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Real Time Strategy

ZombieMod takes a unique approach on the Zombie Apocalypse by putting it in the perspective of a military commander, not a survivor. Since it is 2 years...

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LGPG - - 148 comments

please with add a tutorial of how to install the mod when you finish the mod :D

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dbltap441 - - 40 comments

Is there anyway i can help you guys i am a skilled moddeler and i can make custom models for your mod since i am interested in everything zombies just let me know what you would need and im down like james brown

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dbltap441 - - 40 comments

do need custom buildings, guns, or even machetes just let me know

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kommissar - - 26 comments

BTW, thx for the invitation.

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HopefulMoron - - 280 comments

Just an opinion:you should make the mod a little real:dead bodies of cops,military personel,paramedics and civillians,more town and less country side,and decontamination vehicles,personel and tents

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ind1 - - 177 comments

great mod loving the progress/screens if you want help with your own website/ forum pm me

zombies are the best ;)

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LonePanzer - - 20 comments

hey guys keep up the good work ok, it should be great when it comes out ill be waiting down till last seconds until release then ill probs die but anywyas goodluck dont rush

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abyssknight_13 - - 100 comments

r u guys related to the zombiepandemic developers? coz ur using some of the pics from the Zombie pandemic web browser game>>

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burtondrummerNY Creator
burtondrummerNY - - 2,050 comments

Nope, not related. yes we used 3 pictures from zombie pandemic for the doctrine headers, but that's it.

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Josrence44 - - 2 comments

How do you create safehouses?

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