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It's time for the weekly snapshot. We are continuing on the work to separate the client from the server, and have fixed a bunch of stuff related to that transition.

Posted by Kizzycocoa on May 10th, 2012

It’s time for the weekly snapshot. We are continuing on the work to separate the client from the server, and have fixed a bunch of stuff related to that transition. We've also,
Added cocoa plants to jungles
Added a “large biomes” world type
Added specific names for the different sandstone and smooth stone blocks

Get the snapshot here:
Client: *(See below!)
Server: (or EXE)

* The client now comes with both the client-side and the server-side JAR files. The file called “minecraft.jar” should be in your “.minecraft/bin” folder as usual, and the “minecraft_server.jar” file should be in a folder called “.minecraft/server”.

If you havent downloaded Minecraft you can grab it here:

Also! Cobalt was updated yesterday! Read all about it here:

// The Minecraft Team

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Kizzycocoa Author
Kizzycocoa May 10 2012, 3:10pm says:


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redowner May 11 2012, 8:46am replied:

Lots of em

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RoboTyphoon May 10 2012, 3:16pm says:

Cocoa :D

+2 votes     reply to comment
TheShadowMG May 10 2012, 3:47pm says:

Yay, Cookies FTW!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Riccars May 10 2012, 4:38pm says:

large biomes!

+4 votes     reply to comment
neronix17 May 10 2012, 5:35pm says:

What the biomes weren't already big enough for people? Any chance of a small biomes type? I preferred having small biomes so I could find a 3 way split between desert, normal and snow which I could build a fancy *** wizards tower in...

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TheNodCommander May 11 2012, 4:06am says:

Large biomes sounds good!

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SalesKital May 11 2012, 2:15pm says:

I am still hoping for the local server crap to be put in the multiplayer menu rather than forcing me to have constant internet connection for my singleplayer worlds, or at the very least a mod that fixes it so multiplayer and singlepalyer remain separate entities.

One thing that confuses me is this "We are continuing on the work to separate the client from the server, " because they were already separate! You couldn't make a Minecraft server in main Minecraft which to me sounds like they were separate, it seems to me like they are trying to combine the two not separate them.

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SalesKital May 11 2012, 2:23pm replied:

Just tried to play REAL singleplayer with this snapshot, the game refuses to let me even generate a world without the server jar... I'M NOT MAKING A DAMN SERVER!

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SalesKital May 11 2012, 2:36pm replied:

The"Large Biomes" world type doesn't even work, the biomes are all the same size as they always were, I expected to be able to be in a desert and be surrounded by sand so far that I can explore a good distance and not run into another biome, but I just walk a short distance and already I see a jungle after walking straight in the desert from a forrest.

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Kizzycocoa Author
Kizzycocoa May 12 2012, 4:58am replied:

Biomes are allowed to generate bigger. They won't all be bigger. Just most of theme.

Also, you can play offline. The server jar is just a required file now.

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SalesKital May 12 2012, 1:50pm replied:

apparently you haven't tested the game. It won't let me play without internet.

And anyway, I shouldn't need the server jar for playing a purely client side game that is in no way supposed to be a multi-player server.

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TrashCan-Man23 May 11 2012, 3:15pm says:

So, saw up on /v/ last night, as post linking to some gaming news outlet site, Mojang considering to charge subscription fees to play Minecraft.

******* 1-hit wonders can't make a new game to generate more money.

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SalesKital May 11 2012, 10:05pm replied:

WTF! They can't do that!!!!

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Kizzycocoa Author
Kizzycocoa May 12 2012, 4:55am replied:

Pretty sure it's not true.

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DaggerClassStudio May 12 2012, 4:06pm says:

I love this new idea, the updates just get better and better

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SalesKital May 12 2012, 7:34pm replied:

other than the current method of implementation of local servers I would agree with you. The large biomes option does leave alot to be desired though.

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BlueEyes2812 May 13 2012, 7:25pm replied:

So I've been reading a few of your posts SalesKital and I thought I might clarify a few things that may have gotten a bit jumbled.

To put it simply its all about the upcoming mod api. Singleplayer just wasn't done very well when they made it and its lead to them having to spend a lot of time writing the same stuff they did in singleplayer and transferring it to multiplayer. And to make the difference even more apparent projects like modloader and bukkit are coming up which bring amazing new features and makes the gap between the single and multi seem even bigger.

The end result they are looking for is to merge all the differences in singleplayer and multiplayer. So for the time being your gonna feel a bit of a crunch while they're working out the issues.

at the end of the day its going to mean that the players get

- Better official updates (and possibly faster)
- More mods with easier installation
- Better multiplayer support
- the elimination of bukkit, modloader, forge etc and the creation of an official, all en composing minecraft mod system.

Its just a matter of waiting through the mucky development phase for that diamond called the modding API. I know I cant wait for it, but if your not into change then your better off sticking to the updates before 1.3 because if this does half of what it could its going to be a whole new world of minecraft. 1.3 = Largest update yet.

(and as a note, this is actually the death of REAL singleplayer in favor of more features and a better game for the community)

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SalesKital May 14 2012, 12:14am replied:

my problem is that they are NOT making a better game, they are making it worse by not allowing me to ever play without making a server again! The issue with me has NEVER been with the mod api, the modders have been perfectly capable of making mod api's for both single and multiplayer without ruining the feel of the game like making singleplayer into a server does. All I want at this point is the dual api and my REAL singleplayer back, no more of this singleplayer is a local server BS.

And to clarify, other people have a big problem with the whole singleplayer as a server thing too. If anything I would want a mod to re-enable true singleplayer again since for 1, even though my brother has minecraft, he never plays anymore so I don't have ANY need for my singleplayer experience to be forced into a server that has nobody on it but me! This has never been about the mod api, I want the api, I DON'T want the crappy server BS.

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Otter. May 14 2012, 2:28pm replied:

How about NOT playing with the snapshot, and instead, waiting for the offical patch when everything should be done and fixed and we don't need an internet connection to play singleplayer Minecraft. Great idea I know.

But really, if I can wait, why can't others?

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SalesKital May 14 2012, 4:56pm replied:

To my knowledge they won't be returning real singleplayer when the full patch comes out. So I would rather voice my objections to it now than wait and have to wait for still another update. If I'm called a whiner now I might be the one to say "I TOLD YOU SO" later.

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Otter. May 15 2012, 11:59am replied:

Well too bad voicing your opinion here is like talking to a wall. Neither Notch nor Jeb reads the comments posted here on Minecraft's moddb/indiedb page.

I would suggest going to the offical Minecraft forums, but I'm pretty sure there are plenty of threads already where they are talking politely/whining/raging about this thing.

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