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We are proud to announce our first company acquisition - Firearms. More details inside!

Posted by Praz on Apr 1st, 2011

CHICAGO, IL, April 1, 2011 — Spiral Game Studios, Inc today announced it acquired remote-based Firearms Source Development Team, a leading independent developer of action oriented computer and video games. As a result of this acquisition, Spiral Game Studios gains exclusive publishing and distribution rights to all FAS-developed titles, including the highly acclaimed source engine product, “Firearms: Source”.

"People were wondering where all the KickStarter money went - now they know." said David Prassel, CEO and Creative Director at Spiral Game Studios. "The developers at FAS are a highly talented and highly motivated bunch and we think this is a perfect game to add dinosaurs to. We are on this sort of “Dinosaur Crusade” you could say.”

The FAS development staff will remain independent and are allowed to remain where they currently are located. Spiral Game Studios will simply be acting as the umbrella towards all of their current and future releases. We have started integrating there products into our company projection and look forward to all the magic they will bring to the table.

“This 20k is exactly the motivation we needed to add dinosaurs to our game. Firearms was revolutionary... Firearms: Source was evolutionary and ORION: Firearms: Source will be Jurrassic” said Daniel Miede, Founder and Game Director for FAS. “Spiral Game Studios will provide us with the resources, the dinosaurs and the money we need to continue to build great products and to fill them with dinosaurs.”

About FAS

Announced in July 2006, Firearms: Source began production to resurrect the good name of Firearms and bring a whole new meaning to modern shooters through ultra realistic weapon handling, quasi-realistic environments, and pure arcade shooter carnage. From developers spanning the entire world, we have received the top talent from nation to nation in order to ensure only the finest quality of work is presented in our high adrenaline first person shooter. For more information, visit<

About Spiral Game Studios

Founded in 2010, Spiral Game Studios has been one of the most exciting up-and-coming independent developers showcasing fan interaction, community inclusion and some of the most inspiring and rich game designs. While new, they are compromised largely of industry and underground independent developer talent. The largest priority for Spiral is to simply infuse more dinosaurs into more games. For more information, surf to

Spiral Game Studios, “ORION”, and “Prelude’ are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Spiral Game Studios, Inc in the United States and/or other countries.

The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

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azultain Apr 1 2011 says:

April Fools !!

+7 votes     reply to comment
Highmist Apr 1 2011 says:

I want a Commando T-rex mount!

+3 votes     reply to comment
buffykiller Apr 1 2011 says:

now if this was true (and i dearly wish it was) you would make millions..... sorry actually billions

+2 votes     reply to comment
linfosoma Apr 1 2011 says:

Im not sure what to make of this. A few weeks ago you guys made this huge announcement about the allegations of you guys running with the money and not paying your staff in what's probably one of the biggest "Streisand effect" scenarios I've seen in the gaming biz.

It was weird and I believe it makes indies look bad, but you guys said you would be posting more info about to clear things out, which I think was a good idea and would have helped clear things out.

Then out of nowhere Orion's moddb profile is erased, which was a very strange damage control tactic but whatever, let's roll with it.

Now after a big silence you appear out of nowhere, giving no explanations and posting a silly April's fool joke.
I feel like Im being taken as an idiot here. Am I supposed to pretend all that crap never happened? Im confused here.

Please don't take me wrong, I do have a sense of humor and I have no reasons to believe that the accusations are in fact real, but don't you think we deserve some kind of explanation?

+12 votes     reply to comment
KortalMombat Apr 1 2011 replied:

Your display picture made me lol, i couldnt take what you said seriously because it was staring at me.

Then i re-read, and i remember he did post something on the website about it, but im not entirely sure if that summed everything up.

+2 votes     reply to comment
MatthewD Apr 1 2011 replied:

Spiral doesn't owe some random guy over the internet anything. Unless you were directly involved with the incident, that issue is between Spiral and those involved and should remain private.

-2 votes     reply to comment
linfosoma Apr 1 2011 replied:

Fair enough.

+1 vote     reply to comment
SnakeTheFox Apr 1 2011 replied:

I'm sorry I don't follow this series as much as I should, but didn't at least some people donate to help fund the development of Prelude? Wouldn't that then entitle them at least as a courteously to some information over major bumps in the road?

You don't send somebody birthday money and then expect a "**** you it's mine now we don't owe you any information on what we did with it" response when you call them up. I don't pretend to follow the drama apparently going around here, but this is just what I've gleaned so far. Serious discussions always seem like such a buzzkill on April Fools pages, but I'm just sayin'.

+6 votes     reply to comment
Jeffman12 Apr 1 2011 replied:

Explanations are nice, but if there's an ongoing case or a settlement being made, both parties are obliged to keep their mouths shut on the topic until it's over with, and even then sometimes the agreement involves that as a condition, too. By the sounds of it, this isn't as bad as EA's unpaid overtime scandal, so I'm not too inclined to do something that'll ultimately make the devs clam up and shut their doors to the community.

+1 vote     reply to comment
mikejkelley Apr 1 2011 replied:

"Those involved" are Kickstarter customers and potential customers. As far as video games go, Kickstarter acts as a sort of pre-order. The public is entitled to know if they can actually trust Spiral studios to make good on their deliveries.

Obviously, from the slew of comments I've read, there's a not-unfounded mistrust of Spiral Games.

The worst of it is, Spiral's mishandling of this situation serves to de-legitimize other indie developers looking to fund development through Kickstarter.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Mkilbride Apr 1 2011 replied:

Exactly, there's a right way and a wrong way to handle going Indie, and they chose the latter.

+2 votes     reply to comment
DysPatch Apr 1 2011 replied:

Spiral has already said that they are being compensated for their work... What more of an explanation do you want? No ones running away with any money, all of the money that was made in KickStarter has been going towards the development of the game, which is exactly why they made the donation page in the first place.

-2 votes     reply to comment
freredarme Apr 1 2011 says:

Pictures are awesome ! xD nice april fool x)

+1 vote     reply to comment
Jeffman12 Apr 1 2011 says:

I'd actually play firearms if it had dinosaurs.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Stevokenevo Apr 1 2011 says:

Is it bad that its almost believeable? I think that april fools jokes always appear funnier to the people making them than the people looking at them. Especially when its text and pictures.

+1 vote     reply to comment
nic40on May 1 2011 says:

Well for what is worth the screenshots you posted are bloody incredible!!
Orion on its own right is a fastastic mod but with dinosaurs and huge open jungle areas it takes another level.If you manage actually to make it happen it would be astonishing!
-for non believers i would remind people the Gunman Chronicles mod for halflife 1 (ok it wasn't the best of mods but it did feature some nice dinosaurs so i think the latest source version can easily handle this mod)

In any case you would need some large and beautifull open vistas for levels with dinosaurs !!

+1 vote     reply to comment
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