Main site was updated with new info and ingame footage. Kage Bunshin Finished, Sexy no Jutsu finished, new map and Sasuke's second jutsu has been changed.

Posted by Sadner on Jun 16th, 2008

It's here, the update! A lot has been going on lately as we continue to develop NNC...

First off, the Kage Bunshin Jutsu is completely finished and functional. The clones now spawn and disappear with a poof cloud and they have something to say on about anything(in other words they have a lot of sounds that match the situation they're in, credits go to Mobius for this). More than that, the player now has control over the actions of the clones, he can decide whether he wants them to seek an enemy and attack or whether to follow the player. This is decided by using the secondary attack button. Here are a few Kage Bunshin action shots and there's also more in the POTM:
Kage Bunshins vs. Kage Bunshins Kage Bunshins Attack Kage Bunshins chase their target

Now that Kage Bunshin is finished, we've moved on to Naruto's 2nd jutsu: Sexy no jutsu. This jutsu is already finished and functional as well. This jutsu transforms the player into the sexy no jutsu model and creates another one or two clones depending on how long the attack was charged. The player then stuns all the players and clones in a certain radius which varies according to the amount of time used to charge the attack. The jutsu also has a lot of visual effects such as blood coming out of the stunned players' nose and spawning & disappearance clouds. Check it out (footage also available in the POTM):
Getting stunned by Sexy no Jutsu Sexy no Jutsu charged at 100%

We also have a new addition to the team. Release is our new mapper and he has already begun creating amazing maps for the mod. We've decided we want to change the style of our maps and so release created a map which will be a guideline for the mapping style on the mod. Note that this map is still a work in progress, it's not finished and release is still tweaking parts of it:
nnc_konohagate - Gate entrance nnc_konohagate - Outside the main path nnc_konohagate - Main path

Now for more ingame footage... Check out the POTM on the upper right of the site, it might look like a regular POTM but if you click on it you'll find out that it's actually animated. This POTM shows Naruto's specialty in the coming release of NNC, the sexy combo. What we did there is connect between 2 of Naruto's jutsus: First, we spawned one clone to attack the enemy (in this case, the enemy is evil bizt). Bizt noticed the clone early enough to escape from it on time, not allowing it to catch him. This is where the combo comes in. While bizt was running away from the clone, I've charged Sexy no jutsu to it's max and waited for bizt to get within the range of the attack. When bizt was close enough, he got stunned, which gave the clone more than enough time to catch up =)

The last part of this update will be about Sasuke's second jutsu. Having a Goukakyuu and Bunshin no jutsu while Naruto has Sexy no jutsu and Kage Bunshin no jutsu is pretty uneven. We've decided to change Sasuke's second jutsu to something new: Fuuma Shuriken(Shadow Windmill Shuriken). This jutsu works by charging up a big shuriken that consists of four large blades, then firing it. The shuriken will shoot straight in the direction that it was aimed at. Once the Shuriken is in a close enough range with an enemy, the second shuriken(This weapon is actually 2 shurikens where one is hidden in the shadow of another), will go in action. The second shuriken is a homing shuriken limited by time which will go directly towards the player that was caught in the attack.

The About section of the site will be updated soon with the new changes made to outline of the mod. Feel free to discuss this update at the Forums.

That's it for this update.

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MrTambourineMan Jun 17 2008 says:

I like the TF2-like texture work on your new maps, good job so far!

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Harimau Jun 17 2008 says:

hahaha, that's nice.

good work overall aye.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Kamikazi[Uk] Jun 17 2008 says:

Sexy work for hl engine :D

+1 vote     reply to comment
raxiv Jun 17 2008 says:

everything looks great... besides the tile-floor in the first screenshot, it hurts my eyes A LOT.

+1 vote     reply to comment
scratch Jun 17 2008 says:

Lol the sexy jutsu, with underwear! Now you just need Konohamaru's trainer xD

+1 vote     reply to comment
DjozeR Jun 18 2008 says:

I love it :D

But yeah, I have to agree with raxiv, the tile-floor in the first screenshot hurts in my eyes :S I think the tile is a bit too big. It have to be smaller ^-^

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Noobkiller Jun 19 2008 says:

I love the show, and it looks like this mod is keeping true to the show. Subscribed.

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