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This update features some of the new models I have worked on, along with a list of everything that will be included in the final version of 1949.

Posted by Lord_Wiffleby on Feb 4th, 2012

Hello everyone. Before I do anything else, I would like to thank eliwood for the help he is given me with animation, the community in general, and I'd also like to thank inukshuk for allowing the use of his public models and textures.

Alright then, this update will have a table of contents because of how large it is. Small, piecemeal image updates will probably follow this one. These will be a more standard formula from now on, since I don't want to make people wait as long for new content. Now then, the table of contents:

1. The Complete Faction List for 1949
2. The European Legion
3. The Story

Faction List:
The United States Army
Strengths: Strong in numbers with flexible upgrade system, allowing them to counter most threats.
Weaknesses: Weak at game start, and requires use of command to give it some of its most effective weaponry and units.

The British Commonwealth
Strengths: Excellent tanks, with decent infantry to support them. Doctrines, combined with a choice of either offensive or defensive faction organization, provides excellent specialist troops.
Weaknesses: Must choose to use offensive or defensive organization, restricting flexibility.

Note: Will include troops from Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, and Canada.

Strengths: Can field large numbers of conscripts, and small elite infantry unit, combined with reliable (and numerous) armored support.
Weaknesses: Elite infantry can not be directly recruited (see the note on this faction for more info), faction is overly reliant on buildings.

Note: Russia can create numerous building types across the map, which will serve as hardpoints that collect casualties. When they gather enough fallen infantry, an elite unit like Shock Troopers or Guards Rifles is produced. Also, most Russian infantry gain unit size when they increase veterancy, rather than becoming more skillful. Finally, this is the only faction with tank squads.

The Free Allied Armies
Note: This faction comprises the Free Armies and resistance movements that fought the Axis. These include the: Free French Army, Royal Italian Army, Free Polish Army, Filibusters (privately organized and funded American army), and Mexican Army. Other possible inclusions are such groups as the Chinese Army. If you have any suggestions, feel free to post them in reply to this news item.

Strengths: Best infantry of any Allied Faction, and perhaps even in the game. The faction can also be tailored to better suit certain command styles.
Weaknesses: Troops are few in number since most of the armies lack access to their own population, making every loss a painful one. Also, unless the Filibusters are selected as the main army of the player, this faction has very weak armor support. The Filibusters themselves have their own special weakness though, since they rely on killing enemy soldiers to encourage financiers to fund their cause.

Strengths: Has strong veteran troops, though it can give them up for cheaper alternatives. Doctrines are well balanced with special units in each Command Tree.
Weaknesses: Most of its weapons are showing their age, despite how hard technicians have worked to improve them.

The Panzer Elite
Strengths: Elite troops and new E-series tanks are essentially the best mobile force in 1949. Command Tree options and troop selection offer flexible support to Germany's armored fist.
Weaknesses: Expensive troops, most of which are slow to produce and reinforce.

Note: Infantry tech tree is driven by veterancy. The previous update has the details and a very simplistic chart.

Imperial Japan
Strengths: Offers determined infantry who are extremely difficult to suppress, and can almost never be pinned. Ambush troops like snipers are very skilled. Command Trees offer a good variety of abilities and units.
Weaknesses: Units cannot retreat, except for short distances to their commander (see the note). Tanks range in efficacy from awful to decent, and infantry are often armed with weaponry that is less than stellar.

Note: This faction centers around the use of command officers. Each command tree produces an officer who wields abilities and calls in troops that have been unlocked by the command tree. A General will always be necessary to give nearby infantry a buff, and to allow troops to retreat to his position.

The European Legion
Note: This faction is an army of Axis nations like Hungary, Spain, Finland, Sweden, the Italian Social Republic, Turkey the Russian Liberation Army (a.k.a. White Russia), Vichy France, Ireland, Scotland, the Knights of Malta, as well as an amalgamated force that hold the title of legionnaires. Also, command points are not just spent on the command trees, but also on receiving the ability to requisition troops from the army of a member nation. There is no limit to the number of independent armies you bring to your cause over the course of a battle.

Strengths: As the battle continues on, this faction grows stronger, snowballing into one of the largest, and most powerful armies in the game. With an enormous reservoir of upgrades, this faction becomes very powerful once all of them are researched.
Weaknesses: Starts out somewhat constricted and weak, and its command trees are fairly limited with few strong powers.

2. The European Legion
So, those are the factions, but for this update the focus will be on the European Legion. As a brief note, I should say that I have not yet decided on the final symbol for the Legion, so I'm still working on it. Your input is actually very much welcome on what symbols to use for the Legion itself, as well as to indicate its ranks. This amalgamated force features weapons from its member states, as well as weaponry purchased from Germany. Most of all, this faction buys scrap, steals Allied designs for "inspiration", and mates vehicles and weapons together to create some very odd combinations.

Case in point, here is an image of a European Legion's Flak 88/Panzer IV creation, a field variation that existed in real life. This unit will be useful for numerous roles, hence why the Legion has chosen to produce machines like it. It can handle armor, aircraft, and enemy emplacements. It can also dig in with sandbags. It should be noted that this weapon cannot be fired while the tank is in motion, since the resulting destabilization would be disastrous.

Update Images

Additionally, consider this image of a Legion attack in progress. This image features Auxilia (who have black caps) Legionnaires (who have the helmets and arm bands), and the Flak Carrier. The Bren Carrier will be the basis of this weapon, as well as the Panzerjager Bren.

Update Images

Update Images

Here is a better picture of the Legionnaires:

Update Images

The Legionnaires are armed with K43/46s. In reality, the K43 was just another production name for the G43. However, some of them were rechambred to fit STG-44 rounds, allowing both weapon to use the same magazine. This allows them to stay in combat longer than any other riflemen. Auxilia are armed with a weapon that follows a similar doctrine, which is a rechambered VG-2. These two forces were intended to be urban combat forces, since the Germans reckoned that both Britain and America's population centers would need to be invasion targets. This is the reasoning behind the color of their uniforms, which are made with the unique color of blue in order to prevent friendly fire incidents. That said, I'm still dirtying up the skins (especially for the veteran Legionnaires) with dirt and grass stains. The Legionnaires attempt to create their own type of camouflage by intentionally rolling around on the grass and dirt to stain their uniforms. There will be official camouflage troops for the legion though. You'll see them eventually.

The Legion also features forces from the Italian Army, pictured below.

Finnish Riflemen have also been added.

The Finnish Troops

The Russian Liberation Army has made a small showing as well.

And who might these fellows be?

For now, this is what I have completed, but my way forward has been cleared it will be much easier from here on out to produce new material, since I now know how to model, animate, and texture. Expect small updates with new units weapons every so often from now on, instead of watching hold back trying to create giant updates. Note that if you ask for it, I will add a list of military hardware that will featured in this mod for your viewing enjoyment.

Finally, we have...

3. The Story
In 1941, as the Invasion of Russia was in its opening stages, Adolf Hitler was in good spirits. However, while walking down a flight of stairs, the Fuhrer slipped and fell a considerable distance. His landing was on his head, causing him to suffer severe brain trauma. He survived, but was little more than a vegetable. Since Hermann Goering was set to take office if the Fuhrer died, it seemed only reasonable that he should essentially take on the responsibilities of the Fuhrer until Adolf's actual death. The result, is that Goering began to put his own policy preferences in place.

Rather than trying to make enemies with the rest of Europe, Goering decided it would be best for Germany to play the role of liberator, and dominate through political means, rather than military ones. The result was a much stronger bloc of Axis nations on the Eastern Front, as well as reduced resistance in other countries. Goering wasn't so obsessed with the Fuhrer myth, unlike some of his colleagues. This doesn't mean he created a sharing caring Third Reich, but still, it is drawing allies to itself from across Europe, which means the Reich's divisive and useless racial policies are pretty much only on the books (if that).

Himmler and Goebbels were not pleased by Goering's policies, which gave him an excuse to have them killed in order to shore up his position as top dog. In effect, he now has complete control of the Reich, and is running it as a streamlined military state. He himself isn't really running it so much as giving his subordinates some directions about what to do, and then going back to enjoying a posh lifestyle. The High Command is all the happier for it.

That said, the years between 1945 and 1949 have gone extraordinarily well for the Axis. The crux of this was when the Allies launched Operation Troublemaker in 1947. The brainchild of General Mark Clark, this plan was submitted to the Omar Bradley, who had taken over Eisenhower's position after Overlord failed. Bradley, under political pressure from President Truman to act, reluctantly accepted the plan. It called for a preemptive invasion of Spain, which supposedly would allow Allied forces to easily establish a foothold on the continent.After all, Clark said, Spain's troops would be less experienced, and furthermore, Spanish Republicans would almost certainly rise up to assist the Allied forces during the invasion. Subsequently, there would be another amphibious landing near Marseilles, which would allow the French to rise up, and and the Allies to cut off any German forces sent to Spain by pushing across France.

On paper, the plan might have looked good. However, it failed to take into account the weakness most of the resistance movements in Europe were experiencing. Goering had just privately declared that Vichy France would receive Paris, along with all its Pre-World War I territories in exchange for its full commitment to assisting not only Germany, but all of Europe in the war.

Still, when Operation Troublemaker was launched, it experienced early success. The Spanish had been caught by surprise, and the Allies were in sight of Madrid within days. The European Legion had been created as a formal military organization for all Europe only days before Troublemaker was launched, so Goering scrambled to get his allies on the bandwagon. He would succeed, and troops would steadily trickle into Spain. When the Marseilles landing was carried out, it ended in an absolute slaughter, due to slow movement on the part of the Allied forces involved. They focused entirely on taking the city, which allowed them to get cut off from their landing zone. Spain was left divided partially between the Axis and the Allies, but there was little else to show for the effort.

The public outcry in America was enormous. In the 1948 election, Dewey would win over Truman, since he was the pro-peace candidate. He wouldn't deliver, in the end, though. At the same time, American industrialists had the unique idea of funding their own army to send against the Germans, which resulted in the creation of what German propagandists describe as the Filibusters.

As it is, Germany and its allies are still on the defensive, but they are planning an all out strike against all of their enemies. The Allies are preparing for the worst, but only time will tell what the new year of 1949 will hold.

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(2142)Gen.Reaper Feb 4 2012 says:

I like the concept behind the European Legion and the Free Allied armies. This mod is very promising, keep up the good work and this mod will no doubt become one of the best in COH. Plus I've never seen a mod in CoH that has try to add this many factions, so this will be interesting.

+6 votes     reply to comment
snjolaugur Feb 4 2012 says:

Freaking AWESOME!!!
Please realese soon :D

+1 vote     reply to comment
UltraElectroMagnetic Feb 4 2012 says:

I love this

+1 vote     reply to comment
ubermensche Feb 5 2012 says:

Awesome update! Does this mean that there will be a campaign or something?

+3 votes     reply to comment
Velancious Feb 5 2012 says:

Very interesting ideas; this is gonna take a lot of work to implement. Factions in this game take an enormous amount of time to create it seems (look at Eastern Front for an example) so best of luck!

+1 vote     reply to comment
방탄_수도사 Feb 5 2012 says:

should pull all he other mods with japanese models, etc into this and make one massive *** mod.^^

+1 vote     reply to comment
therethree_55 Feb 5 2012 says:

liking the plan of adding those new factions. good luck :P

+1 vote     reply to comment
HERPADERPII Feb 5 2012 says:

I know how this is going to sound and I know it's nitpicky (and we're expecting massive thumbs down)...but Finland wasn't an actual Axis member country. Supplied by Hitler yes, but fought both the Germans and the Russians at differant points in the War.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Finskakiller Feb 5 2012 replied:

Neither was Spain or Sweden, but this is alternative history ;)

+3 votes     reply to comment
Lord_Wiffleby Author
Lord_Wiffleby Feb 6 2012 replied:

Exactly, Germans being a little bit nicer to the people they take over has helped quite a bit. Hence why I'm a little uncertain about the whole Goering Fuhrership, since I can only theorize his desire for financial kickbacks and political domination of Europe would lead to such an outcome.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Talic Feb 5 2012 says:

Why Scotland is in both Allies and Axis?

+2 votes     reply to comment
Lord_Wiffleby Author
Lord_Wiffleby Feb 6 2012 replied:

Some Scottish nationalists have been given promises by the Germans about the post-war distribution of territory. In terms of the universe, they wouldn't really have much of a presence in the Legion until after the conquest of Britain

+1 vote   reply to comment
xxxviroxxx Feb 5 2012 says:

So, the panzer elite will get the best tech in the game?

(i hate the new fuhrer)

+2 votes     reply to comment
Lord_Wiffleby Author
Lord_Wiffleby Feb 6 2012 replied:

Basically, yes.

As for the second part of your message, I'm actually not so sure about the Fuhrer choice either. I actually had a completely different story lined up before, but a team member convinced me to not just kill Goring, Hitler, Himmler, and Goebbels (though I wanted to). The only real reason I chose him was that he wanted to dominate Europe through political means rather than direct conquest. That was why I noted that the German military essentially runs the country while Goring gets fatter and fatter. I dunno, maybe I'll change it if enough people ask me to.

+1 vote   reply to comment
xxxviroxxx Feb 6 2012 replied:

tell us! Is Speer involved? (That was a hit)

+1 vote     reply to comment
Lord_Wiffleby Author
Lord_Wiffleby Feb 6 2012 replied:

Speer wasn't in line for command, so it would take as extraordinary of measures to put him in control as it would Rommel, and quite frankly, Speer's value to Germany industry may be even greater than anything else he could do. If he was able to bring Germany's industry to its most productive point in 1945 despite Allied bombing, imagine what he could have done with clear skies.

Then again, I suppose he could be set up to succeed Goering. Or maybe every other member of the cabinet died except for him. I'll have to do some thinking on it. If anyone has any other candidates or ideas, let me know.

+1 vote   reply to comment
(2142)Gen.Reaper Feb 5 2012 says:

Matches on 8 maps in this mod will be interesting with all these new factions(There's four factions for each side)

+1 vote     reply to comment
timmyvos Feb 5 2012 says:

A sane Göring? Now I've seen everything!

+3 votes     reply to comment
Lord_Wiffleby Author
Lord_Wiffleby Feb 6 2012 replied:

I tried to pick from some of the living members of the government from around 1941. He was about the least insane one whose goals would fit what I wanted. Who knows, maybe I'll change the story so that Rommel blows up Goering in '44 for making a pig's breakfast of something, and then takes over as Fuhrer. I'd certainly prefer Rommel to Goering if that option seems believable enough for the community.

+2 votes   reply to comment
stukatankkiller Feb 6 2012 replied:

i would like the idea with rommel afterall he was a military genius and if you say what the jerries did i dont think goering had the brainpower to do it, he couldnt even win over britain :P

+3 votes     reply to comment
Lord_Wiffleby Author
Lord_Wiffleby Feb 6 2012 replied:

All who agree with Stuka, please say so. You can even make "Vote Rommel in '44" jokes without fear of me getting angry over how cheap that joke would be. If enough people say they would believe in that change, then I will make it.

+1 vote   reply to comment
sethfc Feb 9 2012 says:

I personally dislike changing the government at all. but thats just my opinion.

I just think the 'reich' isn't the same without the leaders they were indoctrinated to believe in *and of course by 1949 alot of kids turning into teens and teens into semi adults* wouldn't have as much of a loyalty or ferocity in serving a different fuhrer.

just a point to make.

+2 votes     reply to comment
swelund Feb 9 2012 replied:

Well in Hitlerjugend etc they were tought to love the Führer, not Hitler as a person, even if that was how it became since he was the Führer. But look at North Korea, Kim Jong Il was seen as a god . And he wasn't the first North korean leader.. so i think that the kids raised in hitlerjugend would still love the new Führer.

+1 vote     reply to comment
AwayPeskyFlies Mar 4 2012 replied:

Difference between there fat squinty leader and hitler, is that hitler had actually accomplished things for the people

+1 vote     reply to comment
swelund Feb 9 2012 says:

I like the story alot! :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
vipersting Mar 18 2012 says:

i would like to know when will the mod be released and how much will the estimated size of the mod.please give the infantry and tank units special abilities like blitzkrieg mod.looking forward,

+1 vote     reply to comment
Panzert May 14 2012 says:

Best news post yet. I continue to have hopes that you will keep pressing on, this has alot of promise.

+1 vote     reply to comment
QuakeRiley Jun 25 2012 says:

Didn't the Panzer with Flak not having the box thing on it? It was just a normal flak gun with no protection.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Jan 12 2013 says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

sevenfoldsm May 19 2013 says:

how i can download this

+1 vote     reply to comment
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