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SFAW V0.6 is out, and beyond, whats next? whats beyond...

Posted by Spinobreaker on Jun 22nd, 2011

Ok so V0.6 is out, and off to a good start. We have a few bugs like the lingering menu bug. That i never get but for some odd reason some people do. Not sure y this happens, but it does
But this isn't really to do with that. This is to do with whats next
and the fact that i plan on growing the team

Im looking for...
-A Coder. Someone to more or less bring the new faction in line with the current ones.
-A Babylon 5 Expert. If u know B5 let me know, and because B5 is the next faction im adding, and its been a long time coming, so im looking for someone who knows B5 to help me organise the faction and sort out the details
-A Wing Commander Expert. Someone who knows enough about wing ocmmander to help us organise the faction and get it sorted out
-Someone to help write the actua=l GC story.

The Basic plan for going ahead is this (And possibly not in this order)
Step 1 - Work out the menu bug and get a hotpatch out asap
Step 2 - Organise Babylon 5 andWing Commander and get them coding in ASAP
Step 3 - Add there tech trees ready for skirmish
Step 4 - Plot out and write the story for GC. This will happen over a long peroid of time. and will be implemented as we go. The Basic story will be the doctor makes all the scifis join forces and eventually take on the time lords. Atm, Gilly (who designed the nightmare child) and i have started designing more units to go with the nighmare child so that it doesn't just... well die... like it does atm. They will be made uber strong and capable of doing massive damage.
Step 5 - Add the B5 and WC weapon effects and do weapon balancing
Step 6 - Test skirmish and GC
Step 7 - Release V0.8

Step 7 is still a VERY long way off. But keep an eye on here for more updates as things go along and dont forget to watch our facebook page ( Sci-fi At War ) for more news and exclusive previews of ships yet to come.

Ok this about wraps it up
As i know more on each faction ill let u know

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patenor Jun 22 2011 says:

I dont know how helpful i could be but I am quite knowledgeable about babylon 5.

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VerdisRiend Jun 22 2011 says:

i'd be glad to help as well, if you need me. we have everything except the "Crusade" series on DVD at my house, so it's all on hand and overwatched, if you know what i mean ^^; i can name factions, ships, and heros from each of the factions, including the minor factions like the Drakk. i can even show or describe each of the ships in detail right down to armament, with the possible exception of the Drakk Mothership which seems to be a carrier only.

one thing i noticed... as a visual comparison the City Ships (which are listed as a boss, i believe the first one in the mod) from that movie are only about twice as large as Anubis' Flagship. there was an instance where it was hovering over caladonia or whatever Quin's planet is. sorry to split hairs ^^; as the Centauri Minister of intelligence once said "i'm sorry, i was merely being specific. in my experience: if you don't say what you mean, you can never mean what you say. the details are everything."

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Spinobreaker Author
Spinobreaker Jun 22 2011 replied:

yeh i know, and the anubis flag ship was aprox 4-5x the size of a hatak in diameter (in the shots they were shown together) and that makes its aprox 2kmish or so, and thats more or less where its scaled in the mod

as for knowing everything B5, ill let u know

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EclipseStardestroyer Jun 22 2011 says:

I feel this mod is still unbalanced. Ships still lose shields in just 2 seconds, even the massive ones, and when that happens, they just get owned so badly. And how many Dalek ships did u put again in GC, 1000? Because i sent a massive fleet to them and got my *** kicked and taking out only 26

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Spinobreaker Author
Spinobreaker Jun 22 2011 replied:

im still fine tuning the damage sets

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ace123yeah Jun 22 2011 replied:

the way to beat them all is use the deadalus beam nuke ability i killed like 20 of em straight off lol

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Opinionator Jun 22 2011 says:

I just wana blow stuff up!

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dron1885 Jun 22 2011 says:

For B5 information feel free to PM me. Have all films, main series and spinoff. Know canon designs( and characteristic) pretty well and some most known fanon. Also I have my own point of view than based on the show experience and differ from internet one) Sadly - never read not one of novelization.

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ODST_General Jun 23 2011 says:

Hey Spino I don't have much knowledge of Wing Commander or B5, but if you are interested I would be up for collaborating on the overall story if your open to it.

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Spinobreaker Author
Spinobreaker Jun 23 2011 replied:

sounds good dude PM me and ill send u the details

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mikey1871 Jun 24 2011 says:

ok, now this is really wierd. i got through the sagitaron problem by using autoresolved. then conquered all of the BGS planets. then lost to the Dalecks in the 2nd interdementional thingie. but the game erased all my saved games and i can't find the "saved games" folder in the game anywhere. what the heck is going on. the game also ctd and gave me an "_except" file.

How do i send that "_Except" file to you? I just tried to include what was in the "_except" file, but "post a comment" wouldn't let me. it said i exceeded the 2000 character limit. :( rats!!

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Spinobreaker Author
Spinobreaker Jun 25 2011 replied:

the _except thing doesn't mean anything to me as its all engine related bs lol
As for the save files and CTds, no idea
oh and the daleks kick *** u cant auto resolve them :p

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dlausactor6373 Jun 25 2011 says:

As stated before, I'd gladly provide voices for the Daleks. I also have an idea for the initial setup for the story. My idea is that a strange anomaly in time and space has caused large clusters of different universes and galaxies to become connected. No matter who wins, you eventually find out that it was the Daleks who created the anomaly to try to force the champion factions of the different universes to destroy each other so the Daleks could emerge, crush the last remaining faction, and begin their bloody conquest of all six connected universes.

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Spinobreaker Author
Spinobreaker Jun 26 2011 replied:

the current story is that the time lords linked al lthe universes to absorb there resources so that they could defeat the daleks at all costs

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dlausactor6373 Jun 26 2011 replied:

Ah. So that's why the Time Lords are an enemy. And I suppose the Doctor is trying to stop both the Daleks and the Time Lords?

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Spinobreaker Author
Spinobreaker Jun 27 2011 replied:

more or less

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LordKronos Online
LordKronos Jun 26 2011 says:

I could help with the GC story. I often have ideas about different Sci Fi worlds coliding. And i find your idea very interesting. The timelords creating a rift in time and space,forcing former enemies to fight together for survival and eventually complete conquest.

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Stuart207 Jul 14 2011 says:

hi i've played versions before this and loved this mod but i just added some more ram so i could game better and now this mod will not work is there a max to how much ram this game can take? please answer

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Spinobreaker Author
Spinobreaker Jul 15 2011 replied:

delete the graphics sometihngorother .xml from the xml folder see if that helps

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patenor Jul 16 2011 replied:

The game doesn't work if you use more then around 2.5 gigabites of ram, you can limit the ram you use by going into msconfig.

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superbeast Aug 8 2011 says:

i would love to help but i cant mod for ****

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