The story of the notorious Pirate Lord Captain Morgan continues to all eternity and I talk a little about Path to Victory

Posted by mololu on Jun 8th, 2011

I was 24 when I first saw them.

My job was not one of great interest. Serving as a mechanic on a Vaygr Warlord's 17th carrier is anything but interesting. Most days I spend repairing or building strike craft like those damned interceptors or bombers. Talk about annoying. The Warlords never care how cheap the material is just as long as it works and allows them to kick ass in their oh-so-epic voidfights.

Anyways, so I'm sittin' there waiting for the CAP to dock. Their ships would need re-fueling and standard maintenance.

All the sudden the hangar bay's a bustle of chaos. Officers are shouting to scramble all strike craft. And I'm sittin' there, wondering what in the name of Vay is going on!

They just come outa' nowhere, firing their guns and blowing everything to hell. Green guns! I mean the nerve! They actually taint their shells green?!

Anyways, the whole carrier's a shaking under the fire and everyone's shoutin' different orders. I try an' make myself useful, try an' help one of the pilots into his ship. Lotta good that did!

That green goo stuff they're shootin' at us? It comes eating its way into the hangar bay! I mean right through the damn hull! Like it's made o' paper!

I'm like 'aw shit' and all that. Try runnin' for the escape pods but it's too late!

They're a killin us and our carrier, well it ain't made for combat. Ship's goin' down. Fires on all decks. Captn's screamin' that we all abandon ship and whatnot. we're dead. I mean everyone know that! Somehow I make it to a pod an' hit the release. I'm flying out the carrier, somewhere out in the darkness. Don't see shit... and then I hear the voices, like in my head and all!

Freaky I tell ya... freaky!

An' what's he sayin?

Well it don't make do damn sense to me! But I'm a listening all the same:

"You'll never get me! Never! Ever ever! I'm comin' back. Again' and again' And I'm taken all your souls because I damn well can! My name's MORGAN! And I'm NOT DEAD! Remember that, worm!"

On Path to Victory

A few days ago I released Path to Victory's Alpha 7. The reason for this rather spontaneous release is that I'm running out of time for modding and leaving everyone hanging while little to no progress is made doesn't seem very fair to me.

This may be the last Path to Victory release. It may not. I can't say and I won't make any promises now.

I'd like to take some time to talk about my time making Path to Victory all the same.

When this mod started, I knew nothing of modding. Now, a little over a year later, Path to Victory has become one of many Homeworld 2 mods. It's gone from basic stats changes to an entire re-imaging of the Homeworld Universe, complete with back story and all sorts of interesting tidbits.

In my time making this mod I've learned a number of things from modeling to how to organize something of this scale. Learning to mod HW2 was one of the smallest challenges. When I started I had no concept of how much work would have to go into such a project. If I'd known back then I may not have ever started.

But looking back it was a great time. Frustration did come from time to time but my memories of making Path to Victory are for the most part positive.

Incidentally, I started the mod because my relationship at the time was slowly failing and I was getting bored with too much time on my hands. That boredom and lack of anything to do focused me on this project, driving me on for well over a year. Many a day I'd be sitting at work or at school and couldn't wait to get back to my computer so I could add some new cool idea to Path to Victory.

Now I'm in quite the inverse situation. I'm currently in a new relationship and ironically, it's taking all my time away from modding. I'm not complaining, no not at all. One person can only do so much in life. We all set priorities and given the great success I've had with PTV so far, it's being put on a back burner.

You may ask why I'm saying this: Well, Path to Victory proved to me that if I set my mind to something and devote myself to it, great things can be achieved. I personally believe this mod offers gameplay and content not seen in any other HW2 mod. It's designed to be unique and allow players a maximum of fun by stretching the HW2 engine to it's very limits.

There is hardly anything I haven't tried to do in Path to Victory and many of it was - for a long time - considered impossible by the HW2 modding community. I'm proud of being able to say I did things that no other Homeworld mod managed to before.

With that in mind, remember that I won't forget this project quickly. Path to Victory means a lot to me personally and I'd really like to see it finished someday.

Until that day comes, enjoy the Alpha 7 release, continue to give feedback and report all those nasty bugs you find.

Thank You!

I'd like to thank ModDB for their awesome hosting and the Desura team for their great deployment platform:

I'd like to thank the SWR folks for hosting our internal forum and of late news posts too:

I'd like to thank the RelicNews Forums for their long-standing support of HW2 modding:

I'd like to thank the entire Path to Victory team for testing and providing feedback on this mod.

I'd like to thank everyone who contributed ingame content to this mod.

I'd like to thank everyone who's been following this mod. All our fans and supporters, thank you too!

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IPS Jun 8 2011 says:

While it wasn't the most popular mod I've been working on,
and even though I didn't contribute THAT much ingame content,
it sure was a very special project for me, too. : )

Big thanks from me as well, to all of you that made it happen!

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Raygoza Jun 8 2011 says:

I have been seen this mod on progress since the old version 0,04, I can say that much have happened and that this mod is great even with it's few bugs and such. All the hard work has done a lot to this mod and I would like to thank Molulu, the PTV development team and all who helped with this mod in any way to become what it is today, Thanks.

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Nominee Jun 8 2011 says:

Good luck with your endeavors!

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Railgunner2160 Jun 8 2011 says:

Good Luck! also what is the song that plays at the main menu?? It's kick *** and I'd like to get it in a format that I can play on my Ipod, But I need to know the name before I go looking.....

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mololu Author
mololu Jun 8 2011 replied:

It's this:

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Sajuuk-Khar333 Jun 8 2011 says:

This is SAD

+1 vote     reply to comment
BlazingAngelz Jun 8 2011 says:

Thats cool :)

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LordGrantus Jun 8 2011 says:

I just wanna say thanks to Mololu here for letting me on the team. Path To Victory has been the first mod I've ever worked on, and in the time I've been a part of it I've seen some truly amazing things been done to the Homeworld 2 engine. The people I've worked with are all awesome guys, and even though I didn't manage to get to know them all properly I'm glad I met them. This mod is quite probably one of the greatest mods ever made for Homeworld, and if we ever get it finished it might be the best ever. So thanks guys.

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HornetS Jun 8 2011 says:

Wow. that's all I can say. This it definitely the BEST HW2 mod out there. It truly is amazing what people can do when they really try. Have a good one Mololu! If you ever do decide to come back to this you can count on me to be one of your number one fans.

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Pouk Jun 9 2011 says:

Mololu, well, it's gonna be emptier here now when you'll slow down or put it on the back burner -actually I'm not exactly sure what's going to happen. It sounds like you have no time anymore, but because of other great things in life, but you're probably not gonna give up that easily, because of the great value the mod has for you. It creates a lot of mixed feelings, I just hope it's not a goodbye speech.
You contributed a lot to the Homeworld universe and modding scene and Path to Victory is one of the few remaining active mods. And I want to thank you, for making that mod, which is part of the strength and motivation to continue my own, for allowing me using some of your content, for enriching the Homeworld universe as a whole and showing the limits of the engine can be pushed a bit further, but mostly for doing the part of keeping the Homeworld modding alive. Keeping Homeworld alive is an important thing for me and I'm honestly really glad you're here with your mod.

BTW maybe you have people in your team that can still feed it with a new maps or other content while you don't have the time yourself. Someone who would keep the fire burning.

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LordGrantus Jun 9 2011 says:

I could keep the stories alive but thats it really, if Mololu thinks its a good idea

+2 votes     reply to comment
mololu Author
mololu Jun 9 2011 replied:

I do =)

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Fil.zp Jun 10 2011 says:

Homeworld still shines :')

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Su[)az][mA Jun 23 2011 says:

HW2 never dies!

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