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Do you hear that? That kinda squishy, gooey sound? That’s the sound of a bug fix snapshot.

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Do you hear that? That kinda squishy, gooey sound? That’s the sound of a bug fix snapshot. We’re starting to wind down from new features and are preparing for a potential (pre-)release of The Redstone Update in a few weeks time. With that in mind, let’s introduce you to Snapshot 13w05a!

  • Added team based functionality to scoreboards.
  • Adjusted balancing of bonemeal.
  • A little late for Christmas, but fully implemented multiple snow heights.
  • [Bug MC-666] – Spawn Protection not working properly.
  • [Bug MC-1324] – /difficulty command doesn’t produce any messages.
  • [Bug MC-6032] – Comparator outputs “pulse” when side signal is on.
  • [Bug MC-6039] – The delay of the comparator is inconsistent.
  • [Bug MC-6077] – Comparators causes block updates while idle.
  • [Bug MC-6941] – SRV is no longer used to lookup servers.
  • [Bug MC-6951] – High-res texture pack items have garbage on edges.
  • [Bug MC-7087] – Mining activator rail isn’t boosted by pickaxe.
  • [Bug MC-8172] – TNT defuses when travelling between dimensions.
  • [Bug MC-8186] – Scoreboard vanishes when changing dimensions.
  • [Bug MC-8189] – Right-clicking with a helmet in hand crashes the game.
  • [Bug MC-8222] – Dispenser will put on stacks of armor.
  • [Bug MC-8277] – Scoreboard system doesn’t accept @a.
  • [Bug MC-8416] – Furnace Minecarts drop a Minecart and TNT.
  • [Bug MC-8437] – URL parser does not detect 4 letter TLDs.
  • [Bug MC-8487] – Wither doesn’t generate health when in minecart.
  • [Bug MC-8510] – Gamerule doMobLoot doesn’t affect xp drops.

Get the snapshot here:

Report bugs here:

// The Minecraft Team

(Mojang blog link)


Ah, the wonderful, under-appreciated bug fixes! While some updates bring all kinds of new stuff, these are still crucial for making sure it all actually works in game!

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multiple snow heights, all I can say to that is "BOUT TIME!" been wanting something like that for some time now.

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What, more precisly, is "A little late for Christmas, but fully implemented multiple snow heights." supposed to mean?

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Warner Author
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