About Us:

Group is currently undergoing complete restart, there is a long list of mods smaller than our earlier projects, more information soon.

For now group will concentrate on modding game "Skyrim", bigger and smaller mods will be presented here and on Skyrim Nexus.

Mutants Revenge - Mod Cancelled

is probably biggest CnC3 mod making attempt by a Polish team to the date. Since we already have very good map makers, scenario writers and even audio artists, our mod, apart from new units and buildings will also feature a entirely new campaign for a single player, unique new multiplayer maps and its own hard-hitting soundtrack.

Current Skyrim Modding Group Staff:

  • Selig - Leader, 3D Graphic, 2D Graphic, Voice Actor, Programmer;
  • Rafper - Forum Moderator, Technical Support;
  • Comando2047 -
  • Nikolaj - Storyline and In-Game Books Writer;
  • AngusPL (Patro) - Co-Leader, Scripts, Quests, Writer;

List of Mutant Revenge Staff:

  • Selig - Leader, Map Maker, Modeller, Graphic;
  • Chinka - Modeller, Head Programmer, Animator;
  • dajo3241 - Moderator, Modeller, Map Maker,Technical Support;
  • AngusPL - Modeller, Graphic;
  • Farrew - Modeller;
  • junkers (ju57) - Technical Support, Paper work;
  • Kocur888 - Technical Support;
  • Noxam - Modeller;
  • Rafcior - Programmer, Technical Support;
  • Rafper - Moderator, Technical Support;
  • Xantor - Technical Support, Redactor;
  • Sum77- Concept-Art, Graphics;

Guest Staff:

  • Leo Biollo - Command & Conquer 3 - Mutants Revenge Soundtrack creator;

Former Members:

  • Skyrn - Modeller, Music, Concept-Art;
  • Makintosh - Admin, Music, 2D Artist, Map Maker;
  • HTNK - Modeller;


"Don't look for a substitute, look for an alternative to make your creation more diversed"

"Nie szukaj zamienników, szukaj alternatywy by twoje dzieło stało się bardziej zróżnicowane"

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New European Union
Fallout: New Vegas

New European Union

Role Playing

New European Union is a Huge modification for Fallout: New Vegas. Visit completelly new land with new NPC, Weapons and lot more !

Command & Conquer 3 - Mutants Revenge™
C&C3: Tiberium Wars

Command & Conquer 3 - Mutants Revenge™

Real Time Strategy

Mutants Revenge is Tiberium Wars mod that adds new Mutants faction to game and two sub-factions for each side of the conflict. This is probably the biggest...


Well well well, look who is back ;) I like the new title for the group, it sounds a bit sinister.

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Hmm... Former Member? Well, well I didn't noticed that...

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feillyne StaffSubscriber

Wow, if infantry would be so awesome as these models are... = ]

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