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Many small updates and fixes have folowed v1.0.3.0. By v1.0.3.9 a new engine has been released to fix the last major issues so the pace has died down to very small longstanding issues. This particular update has the new Bantha model.

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Two weeks ago we had our largest update in a while, v1.0.3.0, which took about a month to complete. Since then there have been 8 mini-releases to fix oversights and bugs related to the new engine. Finally that process appears to be complete and we can ease back into the usual once a week system.

After a few tweaks the Amphibious Factory balance and design is turning out rather well. I have both received positive feedback and played many games where they have really spiced up sea warfare with their utilisation of the underwater domain. Their unique new roles have also found a bit of use on land maps.

The main change interesting to external site lurkers should be the new Bantha model. 'CaptianBenz' from the forums has put a lot of work in to replacing the decade old giant mech with a fitting new model.

Bantha Bantha

The Bantha is an expensive and heavily armoured mech. It wields a devastating Twin Lightning Cannon, a Missile Artillery Backpack and a head mounted Tachyon Accelerator Beam. They are commonly seen in large teamgames or long free for alls.

For those interested in small bugfixes and balance changes the rest of the changelog can be found here.

Spring 87.0 turned out to be a bit broken but this was fine as the engine devs quickly squashed the bugs. 88.0 has only just been released but in the meantime our official hosts used a working development version which was automatically downloaded by the lobby. This caused a few problems for Linux users but now with Spring 88.0 released official packages for Linux should now exist.


"Zero-K is a FREE, multi-platform, open source Real Time Strategy game, which aims to be a dynamic, action-packed, hassle-free experience, full of clever strategies and constantly moving combat. Includes an epic scale, realistic projectile and unit physics, terraforming terrain and hundreds of unique and interesting units."
Wait, waa- :O
Why have I never heard of this!?
>Released Dec 20, 2010

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It's a SpringRTS game. The community has always been a bit insular. Hard to get the word out.

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