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Hi, chaps, this is Ilves aka Zla_Khata. For more than a year we kept full radio silence and thus is was really seen that we're out of the modding arena and this project is closed. Well, I have two news for you, classical good and bad. We'll begin with the bad one: yes, we'are out of modding, being stuck to a game engine impose too much limits. The good one? No, project is not closed! Because we're now moving on towards a full game. Want to know more? Read and find out :P

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Our all dearest fans who have patiently waited for this new for a year, DS'96 real history starts right now because we're no more directed at making a mod, but a full self-sufficient RTS game which goal is to prove you that indie game developers can deliver you stuff not worse than professional studios.

Name. However, the very concept is now changed. The name is Rogue Republic and we recommend to memorize it because that will be the name which you'll hear on next week in our first public report.

Story. The game will be delivered in several expansion pack each pack delivering you new sides (like +3 each), units and campaigns. The storyline of our first pack will deal with the events preceding DS'96 storyline, the rise of new Turanic Turkey, separatism and fragmentation of EU. Also we will have Global mode similar to that in Rise of Nations for you to conquer and shape Europe yourself :P
Gameplay. Something like old C&Cs, C&C Generals, CoH and BFME 2 but blended together with some innovative ideas by which we hope to continue the RTS genre evolution.
"Yes, the goals are that big. But who said they should be small?" (Byron, "Babylon-5")
Also the Navy is going to shoot it's heavy shells and you will utilize airpower to carpet bomb enemy cities to lower his income while using cargo aircraft to deliver reinforcements to captured civilian airfields.

Team. Currently consists of 4 permanent members but we can't do it alone, so if you want this to happen - join us! Modelers, skinners, concept artists, C++ programmers and dudes skilled at creation of 2D promotional stuff are always welcome in our ranks. Join now! This may be your chance to change rock RTS gaming history :P

And stay tuned!

Object 487 Mechanized infantry Kilo class submarine


Best of luck! :)
What engine will you guys be using? Will it be open-source, if you're making your own?

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what skills are required to work on this project?

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we are using unity .

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Is it -Rouge Republic- or -Rogue Republic-?

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Ilves Author

>we are using unity

at least as a temporary measure :P The reality is fluid

>what skills are required to work on this project?

Those which allow to create smth at least nearly shown on our renders, big desire to work, to learn new things etc. - for 3D modelers or texturers, proficiency at Unity - for coders

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Ух сколько интересностей! Ждем! :)
Хасан, ты когда кстати в скайпе или в аське появишься?

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