for irregularly shaped maps, dead space never wastes memory
  • Map dimensions can flexibly change during play, new areas can be added anywhere at any time
  • Optional automatic robust saving allows a fully persistent world
  • Built in world editor with unlimited brush sizes, multiple undo, photoshop-style selection controls, cut and paste of any size
  • Virtual palette map concept, create a map or maps with the tiles you use most to act as a palette to work from
  • Mini-map system that can update its thumbnails on the fly as the world changes
  • "Fast forward" game speed feature, hold down a key to speed things up
  • Visual Profile system makes it easy to apply new looks and animations to entities without modifying the underlying game logic
  • Parallax scrolling with unlimited layers
  • Powerful particle system
  • Supports any resolution in windowed or fullscreen, scaling, rotation, tinting, and mirroring of entities.
  • Advanced audio system supporting music crossfading, positional sounds, and effect filtering such as echo
  • Real-time "Smart Shadow" generation based on collision information
  • Create stand-alone games for any supported OS on any supported OS
  • Comprehensive game modding and modding of a mod support
  • Automatic file associations allow running a downloaded world (.novazip format, which is just a renamed zip) with a single click (Windows and OS X)
  • Built-in Packing & Distribution manager that makes ready to play stand-alone .zips for OS X and Windows, from any OS
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    Well, this is late, but I just uploaded a Christmas gift :D

    It is that he beta is now public! This also means that Beta 3 cycle is over.

    Ok, new stuff on Beta 4

    Fixed several minor bugs
    Now you cannot heal yourself for free using the fast power (it still heals you, but you need balls)
    Finished fixing the new menus, now everything have tooltips, the options menu positioning of items improved, and the fullscreen button actually saves the option.
    Sound was added to the time powers, so you can notice that you activated them when nothing on the screen is moving.
    Now you can return to the menu, and later return to the game from where you left it, instead of quitting the level reloading the game and you having to return to the level start.
    You cannot press the resume button anymore when you should not be pressing it anyway.
    The power items had their value tripled, this will make the make a big easier and the power items more important.
    The energy levels had power items added to them.
    The ball is slower on the invader level, making that level a bit easier and more fun.
    Switched the order of the levels, to make some harder levels be later.

    Also the icon of the game got updated :D

    Ok, the thing that matter, the download link:
    (Note: if you are using Firefox, it may try to "display" instead of download the file, if this happen, right-click the link and ask it to save-as instead)

    Windows download
    Windows mirror

    Mac download
    Mac mirror

    C++ source
    Source of ClanDUMB

    Mac version thanks to Jam, he compiled, converted the icons, packed the dmg and uploaded to mediafire :D

    Also the IRC server is being rather active, visit us on irc: Irc.agfgames.com

    And we made some forums (that still have lots of work to be done, but they work already): Forums.agfgames.com

    And the donation link: Indiegogo.com

    Another beta cycle!

    Another beta cycle!

    Paddle Wars: Hit The Wall

    The beta got cycled again, with lots of small fixes!

    Major news regarding beta, mac version and compo

    Major news regarding beta, mac version and compo

    Paddle Wars: Hit The Wall

    Beta has started read to know how to join, first competition (a contest to make logo) also started, and finally information on how to help and on the...

    A cool new trailer for you! Now vote on us!

    A cool new trailer for you! Now vote on us!

    Paddle Wars: Hit The Wall

    We made a really cool new shiny trailer featuring the redesigned interface and the new blocks and level design... Just to convince you to vote on us!

    Breaking radio silence...

    Breaking radio silence...

    Paddle Wars: Hit The Wall

    More updates can be done, instead of this long radio silence, but help is needed from the community, read this article to know how to do it, and what...

    Add game Games
    Paddle Wars: Hit The Wall

    Paddle Wars: Hit The Wall


    Paddle Wars: Hit The Wall is a game about breaking bricks in two sides of the screen at the same time, using really cool powers, like explosive plasma...

    Alalandex - - 44 comments

    Can I and my friends make a game using this engine?

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    Original_Speeder Creator
    Original_Speeder - - 32 comments

    Sorry, I stil don't understood IndieDB system, so it ate the summary... (and I wonder where all images that I posted on the formulary went...)

    So, what more information do you wanted?

    Reply Good karma+2 votes
    H4lf_Imort4l - - 7 comments

    i miss information

    but it sounds cool so i give it a 8

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