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An Action-Adventure needs a different Dialogue System than a Shooter, that's obvious. During the last weeks we were working on our own one which supports nonlinear dialogues and option selection - find out what came out!

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Crysis Wars has a feature rich Dialogue System including support for all kinds of facial expressions and generating lipsync pretty much automatically. The trouble starts though as soon as you try to make dialogues non-linear: the integrated system only allows Dialogues which run straight from top to bottom.


Since interactive dialogues will play an important part in open Outcast we had to find a better solution. Together with our Game Designers we set up following feature list for our own implementation:

  • Dialogue flow is nonlinear (influenced by chosen options and logic / Lua scripts)
  • Dialogues are defined in XML files
  • Translation support
  • Different camera modes that are configured over a config file
  • Triggering actions that can be defined using the Flow Graph System of Crysis
  • Starting sequences and optionally resuming the Dialogue again after they finished
  • Support for Lipsync and facial expressions
  • Providing simple Flow Nodes so Leveldesigners can integrate Dialogues easily
  • Skipping lines of the dialogue

Now all of these features have been implemented, see for yourself:

If you are interested in the technical details or ask yourself how your mod could benefit from our system, read along in the corresponding feature.

Successfully adding a modification of this magnitude to Crysis Wars confirmed us that we chose the right platform for our project.

A Highlight of the system are the camera modes you can see in the Camera Test Video.

The next challenge is the extension of the Quest system and support for persistence - you heard right - that would enable travelling between different regions (levels) freely without losing quest progress!

More on this to come after we implemented it.

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and NO, this is NOT an april-joke ;-)

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Hows about the video? They don't work! :p

[EDIT]: Now they r!

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s87 Author

yeah there was some problem with scaling ... now it should be working :)

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wow, the last time I heard about Oo was many years ago.I think they wanted to port it to Gothic's engine then. Good job on the Crysis part! This is themost progress I have ever seen done on Oo. And it seems to stay true to the original. Now, if only Molaar would run, when you do ;)

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huge out-of-this-world requirements is also true to the original too ;)

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Yes moolar could move faster ;)

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The trees are way to green

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