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White Night will abandon the old fashioned inventory screen of Amnesia with a few other changes.

Posted by Tanshaydar on May 13th, 2011

Hi all;
I'm glad that total conversion decision has been received many good reactions in media. So, I decided to post some news about inventory screen changes. Watch the video with commentaries on:

I'm working on flashlight's perfection. It will not light everywhere, but it will not leave you in dark. Since I already removed night vision, you have to use a light source to see your around. Changes may or may not be presented so far:
- Inventory screen frames are changed.
- Oil meter is replaced with battery meter for flashlight.
- Health bar heart replaced with metallic and rusty feel.
- Battery using sound is changed.
- Flashlight lightning range, color and radius are changed. (Not present in video)

I've decided all the levels now and working on constructing them. White Night will feature 10 different levels plus an intro and an ending. Game will have different endings too.

About the demo, I decided to not release any, because making one will take time since I won't release any of the game levels in any case until full release; and I want to use that time working on actual game instead. It was hard to make this decision, but a demo should represent the summary of the whole game, and since this game is all about storytelling, it would require to share some parts of the plot which I don't want at the moment. I thought of writing a small scenario which will take part before the events of White Night, however, that scenario would have possibility to spoil everything and I can't place any actual NPC (not an enemy, a normal NPC) into game.
Instead, that small scenario will be an extra level which will require you to solve a puzzle to access. With this, and with intro and ending, you will have 13 levels. Extra level will let you understand better the meaning of 'White Night'.

By the way, do you have any suggestion on Tinderboxes and Sanity frames?
Another question is that, would you want a forum to suggest ideas or criticize existing content and discuss/predict plot lines?

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Mkilbride May 14 2011 says:

Maybe make the tinder boxes more modern? Seems weird to see those around with the modern facility. You know, a match box or something.

Old flashlight was better, this one illuminates way to little, it's actually unrealistic. IF Night VIsion has been remove,d at least make the flashlight believable.

Also, please do not make batteries die insanely fast. One thing I hate about some games is how you find batteries and they only last for 2 minutes.

Give them 5-10 minutes at the least. It's kinda weird for the experience for the Flashlight to constantly die...I mean even the cheapest 1$ Flashlights last 12 hours with a single pair of batteries. I understand it's for fear, making you converse the flashlight, but it does nothing but ruin the experience for me.

I don't see any banding in the flash-light like the previous videos, i.e, the rings. The quality of light it is putting out is unrealistic.

For an example of banding:


The light should be "dirty" also, with very light dark splotches in the light. Tell you what, fire up a flashlight and look at it, is it a solid light like what you've just down?

Maybe a brand new, high tech, high grade one, but this one has been rotting in a building it seems, so naturally it would have wear in tear.

The center of the flash light should be the brightest, with the rings generally getting lighter as it goes out for a more realistic effect.

Hmm, perhaps also in dusty areas, we can see air particles with the flash-light, it adds immense atmosphere.


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Tanshaydar Author
Tanshaydar May 14 2011 replied:

"- Flashlight lightning range, color and radius are changed. (Not present in video)"
Also, changed the battery consumption rate too. This is not presented in video either. I mean, nothing changed about flashlight is seen on video, sadly. I'm preserving it for beta testing to perfect it.

I'll look into dust thing; however this is HPL2 engine and it has its limits, which is not that wide to begin with.

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Lacedaemonius May 14 2011 replied:

this. When my primary form of interaction with the environment is the flashlight having to change batteries every minute is more than enough to make me say **** it.

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Mkilbride May 14 2011 says:

Well I remember in Penumbra, at one point the rocks shake and dust fall, so I figured the first HPL supported it, this would to, but maybe not.

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Tanshaydar Author
Tanshaydar May 14 2011 replied:

In first HPL dynamic shadowing was stronger and smoother too, however HPL2 uses completely different rendering system which sacrificed dynamic shadowing with many other feature existed in first engine.

Thanks for the suggestions, please keep them up, with you, this mod will be in a much better position in full release. But I can't promise all will be implemented due to my lack of experience and HPL2 engine limits.

And @Alidha125 you don't have to change your batteries every minute. If you are lucky enough to solve all puzzles in time, you can finish one level without consuming all the power of a full powered flashlight. Even with exploring included, you would need one extra battery at most.

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ploderup May 15 2011 says:

Instead of the current health bar, maybe implement one which simply rusts, such as one of light steel color, which gains rust around the lower edges as life decreases, instead of a solid metal 'plus'.

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palistov Jun 19 2011 says:

In regards to the flashlight banding, I believe there is an option to put a gobo map to the lantern in one of the config files. Give it a shot, Tanshaydar. Realism = Immersion = Awesome horror game!

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Tanshaydar Author
Tanshaydar Jun 19 2011 replied:

This? Moddb.com

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ricoco7891 Nov 28 2012 says:

Maybe change a sanity?Into something else,like a head with a neck,in profile,or maybe something like that,perhaps?

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Guest May 10 2013 says:

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