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Greetings. In this news post, I shall give a profile of the U.S. Army's basic troops.

Posted by Lord_Wiffleby on Jan 30th, 2011

[Edit/Note: screenshots of one of America's most impressive abilities, the "Daisy Chain" Artillery Wall, are now available in the images section]

Greetings. In this news post, I shall give a profile of the U.S. Army's basic troops.

U.S. forces are flexible in combat, even without the choice of an "Army." However, payment must be made in order to requisition certain high level/support units. At the Supply Depot, there will be a group of upgrades that can be purchased to open up extra unit possibilities both in both low and high tech buildings.

For instance, building a Barracks and Heavy Weapon Support buildings give you access to a wide range of infantry. However, some of them must be accessed via Supply Depot upgrades. Therefore, each building has only a few units it can recruit when it is first built.

This announcement will cover the various units that come from these two buildings (Barracks and Weapon Support), and the upgrades they require from the Supply Depot. The costs involved are still being worked out.


Draftees- A 15 man unit that can take heavy losses but replace them easily. Its troops are of varying quality, with one BAR wielding infantry ace per unit. Leveling up this squad's veterancy will have very beneficial effects in the late game.

Riflemen- Requires Regular Inf. Mobilization Upgrade- The next level of American troops, these 10 man units are more disciplined and more capable then their Draftee cousins.

Rangers- Requires Inf. Elite Mobilization Upgrade- The highest tier of American infantry available outside of the "Army" trees, these men offer the same services as their lesser relatives, though obviously with greater efficacy. Each squad has 10 Ranger, each with an M1-Garand.

Jeep- The good old jeep still serves the same good old role, though for less manpower.

Weapon Center:

MG Team- A 5 man team of specialists that works to halt enemy advances in their tracks.

Mortar Team- Requires Regular Inf. Mobilization Upgrade- Bringing these 5 man teams to the field will allow heavy long range support against enemy infantry.

Sniper Team- Requires Inf. Elite Mobilization Upgrade- Each Sniper Team of 3 men is valuable to the U.S., mainly because of the equipment these men carry with them. Due to technological advances (mostly in infrared technology), cover and camouflage will prove entirely ineffective against these troops, who are capable of detecting any enemy troops in their considerable sight range. Only two of the men are actual snipers, the third just carries their equipment.

And those, ladies and gentlemen, are the essential details of the support offered by tier 1 buildings, and later tier technologies. Expect info on the other apparatus of the U.S. Army in the near future.

With Regard,

Lord Wiffleby

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p0w3rs Jan 30 2011 says:


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DarkSniper12 Jan 30 2011 says:

that sniper stuff may end up being a tiny bit unbalanced

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Lord_Wiffleby Author
Lord_Wiffleby Jan 31 2011 replied:

The teams will be suitably expensive, not to mention that the Americans will be without any sniper support until relatively late in each game because of the research necessary to get the teams. In short, an American commander may decide to skip snipers altogether, and instead focus on heavy armor.

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DarkSniper12 Jan 31 2011 replied:

Ahhh okay, that makes more sense ^__^

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aidas2 Jan 31 2011 says:

You could add the 50 cal jeep.

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abyssknight_13 Mar 25 2011 says:

any counter to the sniper teams??

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