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UH-60 place holder for MH-60L DAP? (Games : World in Conflict : Mods : WIC: Modern Warfare Mod : Forum : General Mod Discussion : UH-60 place holder for MH-60L DAP?) Locked
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Dec 8 2012 Anchor

The current in-game unit name for US Transport Heli is UH-60, yet the unit description says it has 30mm chain gun and 70mm rockets. AFAIK only the MH-60L DAP version have the ability to carry external weapons, so I suppose the in-game unit name and model are just place holders?
And regarding the GAU-19 gun on the UH-60, it seems like it's currently being used as the door gun for the UH-60. But some preliminary search results suggest that the UH-60/MH-60L DAPs are still using the M134 as their door guns, and GAU-19s are only some times mounted on pylons and not widely adopted as door guns yet.

blahdy Data-Linked AA-12
Dec 8 2012 Anchor

Yes the UH-60 in game was a left-over from old Fun Mod, so it's descriptions and unit characteristics are very unrealistic. We'll address it later.

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