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Aircraft not Spawning due to low FPS (Mods : WIC: Modern Warfare Mod 4 : Forum : Suggestions : Aircraft not Spawning due to low FPS) Locked
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Sep 4 2012, 6:15am Anchor

My computer is laptop and before 3.0 I enjoyed MW mod. I really loved Fixed wing Aircrafts so I really enjoyed it a lot.
But when 3.0 is released, I didn't want to play it anymore because I couldn't get my aircrafts!
I know, my computer isn't really good(it's laptop, and a bit old and cheap), but it worked fine before 3.0 and after 3.0 it still works fine, just that aircrafts doesn't spawn anymore due to that update.
I've tried to lower game graphic as much as possible, but still it cannot reach up to 40 FPS, but the funny thing is that I can play game at higher graphic conditions without a single problem! It goes down as low as 10 or 20, but I've found no problems because of that.
I don't know why my FPS is so low but works fine, but because of that, I quit playing 3.1 and now I'm back to 2.7.1, sadly.

Can you guys please remove that in further updates? You guys seem to put a lot of work in Fixed wing Aircrafts and emphasize it a lot, since recent game videos of MW mod are nearly consist up to 100% aircraft fightings, and it is such a great shame that I cannot enjoy it. And there seems to be more people of the same problems, since I've seen someone else complaining about it(not here).
I'm really looking forward to use Fixed wing Aircrafts again. Thank you for reading.

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Oct 9 2012, 2:27am Anchor

I have same issue

I dont even know how to use fixed wing anyways, every time i lazer desginate nothing happens

Oct 29 2012, 5:55pm Anchor

Same issue..though it seems limited to some maps (Hometown is one of em)

Nov 3 2012, 7:08am Anchor

Same but with all the maps and my laptop is a pretty new one but it won't spawn in aircraft but sometimes it goes down to 10 GPS and all the missiles Ect work fine

blahdy Data-Linked AA-12
Nov 4 2012, 11:47pm Anchor

hihi50* wrote:Same but with all the maps and my laptop is a pretty new one but it won't spawn in aircraft but sometimes it goes down to 10 GPS and all the missiles Ect work fine

Make sure that you have FRAME CAP (Power Saving) feature turned off under graphics settings.

If you still have low frame rate issues, try lowering some graphics settings to see if it helps. We're working on improving performance, it's been a rather challenging work to optimize lot of things..

Dec 27 2012, 5:35am Anchor

Same here, only can spawning if playin' sandbox using anhCheats -_-
Please lower the requirements to 20 FPS or even 15 FPS.

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