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How to Install Anh Cheat mod in World in conflict (Games : World in Conflict : Mods : WIC: Modern Warfare Mod : Forum : Installation/Crash Help : How to Install Anh Cheat mod in World in conflict) Locked
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Dec 11 2012 Anchor

well... I heard a lot of question Referring to Anh Cheat... the WIC gamers always ask them selves how to install ANH cheat?..
ok now lets start Installing the cheat mod..
Go to My computer / Library
After that find your World In conflict Folder in Documents after that Extract it to A new Folder
In Program Disk (C:) / Users / Public / public Document ... and put it right There
After that/... go inside the WIC folder and Make A mod folder in side of it.. after that
Put the ANH cheat mod inside the Mod folder the Anh Cheat mod file location must be like this
Program disk (C:) / Users /Public / Public Documents / World In conflict / Mods / AnhCheats
after that youre all done..... and You must activate the console to Activate the AncCheat...
How to activate it.. First go to the properties of your Wic Shortcut app... and on the target at the end of it
It should look like this "C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\World in Conflict\wic.exe" -console .... after that Apply and ok//
After that launch the WIC... and at the main menu on the option and at the Mod activate Anh Cheat mod and start A mission
after you load the Mission... press the "~" console button two times and Write this py import anhViewer... your "V" on Viewer
must be Capitalize... after that press left Alt + left CTRL+ C and start MAKING TROOPS!!!!.... GOOD LUCK GAMERS!

:confused: well sorry to say this may only work on Window 7......... well try :confused: it on your PC :confused: as well maybe it :confused: could work

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