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Tomorrow's a Swedish holiday, and on Friday we have something called a “squeeze day,” so we'll not release a snapshot this week.

Posted by Kizzycocoa on May 16th, 2012


Tomorrow's a Swedish holiday, and on Friday we have something called a “squeeze day”, so we'll not release a snapshot this week. Please relax and rest your eyes on this picture of a chunk error instead:


// The Minecraft Team

(Mojang blog link)

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DaggerClassStudio May 16 2012 says:

That is one heck of a large cliff! ... plenty of Coal I see :)

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Bov May 16 2012 says:

We require moar minerals!

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power.5000 May 17 2012 replied:

Win. just win

atleast we have enough pylons xD

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KillerChris5 May 18 2012 replied:

NO, You always must construct MOAR PYLONS!
For you can never have enough pylons.

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Maxen1416 May 16 2012 says:

Chunky mountain

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HammBoyTheDestroyer May 16 2012 says:

I saw a chunk error like that once. When Beta 1.8 came out, my wonderous land of mountains and forests became a huge cube in the middle of the ocean.

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griefmaster_00x1 May 16 2012 replied:

and the ocean was as if the land was lowered, ie: sunken mountains, deserts and etc

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HammBoyTheDestroyer May 16 2012 replied:

Actually no. In this case it was like the edge of the world as they thought it was in the 1700s.

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Darklord42 May 16 2012 replied:

except they didn't think that in the 1700's, or 1400's even (except for the non-educated). :p

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HammBoyTheDestroyer May 17 2012 replied:

Well, people as early as the Ancient Greeks knew the earth was round (just not the size), but usually it was the uneducated who were the ones sailing. Magellan's crew proved the world round in 1521, but many people into the 1600s still thought the world flat. My error above saying 1700s.

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Orac| May 18 2012 replied:

Still an urban myth. The world hasn't been believed flat for the past 2300 years.

Until Minecraft.

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BlueSunsleader May 16 2012 says:

i ran into a village that had nothing but half houses once that was cool.

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Seaal May 16 2012 replied:

I once came to a village that only had a well and a tower!

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Seaal May 16 2012 says:

I love seeing chunk errors, looks so awesome!

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Kisaraji May 16 2012 says:

I always find a chunk error in my's kinda cool sometimes

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Jeffman12 May 16 2012 says:

Once, a long time ago, when caves didn't generate and lava coated the void, I had found a mountain with a chunk error cutting straight to the center before reaching its terminus. I turned it into a volcano fortress.

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Ichiman94 May 16 2012 says:

New world generation algorithm?

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Kizzycocoa Author
Kizzycocoa May 16 2012 replied:

the new large biome generation, no doubt.

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Smoth May 16 2012 says:

I like occasional chunk errors like that. They make the terrain less samey

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RoboTyphoon May 16 2012 says:

I dunno what you're all talking about, it looks like ****.

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truenightmare May 16 2012 says:

if the cliff had a pic of herobrine or notch on it, it could be better

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camycamera May 17 2012 says:

I just discovered a floating tree next to lots of chunk errors....

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redowner May 17 2012 says:

What might this new terrain generation be? A new biome? More dungeons? I am exited now :D

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Lantor May 18 2012 replied:

Its a Chunk error!

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Eliteassault May 21 2012 says:

This is a pretty good spawning point,got coal right there..

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