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We are back with short report and some new media. Read to know what we have for you in the near future!

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Greetings everyone,

here we are with small update for you. We realize that there was unusuall silence recently. There is no reason to be worried though. We are still hard at work!

We start with some bad news. The long awaited trailer is still not ready. For several reasons, it takes longer than expected. One of the reason is that we plan another video for you and we plan to ship it before the trailer.

This short video we are working on is planned to be released before we ship the trailer. It will introduce you some features we are implementing in terms of character behaviour. We believe you will be interested in this and will give you small insight on what we are up to with the AI.

This demo will NOT showcase anything, but the code. All the models, textures, levels are just placeholders for the presentation purposes. Even though, we think you will be amazed about what our AI coder can produce. So stay tuned for this ;).

Before we close the update, it's worth saying that our team is also still growing and we recently accepted some new telented people and more is about to finish their test assignments as well. We are pleased people are interested in joining our team. We believe our team is great place to build a portfolio and gain new experiences. If you think you could be valuable addition to our team, follow this link!

And to end this update in a positive manner... Do you wonder how do we do on Greenlight? Well, great so far and we can't express how grateful we are for your support! Currently, we are 24th out of 1 251 titles! That's amazing, if you consider we are running the Greenlight for 55 days! So, thank you very much and please, don't stop supporting us!


It's their call how and when they show stuff. If it would be any other mod I also may think "excuses" but not in this case I actually like it that they don't wanna spoil to much to early.

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I'm glad you guys are doing very well with the project, I'm just hoping you'll give some attention to the other mod as well, unless you're working on this one first then the other one :P.

I'm willing to wait because, the more we wait the better it'll be rather than some crappy game that was made in few months that could've been way better if it was worked on longer.

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McSug4r Author

Well, Guard Duty is still in progress. We work on both, but we kinda put GD behind the curtain and it will probably stay there for some time :).

But it's alive and doing well ;)

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I want to hug this Pit Drone, he's so damn huggable!

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Do I sense pit drone plushes in the future?

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I think FritzOfTheSS don't need to be buried for expressing his opinion, but the discussion was only around graphics and what the player sees, not what's behind, and it's quite huge: coding, testing, improving. Graphics, and especially screenshot don't and can't show that.

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Im glad u got new team members :D and also i like how u keep in touch more often :)

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