At long last a halo mod X3 terran conflict! With all ships and features from the famous halo series. Play as the heroic UNSC or join the holy ranks of the covenant, both parties will have full story lines including many sectors and planet visited in the series, all the famous ships you have always wanted to captain and the deadly weapons they hold. Disclaimer: X3 Covenant Conflict was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from halo, © Microsoft Corporation.

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just a little clip of a very basic mac gun on a frigate. sorry for the quality and speed, the screen cap i used seemed to slow everything down and the video editor made the video quality poor. but still something more to look at!
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Railgunner2160 Jun 8 2011 says:

Hmm, Sure looks like a Mac Gun to me!!!

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JJW12 Jun 13 2011 says:

thats one way to ruin someones day rather quickly,
good job man keep it up

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Unikraken Jun 30 2011 says:

Why is there fire coming out of the muzzle? The MAC is a magnetically fired weapon in space. There's no friction and nothing to ignite.

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gblro001 Author
gblro001 Jul 7 2011 replied:

i know, ive had it in the ear non stop from my team mates since i released the video. as it says in the description its only a basic one and a first try. its based on when we see the three frigates fire on the foreunner dreadnought in halo 3, obviously thats in atmosphere and it would look alot different in a vacuum but for now it just look cool! its the age old sci-fi argument over realism and coolness.

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mercboy Jul 7 2011 replied:

to make it look dam cool XD (plus couldnt u use a mix of railgun tech and normal gun tech (e.g. magnecticly fired with and explosion) to make it go even faster

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xalener Jul 7 2011 replied:

What should it look like?
Are you suggesting that one of the most powerful weapons in the game should have NO visual effect at all what so ever? We're supposed to believe that the MAC CANNON, is supposed to be this huge ***, baddass gun that would make even the liked of Clint Eastwood **** his pants, and all that happend when you fire it is *pfft*?

**** that ******* noise. **** it up the *** with a red hot spike covered steel rebar.

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The_Mr_Z Aug 18 2011 replied:

Well, regarding how it would look in vacuum, Bungie provided us with a much bigger Mac gun in space in Halo 2: Cairo station

you get the same explosion effect at the muzzle, also noteworthy is that gas is ejected all along the barrel; perhaps the explosion is due to the coolant system (gas-coolant, possibly argon or neon for being non-reactive) being heated until it glows. Given the way the flash is very immediate and brief, it's probably more likely this than an explosion.

equally, part of the mac round may be vaporised during the firing process. Considering the induced currents you're going to make, it's conceivable that the edge will get very hot indeed.

The sound is also very unlike an explosion, more like something fizzling.

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BethMythica Nov 12 2012 replied:

I agree, Just because its not like the muzzle on the end of an M16 does not mean theirs no discharge of energy.

When it comes to space and weapons fire things dont change much, the team behind Halo Legends "The Package"
asked an old space vet how their chain gun would work in space and it worked fine. The grooves in the barrel prevented the zero G from "Stealing" the round as it were.

A quick side note as well. you see the Frigate in halo reach on "Long night of Solace" firing its MAC gun a couple of times and its still a
[Boom ---------------> Boom] looking shot.

Sooo to summarize my comment, It wont kill realism to include a discharge effect at the end of the barrel during firing.

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hakn Mar 9 2013 says:


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Overkil May 30 2014 says:

Just a thought, its called a magnetic ACCELLERTOR cannon, so who's to say there isn't a chemical charge to get the projectile moving initially. As I said just a thought.

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just a little clip of a very basic mac gun on a frigate. sorry for the quality and speed, the screen cap i used seemed to slow everything down and the video editor made the video quality poor. but still something more to look at!

Jun 7th, 2011
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