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Screenshots showing a chase scene in Area 51 S4 and screenshots from alien abductions.

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Hey all, Quite a few screenshots for you this time..

Area 51 S4 & Alien abduction scene Area 51 S4 & Alien abduction scene

The first update I have a few more pictures of the abduction scene, where the player is taken on board the alien's ship. It was a real challenge for the source engine to get it to run smooth with all these ragdolls hanging there on hooks so a lot of fiddling finally got it to run nice and smooth... Something very eerie when this conveyor belt of abducted human’s moves then stops then moves again etc etc.

The movement of the ragdolls is very very convincing.
Secondly is some screenshots from the current map I am working on. Again it’s set on area51 S4 and is set as you can see outside. The mappers out there amongst you will know how much ‘source’ hates outside large maps so most of the time is spend fiddling to get the thing running smooth.

Also a challenge is getting a TrackTrain to run like a jeep or truck in a lifelike realistic way. But when done it really pay’s off as the player is chased around area51 on the back of a truck with other trucks chasing him...

The goal in the area51 base was to bring the base alive with activity and to create a believable chase routine.

Anyways back to the mapping hope you enjoy the shots

More soon I hope :)


Do you mean large open areas or ''linear'' open areas as well ???
Work looks good

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Looking good :)

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my body is not ready.

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cjb Author

i don't think aliens care mate if you are ready or not i think they treat us like we do with lab rats...

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