It's amazing how a map can evolve. This, for example, began as a coop project by myself and Urby under the working title "ss_pijamas." The "ss" stood for Silent Strike which was an experimental gamemode we discovered quite by chance in which players only have 15hp, and CTs are limited to silent weapons and are outnumbered by terrorists to a ratio of around 3:1. It proved to be exceptionally fun, but these sort of things tend to be a love or hate deal - so it was changed back to regular ol' CS. This map has been featured in several Scotch and Coffee videos, and contains the SnC offices. There are tens of easter eggs and secret areas, a proper radar with nav locations and more custom materials than you can shake a stick at. Enjoy. P.S. Urby's office was made by him. That is all. So much for "coop" the lazy bastard ;D

Dmitriy-Bars - - 245 comments

I know that this map was uploaded here 10 years ago, but I want to ask: what the hell is it doing in addons for Half-Life and its expansions (and even Half-Life: Source), if it is for Counter-Strike?

It doesn't work in these games at all! I checked.

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monster_urby - - 3,030 comments

Archie was probably drunk when he uploaded this.

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Suparsonik - - 1,267 comments

This isn't even tagged for the right game somehow, lmao

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