Important events, flashback from the early times of the project and decisions.

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When this project had started, there is more than two years, it was conduced by a
complete team of 5 members where I was in charge of the scenario and the communication.

A couple of months later, I was the last active member of the team.

But this project was important for me and I have continued.

Month after month, I have learned 3D drawing, texturing, and also tried to learn coding.
Without success, for that last activity sadly...
Sometimes, I have received some help, from ApornasPlanet, flashknight33 and Taxikiller essentially,but also a few ones more occasionally.
Sadly, it wasn't enough.
After all this time spent trying to learn coding, I am still not able to code any functional unit or building.
Of course, I can still continue working on the environment, the models, the story... But for
witch reason ? What is the interest of creating models if they never work ?

Can you imagine how it feel ? When you've spend hours creating a model, the best you have ever done, and you finally discover that you can't make it work ? That you can only put it at the place of an existing unit ?

In many occasions, I have posted news about my need of someone to code my models. There was no
answers. Some people were telling me that they were able to correct a code if I wasn't able to get it working, but this is nearly all my code witch was bugged.
I wasn't looking for a correction... I was looking for an over-write.

Of course, I could still ask for it again... Post an other article asking for a coder interested in joining this project. But why ? Why should I think that this time it will be different ? Especially if I am myself not believing in this project anymore.

The main reason for me to continue whereas all those difficulties was my love for Generals.
It was my favorite game, and I was waiting for it's sequel.
Witch best way to wait than being working on a mod for Zero Hour ?
But there will not be any sequel, only a stupid F2P, and my interest for the game had disappeared.

Also, there is now one year, I have launched a game project with a couple of friends including one who know JAVA coding. On this project, that I will simply call LR for now, I have take the roles of scenario-writer and lead-designer, but, at the same time, I was still working on Tiberian Incursion, alone.

Tiberian Incursion is nearly at the same point since years and years. Graphics are getting better, starting to be acceptable, but only a few lines of code are bug-free enough to don't cause the game to crash each five minutes.
But the LR project... I am not alone. I don't have to deal with things that I don't understand... I have the opportunity to create a complete universe...
No engine limitations, we are building it.
No limits, except realism, imagination and players' opinions.

As you have probably all understood, I have decided the discontinuation of Tiberian Incursion's development.

This decision is irrevocable, this update was my last update...

Hell... How sad I can feel, saying this horrible thing.

But I don't forget Tiberian Incursion... I will never forget this project. I can't forget it...
If one day someone want to continue it, he just had to PM me... I keep the story, I keep the
factions balance texts... I will give them to him, with the authorization to change it as he want if only he keep the same objective as me : write a new end for the Tiberium's saga, an end based on early concepts from C&C games...

And also, as LR will be designed to be easy to mod, maybe, some day, in a couple of years, I
will restart Tiberian Incursion, but as a mod for my own game...

Thank you every-one, thank you for your help, for your comments, for your presence...
Thank you and sorry...
Sorry for all...


ex-C&C Generals:ZH moder


Well you tried you're best, no one hold anything against you. No need to say sorry.

Voted this to be the mod of the year. I hope all trackers will do the same. Let's make sure this mod will never be forgotten.

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TankinatorFR Author

Thank you for your words, and also for your supports.

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I thought your project was awesome! See you around

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TankinatorFR Author

Thank you for all you've done, and, as you are saying, see you around...

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Well, thank you for the time you spent working on the mod.
I understand how hard it is to mod a game.

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