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Deep in the dark cave that the aoc development team all works in there has been some significant alterations and changes going on to the game as a result of the feedback from our fanbase and we have been quiet lately about the development of 1.2 so we wanted to let you guys know we haven't been slacking off during the summer!

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Deep in the dark cave that the aoc development team all works in there
has been some significant alterations and changes going on to the game
as a result of the feedback from our fanbase and we have been quiet
lately about the development of 1.2 so we wanted to let you guys know
we haven't been slacking off during the summer!

this update we have put a ton of emphasis on three things: Immersion,
Indication to Player and the core of the game, melee combat. We have
said it before but we will say it a thousand times until we get it to
the point where people will believe us, our goal is to have the best
melee combat in any game ever made. In light of that for this update we
have stripped the game to its core and revamped, realligned, readjusted
and reprocessed it to a point where we now feel much better about how
the combat feels and the excitement level in the game. No one wants to
run 10 miles and die before their enemy is anywhere close to them and
thats why in 1.2, you will navigate maps much smoother and faster and
you will die when a sword smashes into your head as it should be!
Rejoice and take heart in the fact that 1.2 is not far away! At this
time we cannot release a set due date due to a lack of information,
please bear with us and know that its not far anyway anymore...

Here is the 1.2 changelog so far!

BETA 1.2 includes:

- Orange box SDK build
- Better engine performance.
- Better graphics/effects.
- Less network data, swings uses 75% of previous network traffic.

- New overview map
- 3 version overview, small upper corner, large center screen and off.
- Zoom in functionality.
- Visible footstep traces.
- Objectives and important items are now displayed on the overview.

- Complete sound overhaul
- All new footsteps, classbased.
- New impact sounds.
- Map soundscapes updated.
- New Voiceover vocals.

- New gameplay, carryable prop objective
- Capturable model prop system.
- Capture Zone, for Capture the flag type objectives.
- Customizable icon images on HUD and minimap.
- Customizable model attachment on player body.

- New scoring system

- Players now get awarded 1 point for Kill Assists
- Player who kills gets 3 points for a kill
- Scoreboard now shows Kills and Assists in separate columns.

- Levels updated
- Stoneshill uses new objective, carry boards to build the bridge.
- Bug fixes on all maps.

- New levels
- Monastery Hill, old church on the edge of a cliff uses the new prop objective system.
- Firecrag, lava and hell themed Capture the flag gameplay.

- Animations

- Complete overhaul of thirdperson animations.
- Fixed swingtrace to animation timing errors! (no more dieing when the enemy is winding up!)
- Halberd, redone and now swings from left to right with a longer reach.

- Weapons
- Crossbow now requires manual reload after firing, much more powerful
- Overhaul of weapon hit detection system!
- All new balance in weapons speeds, swingtimes damage and reach!
- New Boxing hands weapon, may be used as warmup fight mode or as a normal weapon addition.

- Damage indicators
- Full screen Hud damage indicator for hits taken from left and right.
- New support for grunts on takedamage (to let you know when you hit your enemy)

- Overall balancing
- Players now move faster during normal movement.
- Players move faster while sprinting.
- Windup time on SPRINT, you gain full sprint speed after 2 seconds.
- Lower stamina cost on hold shields
- Increased weapon pushback for more intense combat
- Improved parry system to prevent spam block and to encourage tactics
- Removed Stunblock

- Scoreboard update
- Shows player class on scoreboard.
- Shows Kills & Assists in separate columns.

- Materials & Models
- No materials or models used from other Source games.
- New Claypot model, breakable.
- New dragon statue.
- New Church skybox model.
- New decals.
- New materials for ground.
- Overview and hud icons for objective and carryable prop support.

- 1.1.1 bugs reported, fixed.
- Capture Zone, for Capture the flag type objectives.
- aoc_tournament - Spectators while BOOOOOO throw peasant's heads
- Score not resetting after warmup round.
- Siege tower invisible at start of Helms Deep
- Player spawns as other team after quick team switching
- bodies fall through the crates in aoc_tombs
- aoc_siege - Catapult moves by itself.
- aoc_siege double sounds on near cell trigger
- Being able to shot arrows/bolts underwater.
- aoc_siege - You can see light through walls
- aoc_siege - You can see shadows through the wall in the gatebridge room
- Lag Prediction System is off?
- aoc_siege - Small hole in the trebuchet wall
- aoc_siege - You can bug the well.
- Bug report:(Generic/Several - aoc_thesiege
- Floating throwing axes.
- Infinite spinning throwing weapons
- Bug report:(Generic/Several - Blocking the wagon
- aoc_darkforest - Double torch on gate
- aoc_darkforest - You can climb the back wall
- aoc_darkforest - You can climb the wood thingy over the cata captive
- aoc_darkforest - You can get stuck behind the crate on the third Mason spawn
- aoc_theshore - Spinning weapon in smithing workshop
- Siege towers have a weird invisible wall.
- aoc_helms_deep - Weird "hole" in the water
- Weapon Name Errors
- Bug report:(Generic/Several - Keyvalue errors in soundscript
- Bug report:(Generic/Several - Missing hud material
- Console error: CMatRenderContext::Bind: NULL material
- Objective Markers
- Ammo crates - No supply if you are close to another guy
- Bug report:(Generic/Several - Infinite angle error at player spawn
- Client crashes when the server changes level from Battleground to The Shore.
- Bug report:(Generic/Several - Missing Smokepot weapon model in thirdperson
- Bug report:(Coding - Overlook door not working on Linux
- Bug report:(Coding - Crossbow slowdown at weapon switch
- Ladders on Helms Deep
- aoc_overlook - glowing stairs
- Strange reflection in overlook
- Strange shadow in overlook
- Invisible weapons/not spawning with a weapon.
- aoc_overlook - Small "hole" in the bridge
- Stoneshill Siege Tower
- aoc_stoneshill - Invisible lightsource
- aoc_battleground - You can "climb" under the bridge
- And many more minor bugs...

you are getting as excited as we are about this release, more news on
when 1.2 is due out to come! At this time we would like to let you know
that we are looking for a massive amount of new testers to join the
team and help us bug crunch so we can get this game out to the
community faster! Do not attempt to join the team if you do not plan on
filing bug reports, simply jumping on board to see the new features is
not acceptable. If you are interested in a position on the team as a
beta tester (even if you have applied before and got no response)
please send an application to!



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Wow, this update looks huge! I can't wait to play the final release of it!

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Huge update, good work..

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Cant wait for this update. The animation/action lag kills me in game!
It does look like quite a big update. Yay :)

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