Miserable Environment for CotZ turns the environment of Call of the Zone into a ruined parched world.

Miserable Environment for CotZ [COTZ 1.2]

I really enjoy the new atmosphere in the skies and textures, it can be a bit brown at times but I think it fits a lot of the scenery. Really enjoying it.

Only thing I don't like is the weapon textures. Some of the weapons like the AN94 Abakan were given these rustic looking textures that look really out of place. I am using the CoTZ Weapon Pack if that matters.

I have a friend who prefers these rustic weapons but I'd prefer them as an optional part of the mod. From what I've seen only certain weapons have these textures; the standard AK47 is normal for example. Very strange.

If the weapons had their textures change based on their condition I think that'd make more sense personally.

Either way it's still a great mod and I appreciate the work you've done on it!

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Sanctuary Author

The misery weapon textures are only affecting the original CotZ weapons, as you're using a weapon pack the resulting mix is certainly looking odd.

Fortunately you can fix the problem you encounter between your weapon pack and the miserable envinroment addon easily by deleting the folder named "wpn" that is located in


Then reinstall your weapon pack after that, this way your weapon pack will only use the textures that comes with it.
I'll add that in the description.

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I reinstalled the weapon pack and that overwrote the weapon files from this mod.

I figured it was my error but I appreciate you helping with it.

Thanks again for your work on this!

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