Collection of the best addons - some universal, some not - for Doom 1 & 2. Includes monster replacers, friend mods, color warpers, HUD/Movement/Ability and other convenience or gameplay addons.

Best Addons Collection for Doom 2

А Есть Аддоны На Оружие?

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Reactorcore Author

(Are there any addons for weapons here?)

Not here, no.

Each weapons mod is often too heavy in file size (~20-100mb or more per mod), so people need to get those seperately.

For convenience, I can list a few here:

Be warned, some weapon mods also bundle monsters, powerups, decoration, HUD and player models in the same package, so you need to find out what a mod has and what it will replace on its own. After that, you can then guess what addons could work with it or not. Unfortunately this has to be done manually.

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Here's some more addons that might interest you.

Crossfire - enables you to shoot the monsters projectile in the air.

Damnums - Damage numbers.

Autoautosave - Automates your autosave.

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